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Swati Runs Away

"Swati, that's enough. Not a word from you now", Swati's mother was heard chastising her. As usual today too Mom was supporting her brother and she refused to see reason, after all it was Rahul who had started it all and now her mom was telling her to stop as if Rahul was not saying anything.
Swati had just had enough. It was always 'Swati, don't do this, Swati don't do that, Swati shut up. Swati don't argue and so on' Rahul was never reprimanded. Mama always supported Rahul. She didn't love her. Now Swati could not take it anymore. She decided to run away from home. She did not want to stay where she was not loved.
Swati waited till her mom had gone off on her noon nap and Rahul was busy in his room. She opened the door softly without making any noise and slipped out. She held her backpack safely as she had put all her pocket money in it. She would need it. She did not know where to go but she walked briskly to the bus-stand and once there she would decide which bus to take.
Swati decided to take the shortcut, as she was not likely to meet any known people there. As she entered the alley, she could sense someone behind her. She walked fast, and put some distance between them. But soon realised that the person was also gaining speed.
Swati looked around. The alley was deserted and it would take her atleast 10 minutes to get to the road. Swati panicked.


She then got to know that it was her brother who was following her. Then after coming home her mother loved her more than Rahul now and supported her.
She ran towards the road and screamed for help. The dacoits might be chasing her. Suddenly a person came and saved her. She thanked him and realised her mistake and went back home.
shivangi s rungta
Swati ran as fast as she could and went back home.
Then she decided to turn and fight the person bravely as she had learnt karate. So she turned to see who was it following her and was surprised to see it was her brother. He then asked her the reason for running away. She told him everything and he said he was sorry and would never fight with her and also told her that mother loves her so much that she scolds him secretly not to fight with her. So she came back home by the time mother panicked to find both of them missing. When Rahul told her what happened she said she loved her so much and never to do such a thing again. So Swathi said she was also sorry to do such a thing and would never do such a thing and also will never fight with her brother.
It was only Rahul. He wanted to find out why she was running out of the house.
murali krishna
I think so that Swati realised that she cannot live without her parents and so she returned home. The one following her may be an angel sent to teach a lesson to her.
Ruchika Hiranandani
Swati then realised it was a monkey who was following her with a piece of paper! He had found the piece of paper on the road she took it and read it CHILDREN KIDNAPPERS HAVE ESCAPED FROM JAIL She panicked and quickly ran home. To her relief her mother was still asleep and her brother was still in his room. So no one else knows about Swati's adventure other than you and me.
Ashly James
What to do now? She could not find a clear-cut answer to the quiestion as she woried verymuch. Is it a thief following me to take away whatever I have got? Is it a kidnapper following me to carry away me and get a huge amount from my parents? Is it a murderer who enjoys killing others? Is it a rapist who always dream of raping the children? Though questions started to grow more and more in her little mind, she did not have the courage to turn back and look. Though she tried to keep her speed she slowly realised that she is no more capable of moving forward. Yes, the person following has reached near by. It is now a fraction of seconds, he will hold her and what more will happen... No idea!!! Yes , what has been awaited has happened... Someones hands caught her together and she collapsed. Later when she got to her sense, she saw her mother near by. Then she realised the fact that it was her mother who followed her. She cried loudly and kissed mother.
It was her aunt.
But then thought that she had to face it she courageously turned back and saw who it was. To her shock it was Sara Aunty her neighbour who was following to know where was the girl going at this time? And when Sara Aunty asked her where was she going and on what reason, Swati cried bitterly and said what all happened. Consoling her her aunt said that what she was doing is a wrong thing. But Swati didn't listen to her and didn't wanted to go home. Then aunty thought of a plan and whispered into Swati's ear and took her to her home. As Swati and her Aunty reached Sara Aunty's house, Aunty went to Swati's house and without anyone getting doubt on her she asked Swati's mother where is Swati.Then her mother searched for Swati but she couldn't find her. She worriedly comes back replies that she didn't find her. Then her neighbour says that she is in her house and explains her the reason why she has come to their house. Swati's mother thanks her and asks her to call Swati. When Swati comes back her mother says sorry and promises that she will never be partial. Swati smiles and forgives her mother.
aakarsh reddy
It was Rahul who was behind her who was trying to find where she was going. Swati told him the reason why she was running away from the house and started crying. Then rahul took her home and told mother about the incident which took place in her absence. Swati 's mother was sad because she was rude to her and she promised that she will never be rude to her and loved both of them and lived happily everafter.
I think this person is her father.
Clara Chong Rui En
Swati ran like mad and got to the road safely,only to see a truck speeding towards her.BAM! The next day, Swati's mother found a note on the sill and it read:"Mama,goodbye forever." Then Mother saw some grieving people carrying a person's body. Mother asked who died and they replied,"Swati......"
It was rahul. He was playing and thought it was a person to play a prank on as he was naughty and thought the girl was familiar.
Looi Shu Wei
While Tomy was jumping on trunk, the trunk could not afford the weight of Tomy and he fell into the water.


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