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The end of the world

“What’s the matter? Why have you returned so early?” Sudha Kaki asked her nephew, Madhusudhan, when he rang the doorbell unusually at 11 in the morning.
Sudha Kaki was a widow and had been staying with Madhusudhan, who was the headmaster of the village primary school, ever since his wife died.
“I had to close school early because parents wanted to take their children home. That crazy Ramu, has told everyone that a comet was going to clash into Earth at 12 o’clock in the afternoon today and that the world was going to end,” said Madhusudhan, looking thoroughly disgusted.
“Is that so?” asked Kaki, worried. “Vilas hasn’t returned from school yet!”
“Now, don’t you start believing it too. That astrologer is a fake! Everyone knows that!” said Madhusudhan, irritated.
“Baba! Kaki! The world’s going to end today. Everyone in school is saying that. Raju told me that his father heard it on the TV,” shouted Vilas, returning just then. “ Kaki, can I eat the two chocolate bars that are in the fridge now?”
As he munched the bars standing by the window, Vilas looked up at the sky. He loved to watch the sun burn brightly one minute and then suddenly disappear behind a cloud. Kaki had told him a long time ago when he was very little, that the sun felt thirsty because of its own heat, and disappeared every now and then to drink water. All of a sudden, the sky grew dark. A long streak of lightning flashed across the sky, followed by a loud clap of thunder.
“Shucks, it’s going to rain!” thought Vilas. Just then, he saw Raju, his neighbour, looking out of his window.
“Hey Vilas, 25 minutes left for the comet attack! Did you notice how the Earth trembled just now?” said Raju.
“Do you think we’ll be able to see the comet?” asked Vilas.
“Tough. Too cloudy,” replied Raju, staring hard at the sky.
“What a shame!” said Vilas. “Hey, look, it’s getting darker!” he shouted out in excitement.
There was a sudden eerie silence. The silence was broken by a burst of thunder and a heavy downpour. Vilas looked up at the clock. Hardly five minutes left. He couldn’t see Raju clearly because of the rains. His heart was beating loudly. He glanced up at the clock again. Any second it would strike twelve o’clock.


As the rain was pouring heavily, and it did not stop even after the clock struck twelve. They could not see the comet falling down, which never even fell on the earth.
Monica Nagar
When the clock struck twelve the rain stopped and kaki had called to take the lunch.
He gets scared and closes the window.
T.S. Hanisha Anand
My tension had no limits and I grew very anxious what was going to happen. Only three minutes left. It was raining badly. It grew darker. 5,4,3,2,1. As said there was a comet but in the rain its heat and light went off faster than it came down and down came a little small piece , as small as a pebble. Thank god there is no destruction to earth and its children. The next day was a grand celebration for us and earth.
Isha Puthran
When the clock struck twelve the world did not end. The thunder shower continued for half an hour. Afterwards when the climate became normal, nobody could see the comet in the sky.
I do think he hates rain and on the top of it they are going to see a comet so he got so irritated that he closed the window and went inside to have his lunch with his heart beating loudly
arjun sai krishnan
Suddenly there was a big crashing sound and all went dark. Vilas went under the bed-the world has ended he thought. Then Madhusudan opened the door and said -Come out from under the bed you silly boy, the tree in front of the house has fallen down. Vilas came out in a relief and laughed at himself.
It was a fake story made by Ramu.
Rekha Chander
As it rained very heavily the comet did not go through.It went to the planet mars by mistake. Thus the comet did not enter the earth and the people were saved from being killed.
Ramu wanted to have a holiday so he told a lie.
Suddenly there was a big sound of something crashing and everything went dark. Vilas went under the bed as he thought the world had ended. Actually as it was raining very heavily, few trees had fallen on the road. And thus the world did not end.
Chun Siew
When the clock struck twelve o’clock, they heard some noises from outside. Suddenly, Vilas and his friends saw a giant, glittering airship flying in the sky. Then, something strange was thrown out from the airship and it was rolled on ground. Vilas stepped forward to pick that thing as he thought it could be dangerous. Thus, he picked it up and threw it into the lake. Thus in the end, nothing happened and the world did not come to an end.
jia qian
The clock finally struck twelve. Vilas looked out through the window anxiously, expecting to see a comet coming down from the sky. But what he saw was just rain and thunder. Half an hour later, the sun came out again, shining brightly. Everybody went to find Ramu to ask about the comet, but he was nowhere to be found.
Bamboo Flute
My tension had no limits and I grew very anxious what was going to happen. Only three minutes left. It was raining badly. It grew darker. 5,4,3,2,1. As said there was a comet but in the rain its heat and light went off faster than it came down and down came a little small piece , as small as a pebble. Thank god there is no destruction to earth and its children. The next day was a grand celebration for us and earth.
Priyanjali Bhattacharyya
When the clock struck 12, Manu was really worried. Then they saw a streaking light. "It's the comet! It's the comet!" everyone shouted. But then it was wet by the rain and it disappeared. What was left of it, was broken off by the heavy storm. So, the Earth was saved!
arushi aggarwal
Tina gave her mother a box of chocolates and a sweet kiss.


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