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Forest Cover

Verde and Luna were the best of friends. They did everything together. Hiking the forest trails near their hill town was their favored form of entertainment. They hiked together every weekend. The peaceful solitude of the quiet trails helped them forget all the worries of their work-a-day worlds. They loved to click pictures of the scenic spots they encountered during their explorations. They were particularly fond of the ancient tall hardwood trees that abounded the forest slopes.
One particular Sunday, Verde and Luna were on their way back when they heard some strange noise. Upon close inspection, it turned out that some poachers were illegally sawing off huge logs of precious wood from one of the forest patches. The men looked mean and dangerous. They had even posted a couple of armed guards near their trucks to serve as lookouts. Verde and Luna dared not risk being shot by the guards. They did, however, very much want to save the trees. Getting back to town, and alerting the right authorities would take too much time. They knew that they would have to do something themselves to stop the poachers. So they hatched a planÖ


They took some stones and some rods which were lying there. But they did not know where to keep them. Suddenly they found a cover. They carried them and ran there where the men were and threw them on those people. They got hurt and ran away.
k.deepti reddy
The plan was that they would pretend as a married couple. There were many thorny and poisonous bushes in the forest. They decided to take leaves from those and give it to the men guarding the truck. The men were anyways hungry. They wanted to eat something but nothing was there. Verde and Luna kept the leaves slowly next to their feet and threw a rock to make noise.When the men turned back and saw there was no one except and delicious red paste lying next to their feet. They were so hungry that they ate the paste and fell down unconscious. When the other men took rest they also saw the delicious red paste near the men who fell unconcious. Thinking that they were sleeping the other men too ate the paste. They too fell unconscious. Verde and Luna took the men's axes and threw them in the nearby river.They then went to their village and told the whole story to the village people. When the men got up they saw the angry faces of the village people. They were kicked out of the forest and the village for doing such a bad thing. Everyone were proud of Verde and Luna.
Tom Camargo
Luna and Verde jumped in front of the guards. It startled the guards and Verde hit one in the arm getting his gun. The other tried a shot but missed. They ran, however, Verde was too slow carrying the gun and got shot on the back. He fell face forward and yelled for Luna to help him, but the sight of the weapons scared her half to death... She ran and ran, reaching town and telling the authorities. When they returned the only sign of that were a whole bunch of tree stumps and Verde's body...
Camila Pinto
Dressing up in fancy clothes and gold jewellery Verde and Luna pretended to be fine, rich tourists. They came closer to where the "crime scene" was being held and pretended to cry. "Oh my!!! These people are destroying this country's precious nature!!!" Verde said, "And to think that we came to visit here because of it's nature loving people and its trees." Luna said. " I will go to the tourist agency and complain!" "Those tourist guides lie so much, I will never come back or buy anymore land from this horrible place!!!" They left angrily. Then they peeked from behind a tree and saw that the guards and men were leaving. Maybe those men weren't as mean and bad as they looked after all.
Soham Nayak
Verde and Luna ran without the notice of that man. They went to the head of Forest Department and told the matter. Then after some time some guards came and handcuffed those men. Luna ran fast and called the police. After some time some policemen came and took them to the jail. The policemen asked to pay a large amount of money to the forest department. Verde and luna were given appreciation and some amount of money.
supriya saxena
They would be their cooks and poison them
They thought for a while and then they got a wonderful plan, because they had a camera they took photo and showed that to the forest officers and had them arrested. This was Verde and Luna's plan.


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