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Greedy Trader

There was a merchant who was engaged in trade with a number of coastal towns because of which he had to travel extensively by boat.
One day a friend asked him if he could swim.
"That I cannot," said the merchant.
"You should learn," said his friend. "I know a man who could teach you swimming in three days."
"I don't have three days to spare," said the merchant. "Time is money."
"Then always carry two empty drums with you," advised the friend. "They'll keep you afloat if your boat should capsize."
The merchant followed his friend's advice.
Whenever he travelled by boat he always took two empty drums with him.
Then one day it happened just as his friend had foreseen: his boat was caught in a squall, far out at sea.


The storm was so violent and there was nobody to help him. All his belongings were gone. His boat sank into water. He was feeling so helpless as he did not know how to swim. But at the nick of time his friendís words came to his mind. He held the two empty drums that were floating on the surface of water strongly with his two hands. The drums rescued his life and he reached on the land safely. The traders friend's advice proved beneficial to him. But that day he had learnt one lesson that nothing is more precious than life. Money could not buy life. It is your experience that helps you to fight against odds not wealth.
The waves were very high and crashing into the sides of the boat. After many hard smashes of waves against the side of the boat it split right in half. As the merchant was in the water the empty drum floated next to him and he climbed inside. Now the drum sank a little bit under the water, but high enough so that he didn't have to swim. About three hours later another trade boat with a lot of salt from India picked the merchant up and boy was he cold. The next day he gave his friend a super duper big hug and told him thank you. Then he took swimming lessons and never had to go in an empty drum while in the middle of the ocean again
Yes, it is beneficial for the merchant because it saved his life and by this means he is able to overcome that problem.
The friend 's advice was nice that he should learn swimming and not be greedy for money
The trader sure did follow his friend's advice and carried with him two empty barrels for one or two trips. But greedy that he was, he thought, " If I could carry some merchandise in these, I can sell it to the boat inmates and earn more money. My barrel will then become empty again". Unfortunately, the boat capsized. He begged the co passengers to buy his goods, but nobody would. He clung to his barrels. When he was about to drown, he realised that his load would not save his life. Neither would the extra earned money save his life. He emptied all the contents into the sea and finally floated ashore with the help of empty barrels. This incident cured his greediness and now he does not yearn for extra money.
If he had listened to his friend then he would have known how to swim instead of relying on the drums to save him.
The friend's idea was beneficial for him that he should learn swimming and should not be too greedy of money.
His friend's idea was benefical to him but then he realized that the barells would just go where they wanted to go. He thought that its useless to go to place where you don't want to go so he scarificed the barells in the middle of the stormy sea and because of his stupidity he drowned.
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The sea was violent and he knew for sure that the boat would sink. He looked around for help but there was no one to rescue him. His terrified eyes fell on the drums and he remembered his friendís advice. He regretted for his misfortune and he lifted those two drums and jumped into the sea. The rough sea tossed him hither and thither. Finally, he found himself on the seashore and thanked God for saving his life and teaching him a lesson that life is valuable than money!
arushi aggarwal
The traveller said that he had to cut his nails.
The storm was so violent; when he drew his friend's attentive words: Carry two empty drums that float on water. he was able to do just that, and he saved his life.


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