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Chintu And The Crocodile

"Beware of the crocodile while passing by the river," Tina Monkey warned her son Chintu Monkey while helping him put the schoolbag on his back.
"Crocodile? What's that?" asked Chintu.
" Haven't you learnt about the crocodile in school?"asked Tina.
"You mean ghost? I am not afraid of ghosts!" said Chintu.
"It's not a ghost. It's a reptile with a thick skin, a strong tail, a huge mouth and beady eyes. It can walk on land and swim in water," explained Tina.
"But that's an elephant and not a croco.. er..what did you call it, Mom?"
"Crocodile. A big crocodile has come to the river. I heard that it killed a goat that had gone to the river to drink water. I want you to be careful when you pass by the river."
"All right, Mom, I'll be careful," said Chintu, waving goodbye to his mother.
As he walked to school, he thought about the strange creature called the crocodile that had made its home in the river.
"I'm not scared of that crocodile. If it comes near me, I will break its head with my water bottle!" he told himself. "And I'll kick his face with my shoe and poke his eyes out with my umbrella! "
When he reached the riverside, curiosity got the better of him and he climbed up a tree to catch a glimpse of the crocodile. He looked all along the length of the river but couldn't see the crocodile.
"Mom must have cooked up this story just to keep me from the river," sighed Chintu as he climbed down from the tree. "There is no creature called crocodile in this world."
"What did you say?" asked a voice from behind. "If there are no crocodiles in the world, pray, who am I?"
Turning back, Chintu asked, "Who said that?"
"I said it!" said the crocodile, and whipping a log with his tail, he cut it into two.
"Who are you?" shouted Chintu frightened.
"I am a CROCODILE!!" said the crocodile, opening its mouth wide.
"It must be the creature that mom had warned me about!" thought Chintu.
"Okay, I believe you. There are crocodiles in this world. Let me go or I will be late for school," saying that Chintu started moving backwards.
"Don't move! I am going to eat you up right now" said the crocodile and started moving towards him slowly.
Chintu thought fast of a way to escape. He quickly emptied his schoolbag in front of the crocodile.


He emptied his school bag because it contained lots of tasty food. The crocodile got distracted and started eating the food and the monkey escaped unhurt.
aryan khandelwal
Chintu thought that he will empty his school bag in front of the crocodile so that it's attention will be diverted to the school bag items. By the time he will run and escape from the crocodile.
When the crocodile was thinking what chintu would do, Chintu escaped from the crocodile.
Arnay Walia
Chintu took some paper from his bag and drew his face and stuck it with glue on the tree. Then, when the crocidle who was walking so slow reached him, he quickly slipped away from behind the tree. The crocodile got confused and went towards the picture thinking it was chintu to eat him up. While chintu watched laughing. He was smart and tricked the mean crocodile. and then ran away!
Chintu emptied his bag contents on the floor and found a polythene bag filled with fruits for his lunch.He threw it in the river far away and said to the crocodile,"Go catch that polythene bag,eat all the fruits in that and bring back the empty bag back to me. Only then will I allow to you to eat me up." The crocodile said,"How can I trust you?You may run away while I go and eat the fruits." "See, crocodile,I am very hungry. That was my lunch but I am giving it to you. A hungry person can't get away so fast."Believing Chintu,he left him to his wife and went in the river where the bag had travelled far away.Chintu told his wife,"You see your husband has gone far away in the river and may not even come back. And if he comes back,he will have eaten all the fruits.Why don't you also go and have your share of fruit." His wife said,"That is a good idea. But how can I leave you alone?" chintu said,"BElieve me,a hungry person can't run away." The foolish wife ran in the river following the crocodile. Chintu packed his bag quickly and ran away to school. He shared his story at the school and everyone was proud of him.
He empties the school bag and puts the bag on the crocodile's head. He then hits him with the bottle and kicks him with his shoes as the crocodile could not see anything.
Ashalibaby stephanie
He empties his bag and gives all the food and snacks he was carrying to school to the crocodile. The crocodile is happy to see the food. Chintu thus escapes from there.
Suganya bhat np
Once upon a time the crow so thirsty he found a pot came across in serch of water, but there was no water to be found . so he planned to drop the stones one by one until the water came up. The water came up, the crow satisfied his thirst and flew happily.
