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Crocodile Tears

Two goats were drinking at a river. A crocodile crept up, seized one of them and dragged it down into the river.
After it had eaten the goat the crocodile came up on shore and big tears began to run down the side of its face.
"Yes, cry!" said a camel who had seen what had happened. "What's the use of shedding tears now? You've already eaten the poor creature!


The crocodile said- "After eating any beings, I begin to cry and not only me, all crocodiles cry after they eat the beings."
The crocodile wasn't crying. It was just water coming out from his mouth. The camel had an eye problem and thought it was coming from the crocodile's eyes.
The crocodile told the camel that it was crying because he would have eaten the camel if he was there earlier instead of eating the goat as the camel could have been a much tastier food than the goat.
"Isnt it better late than never", said the crocodile.
"I am so sad I ate one and left the other one to mourn the one I ate" replied the Crocodile.
The Crocodile was crying because the animal had given him a belly-ache.
"I feel so bad," Said the crocodile. "What can I do to take it back?" The camel stepped closer to the crocodile to talk to it, and the crocodile stopped crying. In a second the crocodile had dragged the camel down into the river, and eaten him too. The moral of this story: Never smile at a crocodile.
The crocodile was not actually crying. The goat which the crocodile ate had been drinking water and therefore water was coming out of the side of the crocodile's face.
The crocodile responded as he cried even harder, "You should feel sorry for me because the goat is now puncturing my stomach with his horns".
The crocodile said I am not crying that is water and now I will eat you and he chased the camel happily ever after.
I wanted to eat both goats! These are crocodile tears, silly camel!
The crocodile cried out, "I have a bad stomach ache now and I feel like my belly is going pop. Maybe I shouldn't have eaten him". The other goat said, " That's what you get you big mean croc." " I'm so sorry" said the croc. "I promise I'll never eat another goat again"
The crocodile said," Who are you to bother about me?" The crocodile was crying because he wanted some more food.
"I know, I know," weeped the crocodile. "I shouldn't have eaten the poor creature so greedily. Now I will have to repay his friend with a good deed." So the crocodile repaid the other goat by finding a great amount of luscious grass situated on the other bank of the river. The goat was very surprised and thanked the crocodile for his thoughtful deed.
The crocodile shedding its usual crocodile tears said, " A princess from the ocean kingdom took the goat away from me. The ocean Kingdom is very lovely and there are plenty of grass there for it to eat. The princess is very fond of the goat. But the goat is very sad as its mate is not there. Neither the goat nor the princess are eating any food. The Ocean king has sent me to fetch the other goat. I am crying looking at the condition of the princess and the goat. Could you tell me camel, looking with your long neck, where the other goat is?"
The crocodile replied: "I am not crying. I am trying to digest the goat." When the crocodile opens its mouth wide to swallow its prey, tears roll down its eyes because of pressure. It seems as if the crocodile is crying.
And the crocodile replied: "I am not crying. I am trying to digest the goat." A tiger came along and asked him:"Aren't you ashamed of your behaviour?". "No." answered the crocodile and pulled the tiger into the river. The crocodile swallowed him in a minute.
But the crocodile was still hungry. So he ate a young tiger who was standing near the river
Payosha Shah
The crocodile said that it is a fact that all crocodiles shed water-droplets which look like tears after they eat anything. So when human beings shed wrong tears, those tears are called crocodile tears.
The crocodile also ate the camel who had seen what he did. After that he went back to the water and swam away with his stomach full of animals.
ashish rawool
The crocodile was not crying really. He wanted to eat the camel also. When the camel came closer to him he immediately caught his leg and ate him and the remaining prey was eaten by other crocodiles. Moral-Never come closer to a evil shadow.
The crocodile wasn't crying. He wanted to eat the camel also. When the camel came near him he immediately chased his leg and the remaining prey was eaten by other crocodiles.
ammar tanhan
The crocodile wasn't really crying. It was just because the bones were stuck in his throat.
The tiger approached the river by the swamp land, drank from it, and washed his muddy coat, proclaiming the river to be his territory. The dozing crocodile protested by whipping his massive tail and striking the haughty beast, then slipped into the water. “Why don’t you come ashore and fight like me?” the tiger roared in anger. The crocodile replied, “Why don’t you come in here and fight like me?” The tiger jumped into the river and attacked the crocodile. He could hardly keep his head afloat. The crocodile circled the swimmer and snapping his large jaws, pulled the tiger under the water to drown him. Frantically, the tiger struggled to get his head above water, and roared, “Stop, stop pulling me down. Let’s call our battle a draw. From this day on, I proclaim you King of the River.” But it was a bit of too late for him bacause crocodile has already opened his mouth and swallowed him. Now he wasn t hungry anymore and he swam away with a big belly.
