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Twinkle Twinkle Traffic Lights

Preeti and Keerti were two naughty twins. They hated getting up in the mornings and were always late for their college lectures. If their instructors got irritated at their tardiness, the twins blamed the heavy traffic. They claimed that they had to waste an interminable amount of time everyday waiting at red lights. One day, the Chemistry professor could take it no more. He gave them an ultimatum. “If you do not show up on time tomorrow to do your lab work, I will fail both of you,” he thundered. Preeti and Keerti were in a fix. Soon they hit upon a plan.
They contacted their friend, Billo, a computer nerd. After bribing him with some creamy dark chocolate, they urged him to hack into the city’s computer system and rig the traffic lights. Billo went along with the girls’ plan. He managed to introduce a bug into the computer program, and ensured that the traffic lights along the girls’ usual route would always stay green. The girls were overjoyed. Now they could cruise along the roads at high speeds, and never have to worry about stopping at red lights anymore. They even began managing to reach their classes on time in the mornings.
Within a week, the citizens of the town began to get upset with the seemingly strange behavior of the traffic lights. Billo’s older brother, Suraj, got to the bottom of the mystery behind the lights when he happened to overhear Billo and the twins gloating over the success of their naughty plan. He knew he had to teach them a lesson and make them see the folly of their ways.


Suraj backfired their own plan by working on the same computer and setting the traffic lights of their route in such a way that they always remained red. So,this was the way he managed to teach him a lesson. The two sisters finally got their lessons of life and improved their ways soon.
shefali jaiswal
He should do the same thing & let the traffic lights be red so that those girls never try to do the same again.
But they had learnt a lesson. They started getting up early in the morning and they lived happily.
vaishnavi singh
He first shouted on his brother that he should never do this again. Billo who was really frightened told everything to the naughty twins. Girls were very tensed and thought if police will come here they will arrest both of them, if police will leave them they will be failed in Chemistry. They thought and thought ......... Professor came and said "You both did a very wrong thing you will get a severe punishment and that is final." They both apologized and added that they will do everything in time. Professor wanted the same thing and so forgave them.
Abdul Jawad
Suraj the older brother went to the school principal and asked him to change the timings of the school to different timings so that the traffic lights would change at that time when the twins started from home and then the twins and Billo will realize their mistake and then they would be caught red handed.
He told Priti and Keerti's chemistry professor about their plan. Then the next morning Priti and Keerti were fired. Now Priti, Keerti and Billo learned their lesson. Being naughty could get them into trouble any time. So they stopped being naughty.
Suraj Went and told the twins that he knew what they were doing. The twins begged him not to tell anyone. Suraj made a deal with them, if they changed the traffic lights back to normal, he wouldn't dob them in. After everything went back to normal, the twins started to get up early. The teachers were very happy with them, and soon they were head of the class.
Suraj finds out about the computer and begins to search it after Billo and the twins leave. He also found that Billo was always going in chat rooms. Suraj then kept searching the computer and to his surprise every teacher in the school district's email adress was on Billo's e mailing list. Suraj had figured that Billo wasn't doing too good and was posing as a concerned parent. Since Suraj had been overhearing Billo and the twins' conversations he knew their teacher. At that moment Suraj began to look down the list to find Preeti and Keerti's teacher. He found their teacher's email adress and began to send him an email explaining the girls evil scheme. Soon the mail was sent and Suraj had found the hacking program his brother had used. Suraj had set everything straight. A few hours later the teacher had mailed Suraj back thanking him for telling him about the girls plan. The following day the girls were late as always. The teacher failed both girls and got them expelled. He also got Billo in a heap of trouble for hacking into the city's traffic light system. Billo did a year in the slammer. After that the girls and Billo learned their lesson but never knew that their scheme was crushed by Suraj.
eeshta suresh
As both of them had learnt a lesson and came to know the good habits and discipline of the life to achieve the success is never to get late to any work and never lie or do the wrong thing to achieve the success in life. Do the thing in a disciplined manner and follow the system.


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