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The Farmer and The Fox

Ramu, the farmer was very happy as he was going to harvest his field which was golden with ripened ears of corn.
Suddenly he noticed a fox slipping away stealthily from the hen-coop with two plump chickens in his Jaws.
"Aha! I've caught you red-handed, you sly animal!" yelled Ramu, and quickly tied the fox with a stout rope.
The fox pleaded and said,"Please, let me go! I promise never to go near your chickens again."
"Ha! And do you think I believe in your promises?" retorted Ramu. "I've lost too many chickens for that!"
"All right, all right, no need to get so hot and bothered," panted the fox, straining at the rope.
"Hot, eh?" roared Ramu. "We'll soon see who's hot!"
He tied a bundle of straw to the fox's tail and then set it on fire. The fox managed to free himself and fled swiftly away, the tail burning furiously behind him.


The fox had killed many chickens so he deserved that. And the fox was burnt to death.
Then he went to the jungle. He saw his friends crying. He too joined them in crying. Later when they saw his burnt tail they all started laughing and ran away from the jungle.
Sulay Shah
The fox ran to the nearby water puddle, dipped his tail in the water and the fire was off. He realized it was his fault and next time he won't be so lucky to escape. He never arrived at farmer's field again.
As the fox ran through the field,the whole field was burnt down & the fox was never heard of again.
Then ramu thought that this fox is wicked so he should teach him a lesson. He has lost many chickens because of the fox and if he would leave him the fox would kill all his chickens. So he went running behind and put water on the fox's tail. But the fox had accepted his mistake that he was not going to kill any more chickens. But ramu does not believe the fox and kills it.
The fox was very afraid and searched for water to silent the fire. Finally it jumped into a well and drowned.
The fox jumped with fright. Its beautiful tail would soon catch fire, he looked for water all over and saw the well. Without thinking, he jumped into the well and was drowned.
The fox ran with his tail burning in the field and destroyed the crops. The farmer saw that his field was completely destroyed. He realised his mistake and became sad.
Clara Chong
Ramu was happily sipping lemonade outside his house when the fox came back and set him on fire instead.
But why?" replied the fox. "I definitely can't kill any more of your chickens now. What good would burning me do?" Farmer Ramu scratched his head. "I suppose you're right," he said, wearily. "But there's something I'd really like to know. Why did you go back and kill the rest of my chickens when you'd promised me that you wouldn't?" "That's because I'm a fox," answered the fox. "Foxes just do that sort of thing." "Oh, I see!" laughed Farmer Ramu. "Well I'm a farmer..."
sagar agarwal
Then the fox roared and roared. After that when ramu went away a man came opened the fox and ran away. After a while the man went to ramu and said that the fox was opened and was taking away the hens. And when ramu went there the fox had called his full team and ramu was being killed. From that the people of the village understood and learned the lesson never be jealous and never harm any animal and a human being becuse a animal is also a human being like us only the difference between us and animal is that the animal walks on four legs and also some animals walk on two legs.
Aayusha Verma
Everyone in the village laughed at the fox. As there had many incidents of chicken theft in the villlage, the villagers threw stones at the fox and chased him away from the village. The fox promised to himself that he would never enter any village.
After half an hour the fox died on the spot.
The fox ran out for his life. He was very angry that Ramu had set fire on his tail. So he came to the farmer's field and put his tail on the farmer's field. The field began to glow and the crops were all destroyed. The farmer repented for the thing he had done. But the fox cunningly put its tail into the lake nearby and escaped!
The fox thought to himself "I'm a magician. If I show my magical talent this fellow will surely get frightened." Thinking so, he swallowed the fire in the farmer's presence (deliberately). The farmer got scared. Ramu then said, "I see your talent. Please forgive me" But the fox ran away. His mouth was burning. After a few days, he decided to avenge this insult. He ran to Ramu's field, set fire to the hay, persuaded Mrs.Cow to stay in and ran away. The farmer came out when he heard a lot of noise. He saw the fire. He screamed. He put water but nothing happened. Then the fire burnt the shed. There was havoc in the field. The crops were getting burnt. Ramu screamed "No!" But he couldn't do anything. The fox saw all this. He went to the jungle and told all his friends. Finally he said "So you see my dear friends, tit for tat." The farmer came in the jungle with a stick, beat the fox to death and said "Tit for tat you see..."
Wai Hong
The fox got scared and searched for water to put off the fire. Finally it jumped into a well and got drowned. The fox had killed many chickens so he deserved that. And thus the fox was burnt to death.
sotong c
The fox jumped fast into a small pond and the fire was put off by water. But the fox lost his tail for ever.
The fox then ran through the field. Then the whole field was on fire. Ramu coudn't put the fire off. The entire crops were destroyed by fire. Ramu realised that he should have shown some mercy on the fox.
The fox apologised to Ramu. Though Ramu put off the fire from his tail, he did not believe the fox. So, Ramu shifted the chickens to his garden from the farm where the chickens were safe.
The fox ran as fast as he could run. He ran to the local police station and told his side of the story to the policeman on duty. The police sent a car out to the farm and the farmer was arrested and sent to prison for life.


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