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The Three Little Crows

Ms Kauva lived with her three little fledgling crows in the tiny crook of a large mango tree. While she flew around the neighbourhood looking for food, her babies hopped and jumped among the branches of the leafy tree. Sometimes they even managed to practice their flying. The grassy garden below the tree, however, was off limits for the three brothers. The garden was home for a big tabby cat, and he loved eating tender juicy crow flesh.
The three little crows were usually obedient. One day, however, they decided to have a competition. Each crow would have to fly down to the garden, hop five steps to bait the hungry cat waiting below, and fly back up after outwitting him.
The youngest crow, Chotu, was elected to go first. Tabby cat pounced on him as soon as he landed, and tried to gobble him up. “I’m too little Mr. Tabby,” cried the little crow. “If you wait a while, my older brother, who is bigger and juicier, will fly down. Why don’t you eat him instead? The cat agreed and let baby crow go.
Now it was Majla Kauva’s turn. As soon as the cat jumped on him, he began arguing his case. “I may be bigger than my little brother, but I’m not as big as my older brother, who is the biggest and strongest amongst us. If you wait a little longer he will fly your way. I bet he would make a much tastier meal than I,” he pleaded. The cat considered his options, and let greed get the better of him. Majla Kauva flew back to the safety of the tree.
Finally it was the turn of Mota Kauva, the oldest sibling. Even before he could land on the grass below, the cat jumped up and gripped him hard. “You seem really yummy. I’m never going to let you go,” said the cat…


Mota said that he had seen a rat more bigger and juicier than him. So Tabby let him go!
Then the Mota kauva said "I am no better than my two younger brothers, my mother who can be your real prey will be coming down soon. You can have her for dinner." When their mother came she saw her elder son missing, she asked the brothers and the brothers told her that he was in trouble & then Mrs. kauva went down. As soon as the cat saw the mother he was distracted & left the crow. As soon as Mota kauva was set free he went back to the tree. And in the meantime mrs. kauva pecked the cat so much that the cat died & Mrs. kauva and her three sons had an easy escape
Then Mota Kauva said "Look there is a dog behind you". So, the cat turned around to look for the dog and crow flew back to the tree.
Asish Mahapatra
Mota pleaded to Tabby to let him go. When he realized that he wasn't going to let him go, he thought upon a plan. He said, "Tabby bhaia, I have seen a farmer's farmland where there are lots of mice and rats which are huge and the farmer has lots of trouble dealing with them." Tabby thought for a while and asked, "Will the farmer allow me to eat the mice and rats?" Mota replied, "Of course! He has a big problem about the pests." After hearing that Tabby let him go and said thanks because he won't have to search for food anymore.
Mota Kauva said to the cat , "Don't you know that we are birds and will be able to fly very soon. Then we would fly beyond this garden to the horizon where the Sun sets. We will get a chance to meet the Sun and tell all our woes to him". Kauva looked at the cat for some sign of mercy or weakness, but the cat would not take his lies seriously. "OK, OK. Let me tell you... Please let me go. We shall be friends". The cat listened with interest. The cat thought, "Cats and mice fight but remain friends. Why not cats and crows too? Let me see." "I will grow wings after some months, then I will fly and look for food. When I meet you, I will tell you where there are a lot of mice so that you too can have some food. More important, I will cry out if the dog comes behind you to pounce on you". The cat was impressed. They indeed became friends. The cat let Kauva go and they greeted whenever they met again. The crows lived in the same garden for ever, and they allowed the cat to sleep peacefully after he ate mice.
Siddesh Iyer
Mota Kauva told that her mother is the most juiciest. So Tabby freed Mota Kauva. When his mother arrived Tabby chased her but she was too quick for him and escaped. While Tabby was busy chasing Mota Kauva's mother, he too managed to escape.
Mota kauva said "My elder cousin has come, he will come next, he is very fat and big, please leave me" As soon as the cat heard this he became more greedy than ever. In his greediness he lost his cleverness and left the crow. The crow flew as fast as he could. Then the three crows and their mother lived happily ever after.
sohini samaddar
Mota told the cat that as he was the eldest crow and also the strongest. Saying that he pecked the tabby cat's nose with his strong beak very hard and flew away to his nest. From then, the tabby cat was never a trouble to the crows again.


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