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Dead End

— A folktale from Bengal

The minister burst into the king’s apartment with a tearful face and announced that Gandharva Sen was dead.
“Gandharva Sen dead!” said the king. “Oh, this is terrible. Let us have three days of national mourning!”
“Mourning for whom, my Lord?” asked the queen, coming out of her chambers.
“Gandharva Sen is dead,” explained the king.
“Oh, my God!” said the queen and started weeping.
“What’s the matter?” asked her ladies-in-waiting, coming out to assist her.
“Gandharva Sen is dead,” she replied, her voice choked with emotion.
On hearing this, the ladies-in-waiting too started crying.
A servant girl who had recently joined the queen’s service came in just then.
“Why is everybody crying?” she asked one of the ladies.
“Gandharva Sen is dead,” said the lady.
“Who is Gandharva Sen?” asked the girl.
“Who is Gandharva Sen?” said the ladies-in-waiting, giving her angry looks.
“Gandharva Sen is... is...”
They turned to the queen.
“Your Highness, could you please tell this foolish girl who Gandharva Sen is?”
The queen wiped her tears on the backs of her hands.
“Yes... Gandharva Sen is... is...” She turned to the king.
“My Lord, who is Gandharva Sen?”
“You don’t know?” said the king. “Why, he is”
He turned to the minister,
“Who IS Gandharva Sen?”
The minister looked uneasy.
“I-I had thought Your Majesty would know,” he said, “I myself do not know who he is. I met the Chief of Police and he was shaking his head sadly and saying that Gandharva Sen was dead. So I came and told you.”
“Well, go and find out who this Gandharva Sen is!” roared the king.
The Minister hurried away.
He went to the Chief of Police and asked him who Gandharva Sen was.............


