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Fight for Might

The sun and the moon were having a quarrel. Each one claimed to have powers mightier than the other. They decided to have a series of contests to decide which could justly claim to be the super power of the skies. In contest after contest, the sun outshone the moon. In the brightness contest, the sun's rays shone brighter than the moon's rays. When the sun stopped shining over some areas of the earth, trees began to die.
When it shone too brightly over other areas, trees, plants and other beings began to shrivel up and wilt. The moon was getting fed up with the sun's crazy antics. She had to find a way to prove she was equally good at her job.


Next it was the Moon's turn. The sun said to the moon, "Now see what would happen if I were not there." The moon said nothing but smiled. The moment the sun vanished, the whole earth fell into darkness. Children started crying. Buildings began to rock. The whole earth trembled with the sound of their cry. Parents tried all ways to stop them from crying, but failed. As a last resort, they came out of their houses. To their surprise they saw a faint dim light falling on everything. They looked up and saw the smiling round face of the moon. They could see the beautiful clouds moving across the sky. The whole atmosphere was soothing. The parents forgot why they came out. They forgot that their children were crying. They didn't hear a single child's cry. The dim moonlight, the clouds moving across the sky and the smiling face of the moon, what else is required to pacify a child? The children started smiling by looking at the smiling face of the moon! No explanation was needed for the sun to accept defeat.
prasun mishra
She could do nothing but surrender to the sun
She sent her mild light and it was cool everywhere. The children became happy. The people who were fed up by the sun's heat also heaved a sigh of relief. The sun was ashamed of it's strength and said "that moon is mightier than me".
The moon said that it was her turn. Then she slowly rose up in the sky and challenged the sun to a darkness contest. Whoever shone less wins. The sun tried and tried but everytime it went even the least bit darker the moon became darker too as the moon's light is a reflection of the sun's light


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