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Tinu's Wish

Tinu was walking by the seashore one day when he found a beautiful conch shell lying by a sand dune. His grandma had once told him that conch shells sometimes sounded like ocean waves. So he brought the shell up to his ears and listened carefully. He was amazed when instead of the waves, he heard a human voice. “You are a very lucky little boy,” said the voice from the conch shell. “The owner of this shell gets three wishes. Choose wisely.”
Tinu couldn’t believe his good luck. He was skipping along, dreaming of the wishes he would make, and the fun he would have making the wishes, when he caught sight of Mali, the orchard-keeper. Tinu had been in Mali’s bad books for many weeks now since he had stolen some mangoes from the orchard on different occasions. If Mali saw Tinu now, he was sure to get a good beating. In a panic, Tinu made his first wish. “I want to become a mango tree with huge brown branches and beautiful green leaves,” he told the conch shell.
Poof! The shell worked its magic. Tinu blended perfectly into his surroundings. He stood tall in the orchard, his boughs reaching up to the sky, laden with heavy ripe fruit. Mali passed by him, without giving him a second glance. Happy that he had managed to escape from Mali’s wrath, Tinu tried to reach out for his conch shell. He wanted to change his appearance and go back to being the naughty little boy that he was. To his dismay, he realized that he no longer had any hands and that he wouldn’t be able to pick up the shell. He also realized that he could no longer talk. How would he communicate to the conch shell that he wanted to be his own self again?


Tinu would drop the mangoes on the shell and shed his leaves so the Mali would cut him. So Tinu would fall down on the ground and spread his leaves and branches near the shell. Then he would again drop the mangoes on the shell. In irritation the shell would either shout or come nearer to Tinu. Then Tinu would make him realise that he has been the mango tree .
His mind was in a dilemma. He couldnt understand what he could do to return to his original form. Suddenly he felt as if he was falling down. When he blinked and opened his eyes,he saw that he was in his good old room dreaming and thus he was relieved.
He was stuck for ever as a mango tree.
He would move the leaves of the tree and indicate the conch shell to make him a human being. In this way he would communicate with the conch.
Jackie Davis
He now was in deep, deep trouble ! Now he could not make himself a normal old boy. This was when he had to remain a real big tree! ................
Tinu should keep on trying. If he has the conch in his hand, he can easily ask it for his second wish and that is he wants to be his own self again.
Asish Mahapatra
Tinu stood there not knowing what to do. Suddenly, he saw a boy, Nasim who could talk to trees. He knew Nasim could talk to the trees because he had often seen him talking to no one near trees. Then he would make noises and move as if understanding what other trees said. He would also spread information about why trees are important and what could be done to protect them. So, Tinu decided to talk to Nasim by moving his leaves. He said, "The conch you see is a magic one. I was trying to escape from trouble and so, I got turned into a tree. Then I realized that I couldn't speak. So, can you tell the conch to turn me back into Mali?" Nasim didn't believe what the tree said. So he asked, "What would you give to me if I turned you back into a boy?" The tree said, " I would give you the magic conch." Nasim seemed to have understood everything. He picked up the conch and told it to turn the tree into a boy. As soon as he was back as a boy, he thanked Nasim and gave him the conch. From then on, he decided to make good wishes if he ever had a chance again.
He could not talk to the shell that he wanted to be his own self again.
Ashwini Prakash
"Ummm....."thought Tinu,"What do I do?'" Tinu tried to cheer himself .He tried to think of his favorite song,Dola re dola. Soon a woodcutter passed by."Aha what a nice,kewl,tree!"he thought. Suddenly,Tinu the mango tree,became Tinu,the singing Mango tree."Lalalalalalalalala...shalalalalala!"it sang. The woodcutter said,"What! a singing tree.How I wish I had a son to sing like this for me." Now the magic conch thought that it was Tinu's voice and made him son of a woodcutter.After the tree turned into his son,the woodcutter,got frightned and ran away. Then Tinu wished that he could be his normal self and find his way back home. And so he did!
Suddenly Tinu saw his friend Ramu coming in the orchid.Immediately,he lowered one of his branch and wrote on the ground with the end of branch regarding his present status. He requested Ramu to pickup the conch and asked to change him back to a boy. Ramu was at first very puzzled but eventually did as written. Immediately Tinu was turned back into the little naughty boy he was.
K.G.Bharathi Devi
Tinu will be depressed and will realize his own fault in choosing the wishes. At that same time Mali will return once again and while passing through that way, he will see that shell and he will hear a human voice asking to choose three wishes. Mali will already have too much of grudge to punish Tinu and so he will wish to have Tinu before him. By that Tinu will once again get back his original body. Then Tinu will appear before Mali and will say what happened to him in choosing wishes foolishly. Atlast they will become friends and will request their remaining wishes to shell and will lead a happy life.
He should take it again and ask it
Tinu was a clever boy. He swung the branch of his tree and then acted as he was felled. The people there noticed the tree. They saw the shell was lying there and they wished, "The tree is very precious. We all wish it is back to normal." In an instant Tini came back to normal and was relieved.
Since Tinu had a good luck a man passing by looked at the conch shell. He thought it was something interesting, but when he picked it up he found a conch shell ; so he threw it beside him. The conch shell fell into the hole of the mango tree(Tinu).Without speeking aloud Tinu hoped to be a young boy again and IT WORKED! He looked down and saw his feet. He was slowly changing into a young boy. He picked up the conch shell in his hands again.
Since Tinu no longer had hands, he was quite worried. He then decided to look for the conch shell. He then found it in a gutter. He wanted it badly so he just picked it up without thinking. He wished that he would once again change into the old Tinu. He decided not to do this foolish thing again. He laughs whenever he thinks about his incident.
Tinu could do nothing about it now. He has his fate. But he has learnt a lesson
partha mahapatra
He was dreaming and suddenly he got up from the bed as his mom was pulling his ears.
He lived like that for his rest of his lives.
And he lived happily ever after.
Once a small boy was playing with one shell. He also got 3 wishes. First he asked for lots and lots of chocolates. Second he asked for a bag of gold. At last he told the shell to make the mango tree to become a boy. And that mango tree was Tinu. So, Tinu lived happily ever after.
Tinu (seriously)
He gets stuck there as punishment for being so naughty all these years. And blames Mali for it, so everytime Mali passes by, he drops a mango hard on his (Mali's) head. This is a lesson to all naughty little boys
Kong Foong Pang
Tinu will be depressed and will realize his own fault in choosing the wishes. At the same time Mali will return once again and while passing through the way, he will see that shell and he will hear a human voice asking to choose three wishes. How I wish I had a son to sing like this for me." Now the magic conch thought that it was Tinu's voice and made him son of a woodcutter. After the tree turned into his son, the woodcutter,got frightned and ran away. Immediately Tinu was turned back into the little naughty boy he was.
Tinu remained a tree for all his life .
Kaustubh & Kashmira
Mali passed by.He saw the shell and took it and threw it.It fell down at Tinu .The shell crashed and broke and thus the magic spell broke.


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