The Chief of Police was annoyed and said irritatedly " Oh you foolish man! Don't you know who Gandharva Sen is? Why, he is the sweeper who works here and a good friend of mine". The minister together with the whole residents of the palace were taken aback and were terribly dissapointed at believing the interfering minister, who himself was ashamed and fled away before he would be caught and hanged.
Gandharva Sen was the King himself. The king is no more ruling properly or administering properly. The kingdom is blindly following any rumours. The kingdom has no such called policy or any decision maker. When minister informs that Gandharva Sen is dead, instead of thinking on it, The King starts passing the message, it shows that how foolish the king and his entire kingdom is.
shivani kalluri
Gandharva Sen was a noted Bandit in that kingdom.
Gandharva Sen should be the only dacoit in the kingdom
The chief of the police said that it was his son. When the minister told this to the king, everybody started laughing. The minister then vowed not to do this foolish act again.
Isha Puthran.
Gandharva Sen was colleague of the Chief of Police.
I also don't know who Gandharva Sen is!Mayor told me that he is dead. Mayor says Gandharva Sen is a lazy beggar who always begs and is the peron who has not begged in his own kingdom.
Gandharva Sen is a dramatist and pretends that he is dead
Gandharva Sen was the king's father. The king was very sad and the queen and the ladies in the palace too. The little girl when asked the minister,who he was? The minister also did not know and then he went and asked the policeman . The chief police gave the reply saying he was the king's father.
The chief of police said "I don't know I met a postman on the way and he told me that Gandharva Sen was dead". So they went and asked the postman, he told them that an old lady beside their house is mourning this morning over his death and so they went and asked the old lady and she said that "Gandharva Sen is my pet donkey and he had been with us from his childhood and my son was using him as he was a washerman, now that he was dead I am mourning over his death". The minister went and told the king what had happened and the king had a great laugh and rewarded the old lady for making everyone mourn for an old donkey's death.
He is a ghost.
vicky jain
Gandhava Sen was actually a terrorist whom police wanted to arrest from a long time.
neena cherian
The chief of police was astonished "you are not familiar with him he is the criminal that the police all over the kingdom was searching for". This was a great joke 'three days of national mourning' for a criminal.
Anita Vaswani
The Chief of Police told the Minister that a man had come to him to report that his donkey had been run over by a speeding vehicle and was dead. He was asking for suitable punishment to be given to the culprit and some compensation to be given to himself as he was a poor dhobhi and all his clothes were carried by the donkey "Gandharva Sen".
Karishma Changlani
Chief of Police replied "Oh he was my donkey"
Gandharva sen was no one else but the chief of the police himself . Thus he created a big confusion amongst all.
Neha Puthran.
Gandharva Sen was a hard core criminal whom the police wanted to catch alive. But Gandharva Sen died suddenly due to heart attack. The police chief was sad because he could not arrest him alive.
Gandharva Sen was a poor washerman's donkey.
Dhanashree Sontakke
The Chief of Police turned to the Kotwal and asked, "Who is Gandharva Sen?" The Kotwal took a step back and said, "He is a hero of this novel that I am reading. He met with sad death. I just said in the morning, 'So sad Gandharva Sen died' and ..." The Chief of Police was ashamed of his foolishness. The minister did not waste more time and went back to the king to tell him of his own foolishness.
The police chief said that Gandharva Sen was a dog from the police station and was trained to catch the thief by smelling the body scent of the thief near the place where the theft has taken place!
Alina Darwesh
He was the brother of the Chief police
The Chief-of-the-Police confesses that he had heard the news from his wife. The minister immediately goes to the Police's wife and enquires about Gandharva Sen. The wife tells the minister that she had over-heard the news when she was coming back after having a bath in the nearby river. The minister asks for the address and leaves to the house where the police's wife had overheard the news. There, he sees an old woman with her husband and grand-daughter. Upon questioning about the identity of Gandharva Sen, the old woman lets out a loud laugh and tells him that her grand daughter played with an old doll and had named it Gandharva Sen. The doll was very ragged and tattered and had come off in pieces and hence her grand daughter, being a small girl had told them that Gandharva Sen was dead!
Gandharva Sen was the Chief's dog. The Chief was very sad at his death. When the king came to know of the minister's foolishness he ordered for him to be thrown out of the court.
Gandharvasen was a bird!
The minister asked the chief of the police, who himself did not know! Finally it was taken to the director. They asked him. He told that Gandharva sen was his hero! Every body was ashamed.
Rekha chander
Don't you know who Gandhavasen is? He is my cat. My wife beat the cat and it died. I am worried and now you are worried. Take the dead body of gandharvasen and keep it for yourself. If you want bury it in your own farm. After hearing that, the whole kingdom went home ashamed of themselves.
Mahika Banerjee
"Don't you know who Gandharva Sen is?", said the astrologer. "He is an angel from heaven who had come to bring the message of peace; and has succeeded to do so. He has died and gone back to heaven as an angel. No one, except astronomers and astrologers, know who he is."
He was the monkey in the forest.
He was a friend of the chief police.
He was the close friend of the chief police.
YUnn SHiang
Gandharva Sen was a famous shopkeeper in the town. He had served the king who had already died, but the new king did not know him.
Kwa Sin Yee
Gandharva Sen is the King lost son. Ten years ago, he went to hunting,and didn't come back. But now, the chief police found him in the forest and he was dead.
Khoo Siao Ling
The police told the King, that Gandharva Sen was a mystery man in the country.
Lee How Syh
The minister immediately goes to the Police's wife and enquires about Gandharva Sen. The wife tells the minister that she had over-heard the news when she was coming back after having a bath in the nearby river.
yen teng
Ganhava sen is the king's son, who was just one year old.
Looi Shu Wei
Actually that day was April's fool day, they had made a joke between king’s apartment.
shivangi kotadia IISJ
Gandharva Singh was a thief whom the men and women were weeping for.
divyashree shanbhag
Gandharva Sen was the chief of police's parrot. The king and the entire court laughed when they realized that they had over-reacted over the death of an unknown bird.
The minister ran to the Chief of Police who told about the death of Sen. The Chief Of Police said,he cried because he saw a jamadar(supervisor) who cried for Gandharva Sen. The Jamadar said since crying and laughing excite sympathy and make us also cry and laugh ,he had cried for Sen on seeing his wife. The jamadar's wife said,she cried because she saw a washerwoman crying biterly for Sen.They all went to the washerwoman.She said Gandharva Sen was her pet donkey and he died that morning and they were all ashamed. Conclusion:- We should not jump into any decision without proper enquiry.
The king's father had wanted to test the king and the other folks. that's why he told the chief of police. when the minister told the king about their foolishness, he became ashamed and went to his room.
Gandharva Sen was actually a donkey of the washerwoman who everyone was crying about.


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