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Sleepy Heads

A thrifty widow had engaged two servants to work on her farm. As she believed in beginning the day early she would get up as soon as the cock crowed. Then she would wake the labourers.
The men hated getting up so early, especially in winter when the cold chilled their bones. Convinced that they would be able to sleep longer if they got rid of the cock, they caught hold of the bird one day and wrung its neck. But...


They probably wouldn't sleep longer, because if the woman was used to waking up so early, she'd still wake them.
The cock was killed but now the old woman didn't know what time it was to make the servants get up, so she woke up even early and woke her servants up too.Poor servants!
They were scared of the lady. As the cock did not crow the old lady got up very early and the poor servants had to work for more longer time than before.
The lady was having a practice of waking early so now without the cock she woke even earlier than that.
Similar topic like Kaveri Journey I would like to have for other Indian major river.
Similar topic like Kaveri Journey I would like to have for other Indian major river.
The widow now did not know the time as the cock was dead. So she was worried that she would oversleep. She got up at all odd hours of the night and woke the servants and made them work. The servants were at their wit's end. Earlier they had fixed time of work; now they had more work and less sleep. They were so exhausted after a week. They repented for their act and bought a new cock from the market for the old lady.
.....unfortunately they were caught red-handed. The old woman caught them. She knew that they would be up to something like this. She stopped the servants from killing the poor cock and removed them from the job.
They killed the innocent cock. The woman did not know the time and so called the workers at midnight. Who do you think was the loser then?
But, the next day, the woman woke the servants up earlier than ever, because she feared she would wake up late, now that the cock was dead. The servants repented at what they had done and from then on, they became changed men.
The labourers wrung the cock's neck and he lost his voice. The labourer's were happy. The widow was very worried about the next day as there was no one to wake her up. She fed the cock and went to bed. The next day morning she heard a tap on her window sill. She opened her eyes and saw the cock tapping gently on the window as the sun was rising. The widow got up and smiled at the cock. She then woke up the labourers.. The old lady then told the labourers, "Everyone has to do their work in time. The sun rises in the morning, the cock crows at dawn.. you both do not yawn.. else you will be gone.."
But their problem was not solved. The woman started waking them even earlier than before with the help of a cat .The cat used to mew at midnight to drink milk. After giving milk she did not go to sleep as she was not sure of waking up with the help of the cock. So she woke the labourers whenever she wanted after mid night.
But their plan wasn't successful. Instead of getting up late the widow used to wake up more early than before. After getting up she used to wake up her labourers more early. The labourers were terrified and decided to again buy her a cock. After that the widow got up at the time when she used to before. The servants learnt a good lesson.
Asish Mahapatra
Their plan was successful! The lady was old and tired, she woke up late but soon, she bought a new cock and then the servants repented for their acts. This cock woke up the mistress earlier so they had to work longer. From then on, they woke up promptly and were fully changed men
Mrs.Thomasina Osborne
Old Man: But back in the 1900s my father was the first person to speak with Mr.Rich Who is Mr.Rich? said Ashok He is the founder of the Lance Sq, Mr Rice had all these villages belt to house his friends and family when they came to vist, it was also told that old man Rich, killed everyone in his family. Ashok : yea all of them. Do you rent the these bunalow any more? Old man : Yes we do it. Helps pay for the up keep. Ashok: (Coming into the bungalow) I would like to pay for a week am a writer and I would love to write about Mr.Rich story Old man : Young man this is much more than a story. Ashok : Have you every seen any ghost? Old man: I can say I never have and I have lived in this part all my life(old man smiling). Ashok turn and looked at the old man and said you know my sister bedroom was down the hall? Old man: Your family? Ashok said yes my family and I used to stay here (Old man Thinking to himself) this young man is out of his mind, No one has lived in this bungalow for years. Ashok: yes you are right uncle, Old man : am Lewis, and you are Mr.Rich, I told you I would be back for you uncle. Ashok took to his heel.
andee erwin
They didn't realize that the cock was on it's last day to crow, as the old lady made plans to kill and cook it for her dinner. Her farm had not been producing well, and her money was running out. She soon died of hunger, and the workers were left with no job at all.
When the thrifty woman saw that the cock did not crow, she woke the servants more earlier. Now the servants had to work more than they did earlier.
That night when all was quiet, and the servants slept like babys, a door creeked open from across their room. The moonlight poured in, falling silently over the sleeping men. In crept a ghostly figure in the shape of a cockeral. Let's just say the men never woke up.
The old lady was very depressed to know that her cock was no more. She was also worried for the farm work, as labourers would sleep more if she didn't wake them early. The next morning, without cock crowing, she woke up too early and even woke up the labourers for field work. Due to this the labourers worked more hours at the field and were able to give more output than before. The old lady developed a habit of getting up at any odd hours in the morning sometimes even at mid-night to wake the labourers. This frustrated the labourers and they ended up bringing a new cock as a present to the old lady ---- Do Wrong Have Wrong
Karekana Marihji
One night when the old woman was feeling very depressed about the cockerel's death,she saw a glowing cockerel standing on her sill.It was the cockerel's spirit!The old woman kept it and every morning it would wake her up without fail.
The old lady woke more earlier and the servant had to work more harder
Cyprian Monis SJ
But, they realized that they have made a big mistake by killing the cock. They knew that the old lady would expect the cock to crow every morning. They were in a dilemma, either to continue the job or run away. Finally they decided to continue the job by taking turn in crowing like the cock!
Now what would they tell the old lady. They made up a story about a wild dog chasing the bird and wildly swinging him about. They told how they had tried to save the cock but it was too late. The lady loved that cockeral with all her heart. Her late husband had given it to her before he died. She was so stricken with grief that she no longer cared about keeping the farm. She sold it to a big commercial conglomerate that sold everything, fired everyone, bulldosed the land and put in a factory. The servants all got jobs in the factory. It was hot and smelling work processing chicken manure into fertilizer. The worker wished every day to be back out in the country air working the fields at the old ladies farm.


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