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Winter Without Snowman

It was winter in Happy Valley. The slopes of the surrounding hills were covered with snow. All the little kids would meet in the park and play with the snow. One day, they decided to make a snowman. The Bear Brothers rolled three huge balls of ice and set them up to form the feet, body and head of the snowman. Baby Rabbit contributed her favorite food, a carrot stick, to make the snowman’s nose. Little Raven got two shiny pebbles for the snowman’s eyes. Mini Monkey stole a colorful hat from the nearby village and stuck it on top of the snowman’s head. With the co-operation of all the junior denizens of Happy Valley, the snowman was soon a reality. The kids had a wonderful time playing with him.
Soon everyone decided that the snowman should be given a name. They could not, however, decide upon a suitable name. Everyone wanted to be the one responsible for christening the snowman. “I got the carrot stick without which the snowman wouldn’t have a nose. My contribution was the best of the lot. I should be allowed to name him,” claimed Baby Rabbit. “Without the twigs that I got, the snowman would have no arms. How ridiculous he would look then,” argued Kid Kingfisher. Soon the arguments turned into a huge row. Everyone decided that if they would not be given the right to name the creation, they would walk away with their contribution. So Mini Monkey ran away with the hat and Little Raven flew away with the pebbles. Soon the snowman was nothing more than a distant memory.
Days passed. Happy Valley seemed deserted and sad without the gleeful sounds of the little ones romping about in the park. The kids were beginning to get bored and lonely. The elders also began worrying. Who could they convince to make the first move toward reconciliation?


The parents built another snowman during the afternoon while the kids were sleeping.They stole the colourful hat and all the other things they used to make the snowman.Soon it was ready.And guess what name they kept?You're right,it was Snowy!
Isabelle Frehner
The parents of the children seemed more and more worried, so they decided to make their own Snowman family with lots of snowpeople in the park out of the remaining snow. So all the parents tried as hard as they could to create the Snow-Family, and after a few days, it was finished! All the parents called their children to see what they had done. The children were very happy to see the snow-family that everyones' parents had made, and they were able to name all of the Snow-People what they really wanted with out upsetting anyone else...
K.G. Bharathi Devi
As we know that monkeys will always climb from one tree to another, they are also known for changing their mentality from time to time. So, the monkey did not give importance for the problem that arose among the friends and went to everybody and requested them to play with him. Then each and everybody realised the loss of their happy times and they didn't want to continue this unhappy atmosphere. So, they all united and led a happy playful life.
The elders thought it was hightime they thought about something to bring the kids together. So they all met and devised a plan...the next day all the kids got a message(written on paper) each telling them that they was something in store for them at the park. They all rushed to see what it was because the previous days were so boring. All the kids seem to be heading towards the park. Each saw the other coming but none greeted the other. They all saw a note on two huge balls of snow placed one above the other written..."Dear kids,I now have no parts but that doesn't bother me. My heart aches to see Happy valley's kids so unhappy. If it is my name that brought about this condition I'd rather be without a name than to see you kids like's upto you kids now.. your unfinished snowman." That note melted the ice of those tender hearts. They got together and completed the snowman. It was a joyful day for the kids. Well,it is said that though he was cold to touch , but the snowman was called "Mr.Warmheart" guess who were the happiest---- the elders of course.
They could give each child a snowman telling that his friend has given it and has said sorry.In this way they would again become friends.
They can kill each other until there will be one kid left who will give him name of snowman.
sohini samaddar
All the parnets of the town were unhappy to see their children not talking to each other. So they decided to have a get-together party. At the party the children did not talk to each other. Their parents made them understand that what they all did to make the snowman was all important. Soon the children named the snowman snowy. This name suited them all and then they all became friends again.
Rekha chander
They kept a get-together where many games where there. So when they saw everybody they became friends again.
Bamboo Flute
The parents had no idea to let their childrens become friends again. The children also does not meet each other in the whole winter season. At the end, the winter passed away lonely and they could not make the snowman again .
The parents tried to make the kids friends again. But it was no use. So one winter the parents made a snowman. They told the kids and they met and became friends again.
rushi aggarwal
Mrs. Kind fairy would always clean the room .One day when Omni came from school she said to omni I am very sick can you clean the room please said Mrs.Kind fairy,so Omni said yes,sure I will.He started to clean the room and after cleaning the room,Mrs Kind fairy said you must be tired Omni come rest but omni said it was fun in doing that and I am not tired at all. From that day omni started to clean his room himself.


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