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The Storm

Shyam was returning from his school as usual when he suddenly heard the wind howling and blowing at a high velocity. Soon it started pouring cats and dogs. He ran as fast as he could but tripped over a piece of rock and fell down. In his hurry to reach home fast, he had taken the shortcut route, which passed through the graveyard.
His mother's words came ringing loud in his ears. She had warned him about taking the shortcut. But it was now too late. Suddenly it was all-dark around and the heavy downpour didn't allow him to get a good view of the surroundings. He could now hear eerie sounds. He was terrified and was trembling with fear.
He remembered about the flashlight lying in his pocket. As soon as he switched it on, a huge dark figure plunged on him. He kicked it hard and it fell with a thud. He panicked and was at his wits end. He could not figure what to do.

Contributed by:
Sudeep Kurian
Bhavan's Public school, Baroda


Sujaya Chattopadhyay
He stood for a while in the stillness. He was wonderstruck. The figure said,"Ah,at last I have got a prey. Come,come I have not eaten for days. Shyam jumped out of his skin.The voice felt like the rustling leaves. With not a moment to waste he started running with his flashlight still on. He could hear thundering steps behind him. He made his way out of the graveyard and saw a ray of light beyond. He ran towards it. Panting and puffing he reached his home.His mother called out,"Is it you,Shyam?Why are u so late?" Miraculously this time he was not angry but relieved. Till today,Shyam looks at the direction of the graveyard and wonders what had happened.
It was a huge rock. And on it was written that whoever kicks it will have magic powers. But that was only a rumour which was written by mischievious boys. He knew that it was a rumour. After that the storm stopped and Shyam reached his home safely and now he knew the mystery of the graveyard.
Shyam was very afraid and nervous. When the intensity of wind was come down, he understood that the eerie sound may be due to the high velocity wind. But he was not confident, whether ghost or wind sound. As he was alone there in the graveyard, so his brain was not working and become puzzled. He had seen that his grandmother was coming to him, who loved Shyam so much when she was alive. Shyam was visualizing his grandmother’s presence and she asked him “why you have taken the shortcut? Shyam. You have done a silly mistake and you are paying for it. When shyam was realizing, that his grandmother had died few years a go and asked Grandmamma how you could be here? She told to shyam, that I was seeing that my shyam is in great trouble, so I am here to help you. Perhaps, you would not have been in trouble if you followed your mummy’s advice. After an hour, when rains stopped Shyam was not afraid, as farmers were visible at the field. Shyam then came to home and told her mummy that I am sorry “I could not able to keep your word”. Shyam also told that he had seen his grand mummy and saved him against wind & storm as he love loved her so much and she loved too. IPSITA MONDAL, DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, CLASS-I, DIGBOI,ASSAM-786171,INDIA.
then he was really scared but atlast his mother came and rescued him. he told the story that happened to him.
Anupriya Agrawal
Then he started running towards the gate. He could not see anything ,he realised he had lost his way. Rain was getting heavier and heavier and night seem to get more dark, he realised that he has made a mistake by not following his mother's advice. But it was too late to repent, lost all hope to escape , disdain and fearful he sat on a grave and started enchanting 'Hanumah Chalisa' which his mother had taught him. Suddenly the rain stopped and he saw the guard of the Graveyard, nearing towards him with a lamp. He jumped out of joy and ran towards him. He hugged the guard and asked him for help, guard was old and weak, he felt so touched with shyam's gesture, that he not only helped him out of the graveyard but also dropped him home. When Shyam reached home, he narrated all the incident to his mother and promised her that he will always follow her advice and will always offer regular prayers to God and thank him for being his Savior.
yes suddenly he lit his torch to that huge rock and found it was a rock and returned to his house safely.
prashant kashyap
It left the ant alone.
prashant kashyap
yes,a man passing through helped him to reach home.
Shyam didn't know what to do as he looked at what was this creature was he found that it was only a big boulder. shayam couldn't go to the graveyard nor could he wet his books so he took small steps towards a tree near by as he neared it the sounds seemed getting louder, he became really frightened but then he thought 'i surely must be dreaming and i don't want to wake up mom and feel that i was a scary cat nothing can happen to me in a dream' so he looked behind the tree to his surprise he found an old tape recorder there he said 'what a nasty trick i am going to find who's behind this' so he looked around that's when he found an old mine there as he neared it he heard voices 'what if we are caught ' said one voice 'no we won't, as it is there are rumors about this place and after people hears this noise they are sure to run away,so we are safe here nobody will find us with these stolen goods.' 'i have' said shyam'and i am going to report this' so he went and informed the police the men were caught and the goods were returned and shyam was rewarded. But his mother asked 'shyam how did you be so unafraid' 'I thought i was dreaming' said shyam with a grin.
When Shyam looked hard , he saw it was only a hard rock . Then he turned and went back the normal way . He reached safely home to his happy family .
Swathy T Nair
Shyam saw that figure was a ghost. And the ghost grabbed him by the collar and bit him. He suddenly woke up and realised that it was a dream. Shyam never went the shortcut way. And dear friends always listen to your elders and parents.
Priyanjali Bhattacharyya
"Ouch!!" the figure screamed. "Why did you do that for, Shyam?" As lightning flashed Shyam realised that it was his school friend Monu. He too had taken the shortcut and seeing Shyam, had come there. Shyam, happy to get a friend went along with him to their respective houses. And believe me - he was no ghost as many would think.
He was extremely scared. He kept his eyes closed and started murmuring a prayer. Then he heard a voice "Don't get scared I am the guardian of this graveyard." Shyam was relieved. The guardian said, "I'll leave you to your house" and then shyam reached his home safely. He now knew the secret of the graveyard.
He told,"I heard crocodiles sing before they eat." The crocodile started singing," Roar , I am the strongest crocodile ever" A hunter came there and Chintu ran away. The hunter shot the crocodile.


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