Party Gal
"How dare you pass judgement on me Camel," said the crocodile. And with one foul swoop the crocodile grabbed the camel and ate him as well!
The crocodile says,"It is not I who am crying. It is the goat that is crying."
A tiger went to fight the crocodile but the crocodile easily took the tiger by the neck and put him in a roasting pan and stuffed the tiger put the tiger in the oven and roasted him and had a nice meal of roast tiger meat for days.
An angry tiger came along and wanted to punish the crocodile but after 5 minutes of fight he realised that he isn't strong enough to beat him and he was eaten whole by the crocodile.
The camel approched the crying croc intending to comfort him, as he thought the crocodile had realised his mistake. "I am not crying for the goat" hissed the crocodile. "Did you not know that all crocodiles shed tears after eating a creature. So that other animals take pity on him and come to him. That is when the crocodile strikes and obtains a second meal". With that the crocodile leapt out at the camel and ate him.
The camel approched the crying crocodile intending to comfort him. "I am not crying for the goat" hissed the crocodile. "Did you not know that all crocodiles cry after eating a creature. So that other animals take pity on him and come to him. That is when the crocodile strikes and obtains a second meal." With that the crocodile leapt out of the water and gulped down the camel as quickly as ever.
The crocodile replied, "That's just to keep my eyes moist, dumbo! Haven't you ever heard of your eyes watering? Now go away or I'll eat you too!"
"I am crying because I am still hungry" said the crocodile. " What?" asked the camel and went closer. " I'M STILL HUNGRY" he roared and ate the camel in a single gulp.
Crocodile said "I ate only one. I was not lucky to eat another one."
Rekha chander
The crocodile was crying because the goat which the crocodile had eaten was poisonous.The goat had eaten some poisonous leaves.The crocodile knew that it would die in few seconds and it died. The camel laughed and went away as it was the one who gave the poisonous leaves to the goat.
Thomas Ip
The Crocodile was crying because it felt sorry for the goat which he ate.
The crocodile was crying because god saw the crocodile eat the goats and told him that "I will not bless you any more." So it was afraid that it would die and cried after eating the goat.
The crocodile wants to keep fit because it ate a lot.
The Crocodile was crying as he felt regretful after eating the goat.
Candy Mak
The crocodile was crying because the goat was very nasty.
The crocodile said,"I am crying because the goat had drank too much of water. And I want the water go out of my body."
When the crocodile saw the hunter ,the crocodile was very frightened of the hunter ,so the crocodile shedding tears.
Maggie Chan
The crocodile said," I ate this delicious goat without cooking. I could have eaten a fried goat if I wouldn't have eaten it. What a shame! "
The crocodile was crying because when he was swallowing the goat, the goat's horns hurted the crocodile's throat.
The crocodile was crying because the two goats were crocodile's sons.
Wing Ng
"I am so sad and I will never ever eat meat again",replied the Crocodile.
Mandy Chow
The crocodile was crying because it found that the goat had bird-flu.
rainie hau
"The goat tasted bad," said the crocodile.
tiffany cheung
The crocodile said,"I want to eat more tastier goat."
Maggie Cheung
The crocodile was crying because the goat was very dirty.
Mandy Chow
The crocodile was crying because the goat tasted very bad.
The crocodile ate too much and had a really bad stomach ache. His belly was sticking out.
Crocodile's mother said to eat only vegetarian food but he couldn't resist his temptation. Hence he was crying now.
I must look for food to eat. Though being a crocodlie my heart can't take it, so I can't stop myself from crying.
The crocodile said ,"Dear camel I am crying because the poor goat was not aware of me. These are tears of joy not of unhappiness. Now I am going to have another feast feeding on you." Saying this the crocodile pounced on the camel and killed him.
The crocodile is only pretending to cry because he wanted to distract other animals into thinking that he did not mean to eat the goat. However, he will eventually eat all animals he meet.
The crocodile was crying because he had promised his son that he will make him eat a goat . Before eating the goat he thought that he will eat one goat and he will give one goat to his son. But now the another goat had escaped.
Cyprian Monis SJ
Crocodile was repenting for what he had done!
" OH!! I am not crying I was just acting!", saying this, the crocodile ate up the camel too!!!
The crocodile said, "I am not crying. That is water and now I will eat you."
The crcodile pretended crying. The camel went towards the crocodile. The poor camel was eaten by the crocodile.
The crocodile was crying because he wanted to eat more goats.
Oh! I am sad because two goats are not sufficient for me. I need you too.
The crocodile said you just do your own work or I will eat you too.
sourabh yadav
The crocodile pretended to be crying as he wanted to eat the camel.
The water was coming from his eye because he had eye problem.
"I am crying because I am feeling sad. I did not ask the camel his last wish."


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