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Nimmi's New Mantra

Nimmi the nut was a very nervous little girl. The slightest of sounds would send her into shivers. She was afraid of aliens. She blanched at bolts of lightning. She quaked in her quilt at nightfall. She screamed when she saw her shadow on the wall. All her pals pulled her leg at her plight. Not knowing what else to do, she sought solace in prayer. She was walking along the woods one afternoon, sobbing sadly, when she met Manu. Manu was a man with many mantras. He heard her story and felt sorry. So he made a shiny medal. It was beautiful and shiny. Manu assured Nimmi her fears would vanish if she wore the medal on her neck. But in order to earn the right to wear it, she would have to do something really brave. Nimmi was apprehensive, but she decided to give it a try.
On her way back home, she got an opportunity to earn the medal.


Nimmi saw a large house before her and as she walked nearer, she smelt an unpleasant smell. She shivered and gave a little yelp when she recognised that it was the smell of smoke.THE HOUSE WAS BURNING DOWN!!!Nimmi heard a small cry of help from above, and saw a young man and woman climbing the roof.Nimmi raced forward; forgetting her fears. She ran down the road until she saw a small cottage with an elderly woman in the front garden. She called out to the woman to call for a fire engine and the police.The woman obeyed and raced indoors and called the police.In the end, Nimmi was awarded the medal from Manu for bravery, and was given a small gift from the young man and woman, for she really had saved their lives.
While she was walking back home,Nimmi saw Naseem,the neighbour's daughter playing with her dolly on the road. Suddenly,Nimmi saw a car coming but Naseem was talking to her dolly. Surprisingly,Nimmi suddenly ran and grabbed Naseem and ran back to the footpath. Suddenly Nimmi realised that she had been surly and stupid. She turned over a new leaf.From that day she was called the bravest girl on earth.
Well she decided that since she used to get afraid of little things, even of her shadow she was terrified, so she decided to help those children who had same problem which she had ....... She succeeded in her aim and rushed out terror out of children's mind and was able to build confidence among them basic thing was to which ever thing they were afraid she used to tell them the basic cause behind it and use to tell them that there is nothing to be afraid of and like this she became a super heroine.
Nimmi saw an evil man selling boxes which made people his zombie slaves. She forgot her fear and charged the man. The evil man captured her and kept her in a wooden prison. Nimmi knawed through the ropes and smashed the wood into pieces. She ran out and grabbed every box and threw it in the river. She grabbed her mobile phone and called the police. She not only got Manu's medal but she also got a medal from the mayor. Nimmi was over the moon.
Nimmi saw a robber running away with a necklace,so she ran like mad and kicked him so hard that he went flying all the way to Africa.Then Nimmi returned the necklace and got the medal.
Nimmi saw that a girl was drowning she ended her fear and saved the girl. She received a letter from the president. She was awarded with the national bravery award. She realised that she doesn't need anything to end her fear.
The medal was not magical it was just a trick Manu knew that she would believe him so he gave her the medal.
The man fooled her and simply did it to make her more braver.


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