Kaku followed Goldie's advice and jumped into the pond. But the water was too deep for him and he drowned. Seeing this Goldie said to the other swans "Be happy with what god gives you or even your lives will end like this foolish crow."
muskan ghaisas
Chintu gave the crocodile to eat everything from the bag. In the meantime he escapes and goes home.
manu bhat
The crocodile will get distracted and forget about eating chintu. And then Chintu could run away.
He took one step back & sat on his knees. He slowly picked a little sand & threw it into the crocodile's eyes while he rubbed his eyes he picked his umbrella pricked the crocodile's eyes. He ran to school & told his teacher that he blinded the crocodile. The teacher & some adults tied the crocodile & took him to their king, the lion. The crocodile was banished & Chintu was given a bravery award.
when the crocodile was trying to figure out what it was all about Chintu ran away as fast as he can to safety .
Lawrence mandong
Chintu asked the crocodile to start with his lunch as appetizer. The crocodile agreed and chintu took his umbrella in his right hand and hid it at his back. As the crocodile ate chintu's lunch, he (chintu) quickly used his umbrella to pluck the crocodile's two eyes. The crocodile started moving in different directions hitting his body against trees around and finally it gave up. This bravely act by chintu brought him fame in the village and his mother was very happy with him.
He then asked him "if you are very hungry so please eat my snacks!" säying so he ran away.
Chintu removed his lunch box. And he said “Mr. Crocodile, if I eat my lunch now itself, I will be fatter and tastier with this yummy chili subji and parotas inside my tummy. So, I will eat my lunch and then, you can eat me. The crocodile was a little foolish and so agreed to the plan. Usually chintu used to climb a tree and walk on it. From the end of the branch he used to jump down on a big rock in the river. Bundila, an elephant, would be standing near the rock, bathing. Chintu would climb on her back and she would take him to the other side, where his school was located. He told the crocodile, “I will also eat those mangoes on the tree and come down ". The crocodile became suspicious and thought for a minute. He agreed to the plan. Chintu climbed up the tree and followed his usual route to the school, sticking his tongue at the crocodile. The crocodile was angry. “Grr! I will eat you when you come back. “But, while coming back chintu usually came back in the school bus. He went and told Tina, his mom what had happened. She praised him, but had a feeling that he wouldn’t be able to trick the crocodile every day. So, she went to the police and lodged a complaint. The police head, Mr. Elephant went and requested the animal catcher, Mr. Lion to catch the crocodile. The operation was successful and so, all the animals of the kingdom were relieved. So, Chintu was practically the hero because of the clever way he had handled the problem.
After emptying his bag he took out his pen and opend the lid. Next he also opened the nib holder. The crocodile was wondering what he was trying to do. At this Chintu spilled all the ink on crocodiles eyes blinding him. The crocodile in his blindness roamed here & there. Chintu got enough time to escape.
Nanda Ramesh
"What are you doing?", asked the crocodile. "Finding my science text book.", said Chintu. "Ahhh. Foolish monkey, Why do you need that now? I am going to eat you anyway", jeered the crocodile laughing loudly showing all its sharp teeth. Chintu, stared at the crocodile as if it was the most foolish animal in the world. "Well, you silly crocodile. I thought you would want to eat me when I am nice and tasty. That is why I was planning to read about all the fruits and vegetables in our text book. Then I will taste just like them all when you eat me", said Chintu. The crocodile was surprised to know this. He was happy that Chintu was being nice and making himself tasty. "Ok. That is good. Please do read about them properly. Do you have any stories on sweets as well? It would be so nice if my food tasted like sweets", said the greedy crocodile. "Yes, of course!", said Chintu. He sat down on a nearby rock and started to read his books aloud. Initially, the crocodile listened with rapt attention, licking his mouth whenever Chintu read about something really tasty like Mangoes, Carrots or Halwas. Soon, he became drowsy with all the listening and fell asleep. That was enough for Chintu!. He quickly packed his bags and ran off home. He couldn't wait to tell his mother how he had outwitted the crocodile. As for the crocodile, it is still lying near the river asleep from the stories and lessons that Chintu had read. Still, be careful not to go too close to it as it will be tremendously hungry when it wakes up and will eat you instead!
Shreya Shankar
The crocodile who had never seen a schoolbag gazed at it. Sensing this,Chintu told the crocodile that he will give all the school items if the crocodile leaves the pond. But the crocodile took the items and he did not give it to Chintu. Chintu who saw the geometry box ,took the divider and stabbed the crocodile. Chintu became a hero but he resolved to follow his mother's advice.
