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Sheru Is Lost

Sheru the lion cub was turning 11 months old. He was still quite small and was teased by other cubs- "Make way for Sheru, the mighty one", they would tease him about his size. His mother would always make him understand that it was just a matter of some more months and he too would become big like them. But no matter what she said Sheru would always be sad.
One day as usual he was relaxing near the water-hole when they ganged up on him and started teasing him- "Look at the mighty one",said someone, the other said, "Dont look like that at me, I'm scared, ha ha ha", while another one said, "Will you come hunting with me tomorrow? I will feel more safe".
Sheru could not take it anymore and he ran away from them. He kept running till he could not hear their laugh anymore. And then he sat down to catch his breath. Later when he looked around, he was alarmed. He did not know this place. It all seemed so strange. There were not many trees around. It was an open space which he had never seen before and when he looked around, he couldn't even make out from where he had come. He realised that he was lost. Suddenly he heard some noise. He turned around to see and...


When Sheru looked around he saw another small lion. They were about the same size. The new lion said scared "Hi um..I'm Darla. Are you lost?"Sheru answered "Hi Darla I'm Sheru and yes I'm lost and scared too" "Well Sheru I'm lost too I ran away from those mean lions. They were picking on me." "I know how you feel Darla, I ran away 'cause they were picking on me too." Darla then said "Well maybe if we talk a little we won't be so scared and somebody will find us." Sheru answered" That's a good idea Darla!" While the two small lions were talking everyone was looking for Sheru and Darla. All the kids that picked on them were regretting it and wanted them back safely in their homes. Months passed and the search continued. By this time Sheru and Darla were grown and bigger like the other animals. They grew to love each other and were like Simba and Nala. Anyway Sheru and Darla found a safe village and stayed there for a few more months. Thinking that they should head home the two fled off to their homes. When all their friends saw them they were happy sad and shocked. Shocked at how they've grown. Later during a big celebration Sheru and Darla announced they were going to get married. Years later the two lions got married and had 2 kids. The two kids were just like Sheru and Darla when they were young. And the story continues like that still today the smaller lions get picked on by the bigger ones. So why did you think that the lions are so protective of their cubs?? So they don't run away because they were getting picked on. They all lived happily ever after.
Sheru saw his mother behind him. He was happy to hear that his mother saw him running away and followed him. Then his mother said that "one day you will also become big and will be a king. But you have to wait for another few months." Thus he over came his complex by his mother's words and one day he became a great lion ruling the forest.
What Sheru saw was the image he was dreaming about while He was running away, and that was a energetic young adult lion. He chuckled within himself that a dream character could transform his vision. He decided to be brave hereafter and for all occasions. He realised his mother was correct and he need not be afraid unnecessarily. He said let me see what next?
There was a strange animal standing straight on his hind limbs. He was much taller than Sheru and had a long white beard but did not look much stronger. His eyes had a soothing calmness and as he petted Sheru, he could feel safe and secure around him. Ever since then, Sheru lived with the old 'man' and followed him everywhere. He ate the fruits the old man offered him and grew stronger and larger. Somehow, the old man had managed to pass off the kindness of his heart to Sheru and he never killed even a small animal until he was 'really' hungry and then too he tried to avoid being seen by his old master ravishing flesh and blood. Gradually, Sheru became one of the healthiest and most fearsome of lions but size didn't matter to him anymore until the day, he had to fight off some 'robbers' who attacked his master to snatch away a shiny stone from him. However, he could not save his master and was wounded by a bullet too! Poor Sheru, he had no one to look after him. Hungry, tired and wounded he wandered for long until he reached the area that he remembered foggily. There he lost his consciousness. His friends and mother came to see a young lion almost dying and nursed him back. They were much amazed to know that he was no other than 'Sheru'. What a happy day it was for everybody! Sheru was back and now he could tease his friends for their small sizes and weak bodies...but that was all in good humor, of course!
....there appeared a druid, with a long, free flowing white beard, who was dressed in a white robe and carried a small vial of some liquid in his hand! Sheru started to run away from there, but the druid stopped him and asked him to try and remember where Sheru had seen him before..and suddenly Sheru remembered that it was the druid from the Asterix and Obelix comics that his mother used to give him to read at night! The druid went on to hand the vial to Sheru and taught him the secret of making the magic potion that would make Sheru strong and incredible like the hulk whenever needed! Sheru went back to his neighbourhood and with the help of the magic potion, began to dominate proceedings and was soon crowned "youngest king of the jungle" Sheru is even now, as we speak, on the lookout for a suitable female lioness who can match his new found powers and who can bear him a strong son, to who he could pass on the secret of the magic potion. Sheru has also changed his name to "Shaq O Neil - the fierce one" after the effects of the magic potion!!!
Nivedita viswanathan
It would be the animals who were teasing him. He ran.
He became big found out the way and went back to his pride.
Sheru saw a mouse busy eating a piece of nut. Sheru was amazed to see with what speed he was biting into the nut. Sheru thought, 'when this small creature can survive in this huge world, why can't I? ' He thought to himself, my mother was right one will survive in this huge world & make way for one self, only I will have to be strong enough. I will be able to find my way in this dense forest, so will I pave my way in this world & succeed. Sheru started to walk with his head high, ample of will power, and ultimately he could find his way.
He turned around to see and there was a huge elephant, Jumbo. He was scared to see the huge Jumbo. He built on courage and slowly walked towards him. He began to tell him how the animals teased him and lost the way. Jumbo took pity on him, consoled him that he would be the future king of the forest. He guided him safely to his mother.
He saw a wolf & deer nearby & they started running with fear as they saw him. He realized that even if he was small, he was feared by other animals, which gave him a lot of confidence. With new confident look, he came back to his original place & when his other mate cubs saw him they saw a totally transformed cub.
supriya saxena
It was his mother who had come to tell him about a party
It was his mother who had come to tell him about a party
He saw his mother and was happy that he can go back home
When sheru turned back he saw a saint calling him. Then the saint asked are you lost in the calibar forest. This is a dangerous place. Sheru asked how can I get out of here. The saint said be courageous and brave. Ok thanks said sheru. Again the saint asked why you seem so sad. Sheru said my friends always tease me. The saint said that is not atually true. Those cubs teased you because you were very good but they were bad. So thats why they teased you.
Rekha Chander
He saw a human. Sheru was very scared. The human took him home and gave him good food to eat.Then Sheru understood that he was really very lucky as he was given food to eat. After sometime Sheru grew big he went back to his forest. The other cubs who had teased him was now smaller in size than Sheru. They realised their mistake and apologised to Sheru. Sheru too forgave them and from that day onwards Sheru was known as the king of the jungle.
Suraj. S. K
It was his mother and father. They came to take Sheru back, but Sheru refused to go back home because the other lions would make fun of him. His mother hugged him and said,"Everybody are same. They are cubs just like you." Sheru was happy to hear this and he went back with his parents.
It was the other cubs. They were shouting, "Happy Birthday to you." It was Sheru's Birthday.He had forgotten about it .The other cubs appologised for teasing him. They were friends again.
Priyanjali Bhattacharyya
He saw Santa Claus! It was christmas time and it was snowing at the place. Santa asked him what he wanted, and he told him his desire. The Santa changed him to an adult lion and he went back proudly.


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