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The boy who was afraid of buns

A rowdy gang used to trouble the children of the neighbourhood every evening. The children were so afraid of the gang that they ran home or hid somewhere, whenever they saw the gang approach.
“Run, they are coming!” cried one of the children, seeing the gang coming.
“Monsters! They broke my cycle yesterday!” complained another.
“If they see me, they’ll take away my pocket money!”
There was no one about when the gang reached the playground. And then all of a sudden, a little boy came running, shouting for help.
“Save me please! The bun man is coming and I’m afraid of buns!” he pleaded.
“Afraid of buns?!” said the gang in chorus.
“Yes, the sight of buns makes me faint!” said the boy.
“Heard that, guys?” said the leader of the gang. “Buns make him faint!”
Then turning to the boy, he said, “All right, we’ll protect you. Hide in that shed!”
“Thank you, thank you,” said the boy, gratefully.
Just as the little boy closed the door of the shed, they heard the bun man’s shrill cry, “ Buns! Hot buns!”
“Come on guys, let’s have some fun,” said the leader of the gang to the others. They bought a few buns from the man.
“Here are some buns for you, pal!” they shouted as they threw the buns, one by one into the shed.
“No, please! No, noooo!” screamed the boy.
The gang had never enjoyed themselves so much before.
And then suddenly the screams stopped.
“What’s happened?” asked the leader.
“Perhaps he has fainted….or died!” said one boy, a little afraid.
“Let’s go and see!”
They opened the shed door....


when they opened the door of the shed,they saw that the boy was lying on the ground . They thought that he had fainted but,in reality he had not fainted. The boy had played a trick to teach the gang a lesson. Suddenly a police who heard about this gang came to the shed and caught them. The boy got up and said "I am not really fainted or dead." "It was just a trick.' The police informed the boy's parents and the boy got his reward. The gang was put in the prison.
They opened the shed door and to everyone's surprise the boy sat there happily eating all the buns. The boy had his mouth full with buns and so was unable to even talk. The gang members realised that the boy had made fun of them and was eating the buns at their expense. They ran after him, but the boy was faster and he ran away taking along all the buns. And the gang members stood there thinking about the fact that a little boy had made a fool of them.
When they opened the shed to see the little boy he had already ran out from the other side. Seeing this the gang kind of felt bad.
The boy fooled the gang, by giving wrong information. And when the gang threw the buns, he took it and enjoyed it.
They slowly opened the door. They thought that the boy would have fainted. But were surprised. Inside the shed the boy and his friends were enjoying the hot buns.
The boy had fallen unconscious. The rowdy gang took the boy to the hospital. The rowdy gang felt sorry. The little boy forgave them and warned them not to do it again. This incident made the gang turn into good people. Thus a small incident changes a bad gang into a good gang.
They saw that the boy had escaped from them acting as he was scared of buns. Thus the rowdy gang were fooled by the boy.
The boy had fainted inside the shed.But the boy was acting to make fool of them. When the gang came near the boy, the boy got up suddenly he took a strong stick that was near him and he bet all of them till they fell down. Then the boy and the other childern called the police and got them arrested.The children played happily ever after.
When they opened the door they saw that the boy was not there in the shed. They then started searching for the boy. The boy came out of his hiding place and before coming out he applied some glue on that place. He then kicked the gang who fell into the glue. Thus the gang was caught. The police rewarded the boy and appreciated his bravery.
Sriram T.R
They saw that the boy was eating the buns.
They found the little boy eating the buns! The little boy knew well of the gang and knew what they would do to him if they found out his weakness. So he played a little reverse pschology on them. He had tricked them into thinking he didnt like buns in order to get them to buy buns for him!
Actually the boy was only playing a trick on the gang. He pretended that he was afraid of buns and hid in the shed. When the gang threw the buns in the shed, he pretended to faint which made the gang get scared. It was then that one of friend of the boy who had come there threatened to call the police. The gang begged to the boy's friend to not to call the police. The friend agreed on one condition that the gang should stop bullying people. The gang immediately agreed and promised that they would never ever do it again. On hearing this, the boy in the shed got up and happily walked away with the buns.
Smruthi Balaji
...and saw the police standing there." One of the Police said ,"These people are trouble makers.Thank god! we caught them. Phew!Thank you boy." The Other told the boy,""Ha!Ha!Lets call you Bun boy!". And the Bun Boy got a reward of Rs. 50,0000/-
Adrian Chepra
They saw the police. They caught the bad guys. At last the boy got the reward.
They saw that the boy was not there. Then some of the children called the police. The police came and started searching for the boy. At last, they found the boy at the other side of the shed eating buns.
Vikas B.M.
The gang saw the boy grinning quietly .He also was eating the buns happily.He stood up and told "Ha ha ha.I made a fool of you.I pity you. I actually like buns very much. I made you all waste your money for scaring me but instead you all made me enjoy.Thank you very much". So saying , he ran off before the gang could understand what he said.
Apuroopa Vesangi
The boy was not there! After a while, the gang realised that he had tricked them so that he could get the buns. The gang decided to catch the boy. They followed the boy's footsteps and reached the place where he lived. They saw that he lived in an one room shack with six brothers and sisters. The boy came out and apologized for tricking them. The sight of the poor family brought tears in the gang members eyes. They decided to turn into a new leaf and visited the boy and gave him buns everyday.
vedant and siddhi
When they opened the door the little boy was enjoying eating the buns.
Rekha chander
The boy saw that the buns did not harm him. So he stopped crying. He even thought of teaching a lesson to the rowdy gang. So he made a bun face with the bun. Then he hid behind the shed. When the rowdy gang opended the door he made a loud sound and said,"I am the bun ghost. I have eaten the boy and I am going to eat you now". When the rowdy gang heard it they ran as fast as they could and did not return to the area at all. Even the boy lost his fear and became the hero of that area.
Then he said he was fooling them.
Laxman replied that "This mirror is an magical mirror.It will show exact face during our death" King felt happy.After then he got confused and once again he asked that "why are crying so much for that?" Laxman replied that "I saw same face in mirror what I have now!"
Jesus Gonsalus
The rabbit, realising the danger his friends were in, ran to tell Ms. Fox. Back at the trap, the other animals were all blaming each other for getting caught. As they argued they didn't notice that Ms. Fox and Rabbit had come. Because Rabbit could run so fast, they got there before the hunters came. Then the Tiger used his sharp claws to break the hinges of the trap and snake slithered under the gap to open the cage. But, suddenly, some hunters came running, they had seen the caught animals! But then the nightingale sang so beautifuly that the hunters fell asleep. They all got away and learnt that instead of creating a divided community, each being too proud of their personal accomplishments, they could use these wondeful gifts to work together and be UNITED.
Tan Yulin
The boy was in the shed waiting for the gang to come in. Then the gang came in and saw the boy. The boy told them about a sad story of how bullying ends in trouble. From that day onwards, the gang had became everybody's friend including the boy who was their best friend ever. And so,the people there lived happily ever after.
The boy was lying on the ground. Then, he suddenly stood up. Shooting water at them with water guns. They screamed and started moving backwards. There and then, they fell. They were frightened of that kid and never want to come back.
The boy was standing there with a box of candies. After that those bad people took the box. They went home they never came back and they all lived happily ever after.


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