The crow put the stones one by one in the pot. The water level came up. The crow drank the water, felt happy and flew away.
Chinthu emptied his bag and put the on the crocdile's head and escaped.
Chintu said, "How can you eat me? You can't read even one of these books!" "What has that to do with me eating you?" asked the crocodile. "Dont you know who am I? I am a monkey. You can eat a monkey, only after you have read all his books.", said Chintu Monkey. "Well , I can do that in a minute. Stay right here!", said the crocodile, picking up a copy of Dimdima that Chintu had in his school bag. Very soon the crocodile got engrossed in Dimdima and Chintu quickly ran away!
Sarang Deb Saha
Chintu opened his pencil box took a pen, jumped on the crocodile and hit on his eyes with the pen. The crocodile lost his balance and fell in a ditch. Chintu hurried to his school. In the school he told his friend about the incident. Everybody in the school praised him for his bravery.
Chintu may climb a tree and pluck some fruits and throw them on the crocodile.(or) Chintu can make friendship with that crocodile by giving it some chocolates and some snacks.
A variety of things came out of his bag. He took a key which came out of his bag and inserted it into the hole on his forehead. Chintu turned into a muscular monkey. He had no problem in twisting the neck of the crocodile. It made the crocodile pledge to take Chintu's permission while eating anything and it would not touch monkeys ever again.
arth tyagi
His plan to escape was to empty his bag in front of the crocodile, and yes he succeded and after doing this he became the real hero of the day.
Shruti Srinivasan
When his bag was emptied he threw his book at him.Then chintu kicked the crocodile .The crocodile swam inside the river to tell his friend's about chintu. His friend,s had come to stay. Just at the same time chintu crossed the river and went to school. After scool he took a shortcut and went home.
Aishwarya Goyal
Chintu emptied his school bag so that he could put the bag onto the crocodile's wide opened mouth. And then with his umbrella he beat the crocodile .Then he beat him with his school shoes. Crocodile was unaware of all this types of attack. Thus, Chintu manage to escape.
Because he wanted to do the same thing that he thought in his mind.He was going to poke crocodile's eyes with his umbrella so that he couldn't see and he emptied his bag because the crocodile would't move because around him there were Chintu's stuffs.So Chintu escaped and ran to school and told the things he did to everyone and the next day every body called him chintu the HERO !
Icey - Shah
Chintu decided to do what he thought about before, he wanted to bring his water bottle out of his bag but it was too late, the crocodile was too close. Chintu was desperately looking for a solution and then it hit him, he was going to manipulate the crocodile. He shouted: Hey, look behind you! and as the crocodile turned around he ran like there was no tomorrow. The crocodile had realized the prank but there was too much distance between them. As Chintu was running he realized he was late to school. But now he had an exciting story to tell all his friends! But none of this would have happened if Chintu would have controlled his curiosity and wasn't so careless. Chintu could have almost died ...... but now he learnt his lesson and decided to never talk about that crocodile again, and of course, stay away from the river as much as possible.
Chintu's mom had packed his favorite breakfast dosa and chutney. He likes his chutney which was very spicy. So he thought he can pour that chutney over the eyes of crocodile and when crocodile can no longer see, he can escape. As he planned, he opened the lunch box and told crocodile, please don't eat me, I have very tasty berries in my lunch box which I can share with you. While crocodile tried to peep into the lunch box, Chintu poured the chutney on crocodile eyes and escaped from there.
He asked, if you are a real after some thought, chintoo asked "if you are a crocodile then you must be quick and fast to answer maths questions?" then he rattled maths problem to the crocodile and kept him absorbed and diverted the attention. Tt appropriate time chintoo ran away. clever monkey!
When the crocodile told chintu to stand still he agreed he stood calmly with his hands folded behind him. He told the crocodile that he could eat him up but before that he wanted just one time to see the crocodiles teeth so he asked him to open his mouth, the crocodile saw no harm in letting chintu see his teeth before eating him so he agreed. He was unaware that chintu was holding his umbrella behind his back in his hands, the minute the crocodile opened his mouth chintu swiftly put the umbrella between his jaws and got the jaws stuck open. Hurriedly he picked his bag and ran away leaving the crocodile with an open mouth, an empty stomach and helpless creature.
He dialed 911. Immediately cops arrived and arrested the crocodile.
