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Limmy saves Bobo

Limmy the lion cub was different from the others. He was a vegetarian! He hated meat. His mother tried her best to make him eat meat, but Limmy made such gagging sounds that his mother soon gave up.
Bobo the rabbit was limmy's close friend. One day Bobo called out to him, “Limmy, I have some juicy carrots for you!” Limmy’s mouth watered. Carrots were his favourite.
He looked around. Papa was fast asleep. Mamma had gone with his aunts to hunt food. Quietly, without making any sound, Limmy jumped over the hedge.
“Limmy, we've moved into our new burrow,” said Bobo, pointing to the freshly dug out burrow. “Wait a minute while I go inside and fetch you some yummy carrots.”
“Wow! Such juicy carrots! Where did you find them?” asked Limmy when Bobo came out with the carrots.
“Pop got them from a farm outside the forest. “
Limmy polished off the carrots. Bobo went in to get some more. Limmy sat outside smacking his lips when a familiar smell wafted through the air.
“It’s mom and the rest! They are on their way back home! Bobo, don’t come out! Remain inside!” he shouted into the burrow as he saw his mother and aunts return.
“Hey Limmy, what are you doing here?” asked one of his aunts, coming close to him.
“I smell rabbits!” cried another aunt, sniffing the ground near Bobo’s burrow.
“Limmy, a good thing you are here. Help us find rabbits,” said his mother.
“Rabbits? But there are no rabbits here!” said Limmy.
“Stop arguing Limmy! Just do what you’ve been told!” chided his mother.
Limmy’s heart beat fast. He prayed hard that Bobo would not come out of the burrow. And then...


He started to help them but when they were not looking, he would silently scrap mud and cover the burrow. Then he made another burrow leading straight to the Leopard's cave. Then he went back to his family and said, "Mum over here I found a rabbit hole". They climbed into the burrow and told Limmy to come too, but he said "I don't want violence". His family continued the journey. They soon reached the leopard's cave. Rabbit is not there! They thought that the Leopard took the rabbit, they had a fierce fight with him. They defeated the Leopard and demanded for the rabbit. The Leopard was surprised and told them, he didn't have any rabbit. But I had a bull. They shared it and the Lion family went back home , their tummies quite full. Thus Limmy saved Bobo and also got his family a free meal.
At that time Limmy had an idea. He started loudly crying and said my leg! my leg!... His mother and aunt both were confused and thought about what to do. Both decided to take Limmy home. Thus Limmy saved his friend by using his brain.
Arnav Desai
Bobo did not come out. Even when the aunts were forcing Limo to find rabbbits, he didn't do it. When the aunts were looking somewhere else he quickly covered the burrow with the sand. The aunts thought there were no rabbits so they quickly walked away. Thus Bobo was saved.
He got an idea. He led his mum and aunt to the old burrow in which his friend Bobo used to live earlier. His mum and aunt hurried there and searched for over an hour. Disappointed they returned home. Clever Bobo had listened to Limmy and stayed inside his new home and so was saved.
pradeep kumar
They found the rabbit and ate it.
Rekha chander
When Limmy's mother and aunts were searching, Limmy quietly went to Bobo's burrow and sent Bobo to Nibbo the donkey's house. Limmy came back rushing and pretended to search. Atlast they did not find any rabbits.So Limmy's mother and aunt went back home.But limmy satyed and went to Nibbo's house and said to Bobo that bobo must stay in nibbo's house for two days. Bobo agreed. So limmy went to his cave happily because bobo was not eaten.
Chua Khang Hui
They found the rabbits and ate it.


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