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The Selfish King

Once there was a selfish king who wanted only one thing - cow milk. Gola was the only cow in the village. She kicked anyone who went near her. The king sent everyone in the village to milk the cow. Only one boy didn't get kicked. He was Uha. Uha milked the cow dry and the cow was happy about that. The king asked Uha to hand over the milk or face punishment.

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Chase Tavarez
Texas, USA


Uha was an intelligent boy and accepted the challange. Uha went to the green grass field and collected some delicious grass for the cow. He went to Gola and asked her to eat the delicious grass. Gola was very very happy to get the green delicious grass. Gola asked Uha what can I do for you in return of delicious green grass. Uha told the Gola tha he liked to milk Gola,the cow. Gola had accepted to offer milk to Uha. Then Uha went to the King very happily and the king was surprised to see the milk.The king then offered prize to Uha for his intelligent work. EIPSITA MONDAL Class-I,Digboi.
Uha asked the cow for milk. The cow refused the same. Uha offered a bell to cow and the cow was very happy. Uha then milked the cow and handed over to king so Uha was not punished.
Uha did not want to hand over the milk but he had an idea with him. The idea was that he would tell the king that he would handover the milk the next day. The king agreed to his demand when he said it. The next day when the king asked for the milk he said that the milk had turned to curd.
Uha didn't have any problem to share the milk. He thought that if he will give the milk then he would get a reward also. He gave the milk to the king. As he thought he was rewarded too! In this way uha became rich.
Uha did not hand over the milk that is why he had to face punishment.
sushmita Tripathy
Uha told,"Your majesty, I'll give you the milk but it is very much special it'll make you young again, but after twenty years. It'll make a lot of time to gain the strength of the milk and cow." But, the King was not so clever to find the logic that after twenty years the cow or himself would not be alive.
James Earl Cash
Uha refused to hand over the milk. The evil king knocked Uha over and reached for his sword to decapitate Uha. At this moment the cow kicked the king to death.
Uha handed over the milk.
Uha was not a greedy person and he knew that he wont have any loss if he would give the milk. So he gave the king what he wanted. The king became happy and so he was rewarded. Thus uha became rich.
Uha looked at the king. "If you want milk get it yourself. why make me do it. I have many jobs to do. you only have to call and someone will come. life is not like that." The king was shocked. No one ever answered back to him. The king smiled and then burst out with laughter. "You boy have made me come to my senses I do not need milk. Thank you for making me realise my mistake. From now on every family gets a bag of gold every week."
he did not give the milk and ran away.
Uha was sad to part with the milk. He thought hard to get some way out of the problem. A bright idea crossed his mind and he told the King that it was dangerous to drink the milk as whoever drank the milk would get the vile habits of the cow. It would be too bad for a king to behave like that! Uha also told that it would be better to pour it in the waste bin. Hearing that the King became frightened and left the place in no time. After that Uha had a nice time enjoying the milk.
Uha gave the milk to the king, the king was very happy when he tasted the lovely milk . Everyday Uha gave the milk to the king and the king was becoming fatter and fatter . Now when he passes by in his carraige all his subjects laugh at him , so he neverwould drink milk again . Now he got back his health and now he rules wisely and all his subjects are happy with him .
Uha did not want to give away the milk that he had worked so hard to get. He went to the kings court to tell him this. However, when he arrived at the court, Uha was asked to wait outside. The Royal Doctor had come to the palace and was checking the king. Finally, the doctor left and Uha was allowed into the court. He found the king in a very distressed state. Uha asked the king if he could help. The king told Uha that the doctor had diagnosed him with a strange and rare disease, a fear of calcium. Uha, being a simpleton, did not know what this meant, so he asked the king once more. The king said that he was very very afraid of milk. He also told Uha to keep the milk and Gola the cow as well.
Uha ,though a simple villager ,was very smart .He realized that it was pointless arguing with the king ,but if he did give the milk ,the king would make it a daily practice .He promised the king to give him the milk by the same evening .The king agreed to the condition ,Uha rushed home and after deep though , met the king in the palace"Oh! king this pot of milk is no ordinary milk ,in fact it contains amrith ,from the heavens which gives you eternal life !"Give it !GIVE IT TO ME " ,said the king ,Uha shifting the pot away quickly said "but for this your majesty himself must milk the cow after a bath at the royal temple tank at dawn.The king agreed to the conditions strange as they seemed . Every day as he went for a morning bath ,he noticed people working hard ,as the weeks went by ,he realized ,how hard it was to get the milk himself .The king realising his mistake ,presented Uha with many gifts and made him the chief minister of the state.
Atreya Samanta
Uha was an intelligent and an extra-ordinary person. He refused to give because if he had given that milk then, the king would get a chance and he could make him a slave.
Uha handed over the milk to the king.
Uha handed ova the milk and then gola kicked the king and all the milk fell. Then the king asked for more when he was soaking wet but uha said there was no milk left as he is empty.
Priyanjali Bhattacharyya
Uha went to the king with the milk. The king was happy. But Uha told, "I don't know the quality of the milk I've brought from Gola, your Majesty. A friend of mine is ready to volunteer to taste this milk. If you command, I'll tell him to drink a portion of it." His friend drank, and faked unconciousness. The king, thinking that it was poisoned, let Uha go with his milk. Uha went home happily and had lots of milk to drink now.
Nandini Gadesha
Uha said "your majesty I will give you the cows milk on 2 conditions . The first condition is, you have to give your daughters's hand in marriage to me and the second condition is that after you die I will be king." The king agreed to it. Then Uha went to a nearby field and took a bucketful of delicious green grass and a golden coloured bell. Now the cow will be very happy and give the sweet milk.
Alolika Chatterjee
Uha said,'Your majesty I will give you the cows milk only on one condition that you will give me the princess's hand on marrige with me.' The king agreed the condition and got the cow's milk from Uha.


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