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Mystery of The Unknown Island

Prakash along with nine other passengers, was on a holiday trip to England. Suddenly, due to engine failure the aircraft in which they were travelling crashed on an island. But luckily they were safe. The island was very strange and suspicious. There were fruit trees along with bamboo plants, a fresh water spring, etc. Near the spring there were few caves. Some distance away beyond some mountains, there were rivers, beaches, swamps and many curious birds.
They waited and looked around the island for help but there was no sign of anybody.
"I think we are stuck on this island for a while. Why don't we put up tents on those cliffs?" said one of the travellers.
"Yes that's a good idea", Prakash answered.
After putting up the tents, another traveller said, "But what about food?"
"Perhaps we ought to search for it," said one of the travellers promptly.
"That's not good because we do not know about this place," Prakash said. But without paying heed to what Prakash said the two travellers went in search of food. Suddenly they heard a cry for help. When they ran towards that direction, they found that the two travellers had fallen into the swamp and disappeared. Soon after that they heard a hissing sound coming from the bushes. Gradually the sound became louder and louder. Without wasting a moment, Prakash along with other people decided to run away from there. As they reached the shore, they heard the hissing sound getting closer until it became visible.

Contributed by:
K.Sathyaprakash Rao
Age: 15 yrs
National Public School


Chase Tavarez
"AAAHH!!! A squirrel eating so fast made a hissing sound." Said Prakash sadly. "I wanted to kill a snake!" Prakash wined. "Mfmgh." "Hmm. OH TRAVELLERS!!!" Yelled Prakash. He got a vine, tied it to a tree and and then around his fat waist, then *blooosh* Prakash had jumped in. He pulled both of them out in time just before an underground volcano heated the swamp up into boiling temperature. They ran off. Prakash forgot he tied the vine to the tree and himself. "Owagh!" Said Prakash when he was jerked back. He tied it vine off and ran with the travellers.
As prakash turned back ah he screamed a snake an enormously huge snake can he be saved he thought. Without wasting a moment prakash ran even without waiting for the others. As he ran he entered a cave the snake took an other passenger and was going to bite him when suddenly prakash ran and caught the snake's neck there was a light a big light then a handsome young man came and said thankyou for saving me as return i will send you home and before he could say something they reached home. They all went home thinking were they day dreaming.
The hissing noise they thought was scary, was actually just a tape recorder. Somebody said "Who's there?" Prakash went closer. There, he saw an old man sitting outside a cave. "Why are you on my island?" "Our plane crashed here." said Prakash. "And what do you mean YOUR island?" "I own this island." said the man. He told Prakash and the others his story and then he sent for a plane to pick them up. Turns out the other two people were in his cave as the swap was a passage to his cave. When they were all aboard the plane, Prakash said"We never found out the kind man's name!"
Subharthi Sadhukhan
That was a newly formed species. It was half snake and half horse. And the island was full of them. Humans were no match to them so, Prakash and the other travellers were torn in pieces and swallowed.
The hissing sound was made by one of the travelers who was with Prakash. The traveler was very fat, so he was running behind and taking large breaths. That was the hissing sound, following them so long. Every one smiled on realizing the truth. At the same time, they heard the horn of a ship. They waved at the ship. The fat guy came out with the mike and speaker from the crashed plane. Prakash used the mike and speaker to call the persons in the ship. After a week when they all reached home, the fat guy had become a good friend of all the travelers.
Prakash and the people ran away because they saw a snake.
Uma Kumar
It was huge jungle snake, like never seen or heard of before. The hissing was so menacing that the vegetation nearby got disturbed and the smell so overpowering that one could just faint. However the undaunting Prakash alongwith his friends decided to survive the monstrous snake. They hatched a plan. Prakash decided to bait the snake coming very close to the swamp. He and one of his friends came in full view of the snake and enticing it started running towards the swamp. The huge reptile smouldering and hungry chased the two men and slithering behind them went full swing into the swamp. Within no time the deadly swamp engulfed the creature. Thus Prakash and his friends escaped.
When laila found that her beautiful bells were gone she cried a lot and began to search for it then she is weeping ,at that time one blue fairy saw her and pitied and gave the same bells which were gone. Laila was very happy and thanked the blue fairy and went to her home.
vishal anand
Prakash turned around and saw an air craft comming, this air craft looked like an alien ship. This alien ship was shooting at them which killed all of them. Prakash's plane was not crashed but it was shot down by aliens. And they crashed somewhere in the middle of earth and the other planets (mars, venus, mercury etc), this was a big star filled with aliens. This star had just entered the earths orbit when the plane was shot and it crashed on the star.
The sound was coming from a huge snake which was spitting deadly venoms and as it drew near them , Prakash had an idea , he picked up a huge diamond and throwed it at the snake but to their amazment the snake turned into a god who reached them to their homes safely.
From above the sky a helicopter will come and take everybody.
prakash and other people ran because they saw one huge lion approaching them.
pushpa b
A helicopter will come and save them.


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