It was a very smart crow. The students should follow its example.
amaan bakhsh
The crocodile was interested to see so many colourful things. Chintu poked his pencil in the crocodile's eyes. The crocodile closed his eyes and Chintu escaped.
Asghar Sabir
Dear Crow, as u r very wise so, put just two pieces of sponge in to water, and suck it.
He hit the crocodile right on his face and ran home.
He did that to trick the crocodile. The crocodile was planning to eat it when Chintu Monkey retreated and emptied his schoolbag. He succeeded and the crocodile did not catch him, not to talk of eating him!
He succeeded and the crocodile didn't catch him. When the crocodile looked into the bag, he saw nothing.He had been tricked.
He told that his mother is much big and tastier than him. And if he leaves him he will bring his mother in front of the crocodile and let him eat his mother.The crocodile told the monkey that how he could believe him. Then he told that he will leave his bag with the crocodile and if he not come back the crocodile can take his bag.
Siddhant sunil ambawade
chintu ran from that place to get rid of the mighty crocodile.
Akshay Raveendran
As Chintu emptied his schoolbag, his pencil box fell onto the ground. It opened due to the force of the fall and its contents were spilled all over the place. The crocodile saw Chintu's rubber rolling towards him. But he didn't know that it was a rubber, he thought that it was a toffee which that monkey had hidden in that box. Chintu tried to grab the rubber before the crocodile (actually he was acting), but he failed. The crocodile snatched the rubber (or toffee) before Chintu. He said "Let me first eat your valuable toffee and then as a payment for this toffee I would give you a free journey to heaven". Saying this he put the rubber in his mouth and swallowed it. But the rubber only went halfway down his throat, so the crocodile tried to spit it out. But the rubber wouldn't come out or go in. The crocodile felt choked, he couldn't breath. He collapsed onto the ground. He begged to Chintu for saving his life. But Chintu stood where he was. The crocodile took its last breath and the next moment he was DEAD. Chintu had given his rubber to the crocodile and he didn't get "a free journey to heaven" as the crocodile told but he got something which was what he really wished for. HE HAD BECOME "THE HERO OF THE JUNGLE" AND ALSO "TO KILL A HEARTLESS CROCODILE".
Ameer Sohail
He did it because he thought that the crocodile would spare him if he gave it his lunchbox. He was surprised that the plan worked! He ran off to his mother and told her about his adventure. She scolded him and sent him off again with more food. But when he told this to his friends they were very proud of him and gave him the title 'Hero of the day'.
Chintu pulled out a rope from his pack and flung it onto a tree across the river. He jumped on the rope and swung across the river. The crocodile laughed and said, of course he'd run away and never try to defeat me. Suddenly Chintu swung back coming full tilt toward the crocodile and hit him straight in the chest. The crocodile went flying head over tail into the river. The crocodile took a moment to gather himself. He was flabbergasted that this young little monkey. He thought to charge at him, but was worried about what else the monkey may have in his pack.
mohaansh pranjal
Chintu thought for a while. Then he took out his shoe and hit the crocodile's face. Then he took his umbrella and poked his eyes out. Then he broke the its head with his water bottle and the crocodile died. He did it so quickly he didn't even breathe. Chintu walked to school happily.
mearavath vamsi
Chintu kept the bag because when the crocodile want to eat him he think that crocodile will eat the bag so that he can escape from crocodile can escape.
he broke the crocodile's head with his water bottle ,he kicked with his shoe and poke crocodile's eyes with his umbrella. when the crocodile was crying with pain he ran away. thus,the clever chintu succeeded in his plan
Chintu emptied his bag contents on the floor and found a polythene bag filled with fruits for his lunch.He threw it in the river far away and said to the crocodile,"Go catch that polythene bag,eat all the fruits in that and bring back the empty bag back to me. Only then will I allow to you to eat me up." The crocodile said,"How can I trust you?You may run away while I go and eat the fruits." "See, crocodile,I am very hungry. That was my lunch but I am giving it to you. A hungry person can't get away so fast."Believing Chintu,he left him to his wife and went in the river where the bag had travelled far away.Chintu told his wife,"You see your husband has gone far away in the river and may not even come back. And if he comes back,he will have eaten all the fruits.Why don't you also go and have your share of fruit." His wife said,"That is a good idea. But how can I leave you alone?" chintu said,"BElieve me,a hungry person can't run away." The foolish wife ran in the river following the crocodile. Chintu packed his bag quickly and ran away to school. He shared his story at the school and everyone was proud of him.


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