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The Cow's Boo

Cona was a cute cow. She was also very naughty. She managed to get past the stern eye of Gopal, the cowherd, and follow her mom and dad to the fields every day. While her parents were busy at work ploughing the hard ground for Kisan, the farmer, Cona would wander around the grassy countryside. "Don't go into the spooky forest Cona," mom would warn.
Cona seldom heeded her mother's warnings. She always wandered into the deep, dark woods. In the process, she often lost her way. But she had figured out a great way to grab her mother's attention. "Moo," she would cry in her crystal clear voice. It would echo through the trees and mom would recognize her baby's pleas. She would then run to Gopal and beseech him with sad eyes to go rescue Cona. Gopal and Kisan would follow the sound of Cona's Moos and she would be safe in a jiffy.
One day, however, Cona got trapped in her own game. She entered the forest and couldn't find her way home. She tried to Moo out loud and call for help. She had forgotten that she had caught a very bad cold. Her nose was blocked and her throat was itchy. She tried with all her might, but all she could manage was a very weak "Boo." No one in the fields could recognize the Booing. Cona was at her wit's end when she caught sight of Paru, the parrot. Seeing Paru gave her an idea.


Cona asked Paru to prescribe some medicine. Paru asked Cona to eat the leaves of neem tree.Cona immediately started eating the leaves of neem tree. It was very bitter. Somehow she managed to eat a few. The result was very quick. The COLD WAS GONE! She had got back her voice. Then she cried loudly.
Cona went up to Paru and said,"Aunty Paru,I am lost.You are the eldest.Please help me".Paru said,"Cona Darling,I've heard you have been a very naughty cow,but anyways,I will take you home". Paru took Cona home and Cona promised she wouldn't be naughty again.
Isabelle Frehner
Cona asked Paru the parrot to mimick her mooing and fly to find her mother working in the fields. Paru flew above the trees and screetched to the cows grazing in the fields and micked the 'Booing' sound of Cona. Cona's mother recognised the sound and asked Paru where he had heard it. Paru explained that Cona was lost in the forest again, so then he led Cona's mother to the place where Cona was waiting. After that terrifying experience, Cona never left her mother's side...
After many days of hearing the cow moo Paru could imitate it the only trick was to get the parrot to moo. This was hard because Paru liked to tease cona. Cona did this by telling the parrot that he wasn't very smart and he didn't know any sound or phrases. Paru got mad and said he could moo better than Cona herself. Then Cona said show me we will have a contest. Cona made a very weak moo and Paru laughed and said guess who is a dunce now. Then Paru mooed exactly like Cona and the cowherd Gopal found them . Paru realized that he had been tricked and left because he was very embarrased.
ashley jeppesee
Cona dies in the forest
My four year old says that the story ended without them going into the forest. Paru saved Cona's life by calling her mother. He went up to her and said Boo and told her the issues. Her mother saved Cona from getting too sick, so they both wandered on their feet and went to a party and then they went to see who had the strongest horns. (like I said, she's only four!)
ammar tanhan
Because of his naugtiness and the sadness Cona died.
Kekka Jones
Cona looked up and pleaded to Paru "Blease helb be!" Paru floated down and landed on a leafy branch next to Cona. "I didn't understand a word you said" said Paru Parrot. "Blease helb be, i amb lost anb have a cold" recited Cona desperately. "Ah-ha. I now understand. You have a cold and are lost in the forest. Why did you do such a silly thing like that for?" "I-I-I I disobeyed my mother and came into the forest. Now she can't hear me call because of my blocked nose" Cona began to weep. "Follow me young calf. I shall show you to your safety" spoke Paru. "Bank you! Bank you!" squealed Cona. "No problem, as long as you promise to never to come into the forest without parental supervision. Is that a promise?" "Yes. I promise." "Good. Follow me..."
Chase Tavarez
Cona saw Paru pass by so she mooed as loud and kind of squeaky as she could. "Hmm."Paru thought. She turned and saw Cona crying when Paru went to her. "Poor calf. What is troubling you?" Paru landed on a branch beside Cona. "I can't *sniff* moo as loud as I could so my mother can't hear me and I *sniff* am lost so please help me Paru please!!" Said Cona crying loudly. "Young calf you shouldn't have disobeyed your mother. See what happens when you don't listen?" " Yes I see!! Please help me and I am sorry for what I have done to you Paru and my mother!" said Cona. Paru flew to a leaf that was pure, healthy, green leaf. Paru pulled it off with her beak and flew to Cona. " Here eat this. It may taste like worms and a bit of dirt, but it will help you." "Ok. Plus this cold is messing with my language." She ate the leaf. She gulped down the whole leaf. "EEWW!! UGH!!" Paru giggled silently. Cona gave her a look. "Lets go. Oh and promise me you will wait until it you can go into the forest?" " I promise. Thank you Pa-ah..Ah... ACHOO!! Excuse me. Thank you Paru." Paru lead her out of the forest. Cona mooed as loud as she could and her mother heard her. Her mother came to Cona and went back to the forest. Paru went flying back into the forest. "Ah...calfs these days." She giggled.
Cona asked paru to help her through some measures. What paru did was go to Kisan and snatch any of his valuable belonging. In order to get that valuable thing back Kisan Would follow Paru. Paru would lead Kisan to where Cona is and atlast cona would be rescued.
Aishwarya Goyal
Paru the parrot told cona, if she would promise her not to do this thing again in the future then only she would save her. Cona said yes, Paru showed her the path and gave her some tulsi leaves to chew so that she can easily moooooo again. Cona thanked Paru.


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