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The Missing Rabbit

Bushy Rabbit was weeping loudly outside her burrow. “Wee Wee’s gone!” she cried out piteously.
“Gone! What do you mean gone?” asked Old Rabbit, peeping out from the burrow next door.
“I was gathering carrots and Wee Wee was in my arms. I placed him down just for a moment to tie the sack and when I turned round to pick him up, he was not there. I called out to him, looked everywhere, but couldn’t find him!”
“ We’ll find him, now stop crying,” said Old Rabbit, trying to console her.
Just then Thimble Thumb, the nosy rabbit, came by.
“Did I hear that Wee Wee is missing?” she asked. “Curse those humans! Just yesterday Lolo Rabbit went missing and the day before, JoJo Rabbit had a narrow escape!”
Mamma Bushy Rabbit began to howl when she heard this.
“Something’s got to be done!” said Old Rabbit.
“Ever since they built a settlement on the outskirts of our forest, members of our species have gone missing!” continued Thimble Thumb.
“But what can we do to prevent them from taking away our babies!” said Old Rabbit.
“There must be a way,” said Thimble Thumb, trying to think hard.
“I know a way,” cried a squeaky voice from the burrow. It was Junior Rabbit, Mamma Bushy Rabbit’s first born.


'Do you remember the pit the humans had dug to capture Lolo?' said Junior rabbit. 'Well, we shall cover it with pebbles. We shall even call ant town's members to live inside the pit. Then we shall call Bhaloo the bear to get their microphone from the van. He shall speak through it. He shall say that he was a forest official and he wanted the rabbits back.' So they carried out the plan. The humans almost jumped out of their skins when the ants started biting them. Suddenly Bhaloo's voice boomed. The humans left all the rabbits and went away. They never came back again.
'I know how to stop humans from taking away our babies.' 'How?' asked everyone in suprise, as Junior Rabbit was usually known to be a nitwit. ' We can show the humans that we are mad.' 'Are you nuts?' asked everybody. ' Well, listen, we all can show them that we were mad when we were small and grew up to become madder,this way the humans will think that the children that they have taken away are also going to grow.
Abolee vaidya
Live deep in a forest so that humans cannot get in the forest easily.whenever you are doing something do not leave the baby rabbit down
"It is simple, let us discuss with our king, The Lion! " Everyone agreed and they all went to see the Lion. After listening to their problem the Lion was too happy to help them out. Also Junior Rabbit went near the Lion and whispered something in the lion's ears... Next morning a big group of Lions and lionesses went to the place where the humans lived and rescued wee wee from there. On seeing so many lions the humans got so scared and they thought,"If we steal the rabbits, the Lions will come to our place and our children will be at risk, so let us not do any harm to the rabbits and save ourselves from the Lions." Thus Junior Rabbit with sheer courage saved the lives of other rabbits and thus became friends with the lions with his wise plan.
"Let's take their things!!!!!" So they took everyone's shoes.The next day, the humans went to the rabbit town, apologised and gave back the baby rabbits. So the rabbits gave back the shoes.
Chase Tavarez
"How about we just hide and come out at night?" Said J.R ( Junior Rabbit )" OOOOOOO. Good idea Junior sweetie." Said M.B.R ( Mamma Bushy Rabbit ). M.B.R kissed J.R and took him in the house. Everyone went in the house and after a year, the humans came to the holes in the day. " No rabbits. We should give up." Said a fat human. " Yeah lets go home. Stupid rabbits." Said a muscular male human. All the rabbits came out and cheered then they had a small party. They had awesome and mushed carrots for the kids. "Thanks Junior." Said everyone in unison (at the same time).
"I have an idea, why can't we go to any sage in this forest as people may not understand our feelings. A sage who knows about everything can help us. We will go to him and then we will express all our misery before him he can explain to the people in right way and people will also repect the sage's advice. All rabbbits appreciated the junior and they did along and the people were moved with the situtation when the sage explained about the huge misery of the rabbits and they apologised for that what they did and they promised that they won't repeat it again. All rabbits thanked the sage and they happily went to the forest and lived there without any problems.
Live deep in the forest so that humans cannot get in the forest easily. whenever you are doing something do not leave baby rabbit down.


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