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A Parrot and A Crow

In a garden, many birds were living happily on different trees. On one tree, a family of Parrot and a family of Crow had made their nests. The baby Parrot and baby Crow grew up together. They became young there. One day the Parrot told his mother that he wanted to go to a nearby forest to earn something. The mother was worried but she allowed him to go and come back soon in few days.

The Parrot flew to a nearby forest. He found one Mango tree near a lake. He sat and ate delicious Mangoes. One day, he saw a shepherd from his village. He decided to send a message to his mother. He requested the shepherd very politely and sang:

"O shepherd friend, O shepherd friend,
Meet my mother, Tell my mother:
Parrot is not Hungry,
Parrot is not Thirsty.
Parrot is enjoying on Mango tree,
Parrot is enjoying on lake".

The shepherd assured to meet his mother and give his message.
After some days the Parrot came back home with many Mangoes and Sweet fruits. He sang:

"Please put a Coat,
Please put a Mat,
Parrot brought Mangoes,
Parrot brought Sweet fruits".

He opened his wings and Mangoes and Sweet fruits came out. The birds on the tree became very happy to see the Parrot's progress.

Seeing this, the Crow's family also asked the young Crow to go to the forest and earn something. The Crow was lazy so he was not ready to go. But his mother pushed him to go. So he cried and went to the forest unwillingly. He sat in a muddy place and ate filth and worms. When he saw the shepherd of his village, he shouted at him and ordered him:

"O Shepherd, go and meet my mother,
Tell Crow is not Hungry,
Crow is not Thirsty,
Crow is enjoying in Mud,
Crow is enjoying on filth".

The shepherd became angry on Crow's rudeness so he denied to take his message. After some days the Crow came back home with mud and filth. He shouted:

"Put a Coat,
Put a Mat,
Crow brought mud,
Crow brought filth".

He opened his wings and everything became dirty with mud and filth. The birds on the tree became very angry and banished the Crow from the tree.

Moral: If we become nice and polite like the Parrot, then people will love us. If we become rude like the Crow, then people will not love us.

Transalated into English by Tushar Anjaria

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Dimdima is the Sanskrit word for ‘drumbeat’. In olden days, victory in battle was heralded by the beat of drums or any important news to be conveyed to the people used to be accompanied with drumbeats.


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