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The Farmer And The Donkey

Once upon a time there was a farmer. He was very hardworking. He had an ox, a horse and a donkey who served him.
One day the ox told the farmer, "Master, you have a tractor now and you don't need me for ploughing. Please let me go so I can spend my last days in the forest."
The farmer let him go.
Then the horse said to him: "You don't need me either, master. You have a car now. Please let me go with the ox."
The farmer gave him permission to go.
Seeing the ox and horse go back to the forest, the donkey too wanted to go. But did not know what to tell the farmer. Suddenly the donkey got an idea.


Anupriya Agrawal
The donkey came to his master and said, "If ox goes then you will have to plough with the tractor, and when horse goes you will have to drive the car, so when all the burden has to be carried by you then you dont need me as well, so let me also go." The master was so astonished and impressed with donkey's smart comments, that he freed all the three.
Muhammad Raza
She saw a thief who was trying to steal the expensive things in the house. She didn't utter a word and went slowly to the Phone and called the police. When the police came they caught the thief and then appreciated her for her bravery MORAL: Be brave and solve the things with intelligence.
The donkey said,"Master now you that have a cart. Please let me go with the ox and horse."
Donkey was very afraid and thought that he will not ask the farmer to allow him to go to the forest as he worked very hard. Suddenly the donkey got an idea. He went to his Master and told him that master you have to do the same job as you have to arrange for grass and food for me only. Master, you can carry luggage with tractor and car easily. So it will be headache for you if you keep me. Please let me go to the forest with the Ox and Horse. The master thought for a while and let the donkey to go to the forest.
The donkey said,"Master can I please go with the horse and ox, I am so lonely but I will come back and see you often." The farmer said,"It is only fair to let you go but do promise me you will come back tommrow." "I will", said the donkey. And so he did and he was happy as he could be.
The donkey said to the farmer : "You have a car and a tractor to carry load now, so you don't need an old donkey like me, so let me go with the Ox and the Horse." The farmer said, "I can let you go but you will be eaten alive by the wild animals in the jungle." Donkey said he will try to make a friend, who is strong, on the way. The farmer told him about a friend who had a place for a donkey on his barn and if the donkey wished to go there. The donkey was too lazy to be wanting to work and stayed with the same farmer.
The donkey said to him: "Master you can buy a truck, please let me go with them." But the farmer thought that the truck will be too costly, therefore he didn't allowed the donkey to go with the ox and the horse.
He said to his master :you don't need me to as you have got a car and a tractor now.
The donkey said that''Master you are having a lorry for loading goods. So let me also go with both ox and the horse". So,the farmer gave permission for the donkey also to go.
He told the farmer that as he doesnt need him anymore, the farmer should allow him go with the ox and the horse
The donkey said to the farmer " I think you should let me go with the ox and the horse, it wont look good if you keep me with you. People may make fun of you." Farmer let the donkey free.
masooma hasan
The donkey told that he will just roam around and come back. So the farmer let him go. But the clever donkey did not return. Thus he lived happily in the jungle with his friends.
m.sacheth reddy B.S.R.K.V.SAINIKPURI
"I am old now.I can't work as fast as I did it before. So it's waste for you. Master to feed me it will be loss for you. So please send me to forest I want to spend my last days in forest."
Alolika Chatterjee
The donkey got an idea to disturb his master very much so that the donkey can go with the horse and the ox. The donkey did so and escaped!
lakshmi keshav
The donkey went to the farmer and asked the permission to go to the forest and live with the ox and the horse. But the farmer did not allow because he had a very small tractor and a very small car too. But the donkey was clever and he escaped from the farmer's house at night when the farmer was fast asleep without making any noise.
shahid kapoor
The donkey came to his master and said, "If ox goes then you will have to plough with the tractor, and when horse goes you will have to drive the car, so when all the burden has to be carried by you then you dont need me as well, so let me also go." The master was so astonished and impressed with donkey's smart comments, that he freed all the three of them.
eugene gan
The donkey got an idea.He pretended to be weak and timid so that the farmer would think that the donkey was ill and would let the donkey leave the farm.The donkey felt very guilty when he lied to the farmer.In the end,the donkey decided to tell the truth to the farmer.The farmer decided to let the donkey go bacause he was honest and told the truth.This shows honesty is the best policy.
The farmer thought that the donkey was of no use and thats why he sent the donkey with the ox and the horse.
aryan khandelwal
The donkey said "that you are very rich and have tractor and car you can buy servant also and please let me to go with the horse and the ox.
manu bhat
The donkey will think that if he helps the man for about a month, the farmer will let him go to the forest. SO he worked hard. The farmer was very happy with the donkey. So even before the donkey asked, he told the donkey to go to the forest.
anugya shukla
The donkey said,"when you don't need ox and horse then what is my need? I am also as they are. So please let me go.
Puvit Grewal
The donkey had no plans to go to the forest or to leave him. The farmer had a beautiful daughter and whenever she didn't do her studies, the farmer said, " If you don't complete your studies, I will marry you to the this donkey." The donkey stayed with the farmer with the hope of marrying his daughter which never happened.
Old donkey started to praise his master with a witty idea that he is been growing rich and his old are replaced by all new ones . When people see all your new luxury they will feel great about you master. I am a beloved servant of yours where I dont want my master to be seen down in any means so if you keep me in front of your house it will be so odd for the people who enter . So send me also to forest I will come and see you whenever I want to see you or you can call me when you need my help. Listening to the pleasing words of the donkey,the farmer sent the donkey to the forest.
sameer deewan
The donkey said to farmer "Why you didn't take care of me? I am your enemy? You only take care of horse and ox why me? Please give me the answer" the farmer didn't say a word and patted on his head.


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