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Gunjan goes to school

Gunjan was going to be 10 years old. But she did not look forward to her birthday this year. She did not want to turn 10.
Gunjan still remembered the day her dad had lost his job. That night she had heard her parents were talking. They did not know she was awake. Her dad said, "Shanno, you must try and understand my position. I don't even have a job. How can we bear the expense of sending both of them to school. Gunjan's studies will have to be stopped if we have to send Girish to school. Anyways now it is time you taught Gunjan household work."
"But Gunjan is too small", protested her mother.
"She is going to be 10, and when she turns 10 she has to stop school. She has studied so far, that's enough. She has studied more than Salma or Paro, her friends."
Her mother tried to protest but her father was adamant that her brother had to study further so her studies had to be stopped. Her father refused to listen to her mother's arguments that Gunjan was better in studies than her brother.
Now in another 10 days was Gunjan's birthday and she was sure her father would take her out of school. Oh what could she do? She wanted to finish school and then go to the college in town too.
"God, please let my father find some work", she kept praying, but God seemed to have turned deaf. Her teacher too was upset when Gunjan told her the reason for her gloominess over the past month. She assured Gunjan that things would be alright but even while she said that she didn't personally believe that it would be.


So when Gunjan was returning home from school she saw that there was an old farmer calling for help and went down there herself and asked if she could be of any help and the farmer pleased to see her said yes. He wanted someone to help him carry the pot of water he was unable to carry because of his weak bones but Gunjan however young and active helped him carry the pot till his house but when they reached the house suddenly the old farmer turned into the god himself and said to Gunjan that she was a very kind and helpful girl and would give her one wish and she wished that her father got back his job so that she could go to school and her wish was granted. So both Gunjan and Gunjan's brother could go to school.
A few days before her birthday, her father saved an injured person and took him to hospital. The man became all right but could'nt work for a month. The manager of the office was happy with Gunjan's father and gave him a permanent job in the office. Thus, Gunjan could still go to school.
Once Gunjan turned 10 her Dad did take her out of school. But Gunjan did not lose hope. She kept herself up to date with the studies reading from her brotherís book. She always believed in the fact that in life you always get what you work for, this is the rule of nature. She believed in herself and kept at eye out for scholarship programs. Her brother however was not interested in studying; he used to spend most of his time playing and lazing around. He misused his liberties. Gunjanís parents seemed to overlook all his mistakes. After a while Gunjanís father found a job, but somehow he was unwilling to send Gunjan back to school as he thought he should save that money for Girishís college education and Gunjan seemed happy doing the house chores. 6 Months passed this way. One day Gunjanís Teacher stopped by to tell her that there was a scholarship program coming up in the school. Gunjan prepared herself very well and took her momís permission and attended the Scholarship Exam. She scored good points and was selected for the scholarship program and started attending school again. She worked very hard and got into a good college and graduated with very high grades. She also found a very good Job. On the other hand her brother got into bad company and quit college. Now Gunjan took care of her parents and her Dad learnt a valuable lesson never to underestimate anyoneís capabilities. And Gunjan proved to the world that hard work and determination can overcome any obstacles. God did listen to her prayers... But he works in mysterious ways.
supriya saxena
She earned money and studied in her father's absence.
Vrishanka Isloor.
On the day Gunjan turned 10, her dad got a good news of getting a new job. And so Gunjan could continue her studies and go to college also as she had wished.
One day while Gunjan was going home her friend says that her brother had recently won a lottery. So she thought let me also buy a lottery ticket and see if my luck favours. So on her Birthday she buys a lottery ticket. After a few days when she had totally forgotten about it a news comes in the news paper that a girl by name Gunjan has won a lottery and got a lot of money. Gunjan feels very shocked and happy. She gets a lot of money that is required for her higher studies. She thanks that God has not forgotten her.
The girl started to study in L.K.G
sitara murali
Her teacher helped her father to get a job and thus she could continue her studies.
On her birthday she saw a fairy who gave her 3 wishes. She wished that her father should get a good job , her studies should go on very well and her brothers studies should improve. Her 3 wishes were fulfilled and they lived on happily for ever.
swati nair
On the previous day of her birthday her father got a good job and Gunjan completed her studies and became a doctor.
Rekha chander
Gunjan did not go to school for 1 year. But on gunjan's eleventh birthday her father got a job in America. so he said to his wife that gunjan must study in school. Now that her a year has been wasted. Now I will go to America while you all be here. That day was the most happiest day in Gunjan's life. So Gunjan went to school happily.
sneha agarwal
Just one day before her birthday, her family recieved the news that her father had won the first prize in an essay writing competition and the reward for it was 5 million dollars. So neither Gunjan nor her brother had to leave their studies and their father also got a good job and they lived happily ever after.
Gunjan didn't lose hope. With the help of her favorite teacher she was able to learn all the main concepts of all subjects and then she wrote an examination worth 8 lakhs. The result of her hardwork led her to the 8 lakhs and she completed her studies.
Spandana Ravada
The day Gunjan turned ten her father came to pick her up. On that day her last class was social studies. Her teacher Mrs.Patel was absent. She asked the other teachers why Mrs.Patel did'nt come to school. The teachers told her that Mrs.Patel had met with an accident. Gunjan was unhappy because Mrs.Patel was her favourite teacher. She got an idea she could ask her teachers if her father could teach. The teachers thought and said he could teach as the kids could learn something while Mrs.Patel recovered. Then her father earned enough money to send both of them to school , she continued her studies and earned a PhD.
Girish Gunjan
I liked the version provided by "jjeanie". Never lose hope, however being both Girish and Gunjan (male) I have learnt that at no point, wishful thinking will never help. I believe in trying, and I try, I always try to achieve success, it's another story that I achieve success or not, but, I tried at least.
Next morning when Gunjan turned 10 her father got a phone call for the interview. Her father got ready and left for the interview hurriedly. When Gunjan asked her mother that where her father had gone, her mother didn't tell her. She was waiting for her father very much. In the evening her father came home with a cake and a surprise that he has got a good job and Gunjan could continue her studies further. This news made Gunjan very happy and this was her best birthday gift.
By praying now and then one day god listened to Gunjan's wish. Her father was called for an interview and he was selected. Now Gunjan was very happy that she can study more and it was the best gift for her birthday.
Krishna Barot
Gunjan decied to earn some money for herself and for her family. She drew pictures and sold them on the roadside. She earned Rs.700/- in one day. Then she went home and drew more and more pictures. By nightfall, she drew over 50 pictures. When her mother asked why she was drawing so many pictures, Gunjan told her mom that she was doing them just for fun. She did not want her mom to know about it. The next day, she again went to the roadside and sold all of her pictures and earned Rs.5000/- By the end of the month, Gunjan earned 5 lakh rupees. She spent 1 lakh rupees to complete her whole school and the rest of the money for her family. when her family got to know about this, they were all elated. Gunjan's family became rich and renowned for their generosity.
She herself taught small children and made money. With that money she went to school.
akshay kumar
When gunjan returned home she heard her father saying to her mother that he had found a job. Next day when she went back to school her teacher was surprised and happy to see her back to school. ALWAYS BE HAPPY.


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