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The Vanishing Trick

Sameer had gone to Matheran with Paul, his pen pal, who had come from England to spend the summer holidays with him. The two boys rode on horseback all morning and spent the afternoon swimming in the hotel’s pool.
The hotel had arranged a special magic show for the guests that evening. Sameer and Paul sat right in the front hoping to catch the magician at his trick but didn’t realize that it would make them the focus of the magician’s attention.
“What a fine ring you have son, will you give it to me?” said Pyarelal, the magician to Sameer. Sameer promptly took it out from his finger and gave it to him.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, look at this magnificent ring. Now I am going to toss it down the mountain,” said Pyarelal. The audience gasped. Sameer looked worried.
“He hasn’t thrown it, he’s hidden it somewhere,” said Paul softly to reassure Sameer. But Pyarelal heard him.
“Your friend seems to be very sharp. He’s right. I’ve hidden the ring. Why don’t you come up here and help me find it?” Pyarelal said mockingly.
Sameer went up on the stage.
“Son, there’s a banana on your head,” said Pyarelal, picking up a banana from Sameer’s head. Everyone laughed.
“Here, eat it. It’s yours,” continued Pyarelal. Sameer took a bite and spat it out as he felt something hard. To his astonishment, his ring rolled out on to the floor. No one could understand how the ring had got inside the banana.
Turning to Paul, Pyarelal said, “What’s your name, son?”
“Paul,” replied Paul.
“Ok, Paul” said Pyarelal, "Come up on stage”. Then turning his attention to the audience, he said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like you to meet my young friend Paul.”
Paul went up on the stage and Pyarelal began with a flourish of his wand, “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to show you my new vanishing trick. Watch my friend Paul here carefully while I count up to 5. 1….2…….”
At the count of 5, Paul …..


At the count of 5,Paul did not disappear,infact everyone present there could notice that Sameer's ring was in Paul's ring finger. The magician wished he could make Paul disappear,as Paul was intelligent and could make the audience feel that magicain is just fooling all of them. Then the show was over and everyone went home.
laiba javed
vanished.Everybody was surprised. All the people were thinking what happened. Then again paul came when pyaleral spelled something. Paul came back and went with his friend Sameer home. On the way Sameer asked Paul that where did he go so Paul said he was in a forest. At hearing this Sameer became surprised. So then sameer told Paul that there was only one forest in the village and said to Paul that if he wants to go he can take him there. Paul wanted to go. When they reached the forest Paul said it was the same forest he was in before. Now they both said this could only be done by a dead person. Sameer said''is that magician a dead person then?''Paul said ''Yes'' So they called the priest and said to send the magician back to his grave. When the priest spelled something they saw a smokey thing going down the grave. Paul and Sameer were happy to see that they had an adventure. Soon after that Paul had to leave for India.
At the count of 5, Paul really disapeared. Sameer went to the stage and started searching for Paul. But he was not able to find Paul and then his face turned red.......... blue.......He was really going mad. Suddenly Pyarelal asked " What are you trying to do?" Sameer shouted " What did you do to my Sameer? I will never forgive you nor forget you. I want my Sameer, I want my Sameer....... If you don't give my Sameer, I will go to the Police. ". Pyarelal was scared and so he went back stage and brought Sameer. The spectators really enjoyed this show. This show was the First and last Magic show that Sameer and Paul had seen.
flourished his wand and Paul fell down on his knees laughing hysterically.
disappeared. Sameer got worried but the magician called him to find his friend. As Sameer made his way up the stage and into the center he bumped into something "Hey Sameer watch out!" an invisible voice called to him "where are you Paul?" Sameer asked "Right by your side". Sameer wandered around and grabbed something soft it was a cloak and invisible cloak which was pulled away by Sameer and which then revealed Paul laughing.
He just vanished and was found in Pyarelal's sleeves
At the count of five he really did not dissapear, with the help of the lights he just put a shutter and pretended as if he had vanished Paul. Then again with the help of lights he took off the shutter and brought him back.
Pranav Agarwal
Paul vanished!!! The audience couldn't believe it. "That was great.” said one of the audience. "But I cannot get him back." Pyarelal suddenly said. "Why not?" asked Sameer. "Because I do not know how to" The audience broke into loud whispers. "Cheat" someone shouted. When suddenly Pyarelal started laughing. Everyone was startled. He said “Bringing him back is no great problem.”And with a wave of a wand Paul appeared again, walked down and sat comfortably while Pyarelal continued with his show.
had lost his legs! He was floating in thin air! Everyone gapped and Sameer ran up on the stage and froze in astonishment. Pyarelal smiled and Paul chuckled. "Young man" Pyarelal said to Sameer " Would you like to join Paul?" Sameer ran out of the room in a state of shock. The audience started chanting "Put him back. Put him back!" Pyrarelal nodded and proceeded. He flashed a cloth over Pauls missing legs and... Pauls legs reappered. "Thank you!" Paul yelled as he ran after Sameer. Sameer was huffing and puffing right outside the door. He turned and saw Paul and relieved he hugged him and asked "Are you okay! How'd he do that??" Paul smiled and simply said "Magic."
It was a real trick and he was a great magician.
Isha Puthran
At the count of five the lights went off for a few seconds and Paul vanished, but actually he was hidden by the magician below the false concealed flooring taking advantage of the darkness. After some time he reappeared after the lights went off again for few seconds.
When kaku dived in the water, he drowned and died.
After that, jackal thought of a plan to escape when lion was checking their tails.


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