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Kekoo in Distress

Kekoo the squirrel was busy these days. He had to collect nuts and store them for the winter was to set in.
One day as usual he got up in the morning and set about his daily chores. He had to hurry up as he could not afford to waste even a day, since for the past two days it had started getting cold. So he had no more time to lose. If he worked hard for the next two days he would be able to save enough nuts to last him through the dark winter months.
He was jumping through the branches of the tree when he saw the sight! There was a tall and hefty man standing below the tree with something glinting in his hand and was looking up and down the tree and going round the tree feeling it.
Then he turned to another man standing behind him and said, "This is a good one. Tomorrow when we get this down, we will get loads of money".
That was when Kekoo realised they were woodcutters and what he saw in his hand was an axe and they were surveying the tree in which Kekoo had built his home.
Kekoo was in a distress. Winter was already setting in. How could he search for a new home at this crucial time? All his nuts were stored and how could he move it in such a short time! What could he do? Could he ask for help? or could he dissuade these woodcutters?


The next day Kekoo got up with a heavy heart but he had to do something fast in order to save his home. After some time the woodcutters came there and were just about to start their work. As one of them was about to hit the tree with the axe, Kekoo stopped him immediately and said "Sir, please do not cut this tree". The woodcutter replied "I have to. I have to earn a living or else my children will die hungry." Kekoo then remembered of the treasure which his forefathers had told him was buried just two foot away from the tree. He told him "There you will find a hidden treasure which should help you feed your family." The woodcutters found the buried treasure as per Kekoo's advice and thus left with it happily. Thus Kekoo saved his loving home and lived happily.
Kekoo was in such a hurry to collect all the nuts that he simply scurried down the tree and raced towards the woodcutter. "SIRS!" he shouted from the ground to the men, "DO NOT CUT DOWN THIS TREE!!!" The man suddenly turned around and gasped, "Who was That!!!!, Was that the tree's spirit???" Then Kekoo realised that he could not be seen from the ground, and he grinned to himself. "YES!!! THIS IS THE TREE"S SPIRIT! I AM DISGRACED TO HEAR THAT YOU ARE CUTTING ME DOWN FOR YOUR OWN SAKE! IT SEEMS THAT YOU HAVE NOT CARED ABOUT THE CREATURES THAT LIVE IN ME..." The woodcutters looked terrified, but they replied, "Of course we going to cut you down, but we never thought you would mind, nor did we know that the animals would mind either." "WELL I AM SORRY TO SAY THIS BUT I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO CUT ME DOWN!" Shouted Kekoo. "THINK OF ALL THE ANIMALS GATHERING FOOD FOR THE COMING WINTER AND ALL YOU DO IS DESTROY THEIR HARD WORK AND THEIR HOMES!" The woodcutters were so ashamed with themselves that they said they were very sorry, and drove awy. Kekoo Laughed and Laughed at his very clever idea, and told all the animals what he had done for them. They were all very proud and grateful to him. That winter, all the animals lived happily in their homes after that very narrow escape from losing their homes......
Ashwini Prakash
Kekoo did not know what to do. He went to his best friend,Shakira,for advice. Shakira was very distressed as she did not want to lose Kekoo,her best friend. Suddenly she hit upon a plan. "Kekoo,lets go to the nearest town and enter the Drama costume designers house through the window,or maybe the chimney,at midnight."said Shakira. "Are you nuts? We're supposed to be saving my house-not play pretend with silly costumes." "You'll see, you'll see" smiled Shakira That night they sneaked up to the costume designers house.They stole costumes of ghosts and propped it up the tree.That day,the woodcutters came and saw the costume.Keekoo was shaking it from above and hiding in the branches,was Shakira,making a ghostly rustle through the leaves.The couple had set up Coxhart the raven,to circle above the woodcuters in the sky cawing loudly. The old-fashioned,superstitious,woodcutters took it as a bad luck sign and went to chop another tree. All thanks to Shakira. And Keeko gave her a big hug!
The squirrel decides to fight fire with fire. He loads up his season supply of nuts with explosive sulphur match heads so when they come into contact with something, they explode. He gathered up some of his Squirrel friends and they prepare for the morning after. When the woodcutters came, they were shocked to find an army of squirrels shooting explosive nuts. The squirrels massacre the woodcutters and hang them up as decorative outdoor features.
Asish Mahapatra
Kekoo thought and thought for the whole night when suddenly, he had an excellent idea. He went to the bird king, the magestic eagle, Eglos. All of the herbivorous creatures were afraid of him. But he was also a really nice and kind bird. He listened to Kekoo's plan and was very impressed. So, he decided to help him. Next morning, when the hunters came all the crows started cawing. The woodcutters couldn't bear that horrible noise. So they went away never to be seen again. When everyone heard what Kekoo had done, they thanked him and gave him presents.
Rekha chander
Kekoo began to pray to god.She prayed the whole day.The next day when the wood cutters came they saw a tree bigger than the tree in which Kekoo was living. So they cut that tree and went home. Kekoo thanked god and lived in the same house for years together.


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