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Tanisha's Adventure

Tanisha was jubilant. Today was the first day of her summer vacation. She had been planning a lot of activities that she was going to do- swimming, watching movies and going for long walks with her friends... The best thing about the summer vacation was that the dreaded exams were finally over. Now for nearly two months she didn't have to look at books (except story books of course).
She woke up early, surprising her mother who thought she would sleep late. But Tanisha was too excited to get sleep. She finished all her morning chores and after yelling out to her mother that she was going to Divya's house she swept out of the house glad to be out in the open.
Humming a tune to herself she skipped on her way to Divya's house which was three streets away. As she was passing the old Parsi bungalow she heard some noise. On listening carefully, she could make out the sound of a lady crying and a man yelling. Wasn't it Rustom aunty's voice? Why was she crying? Who was this man who was yelling?
Curiosity got the better of Tanisha and seeing an open window, she peeped in and was shocked at what she saw. Rustom aunty was tied to a chair and an evil looking man was standing over her. Rustom uncle was lying on the floor with blood running from his forehead and seemed unconscious.
Tanisha knew something was wrong and that she must get some help. Thinking this she turned but in the process knocked down a flower pot from the ledge and it fell with a thud. The evil looking man growled, "Who's there?"
Now what culd Tanisha do? He would find her and then how could she save Rustom Uncle and Aunty. She must think of something fast....


Tanisha was not able to save the couple because that man saw her and was chasing. Suddenly, she rushed into her friend's house and was afraid that the man will kill her. She didn't tell anything to her friend but that man missed her.
M L Upasana
She climbed on to the terrace and picked up a flower pot on the terrace and kept it on the parapet wall and then she threw a small stone down. The man peeped out of the window to see what was the noise, and Tanisha threw the flower pot on the evil looking man. With this the man fell unconscious on the ground. Tanisha soon untied Rustom aunty and called the ambulance and police. The police took the evil looking man to the police station and the ambulance took Rustom uncle to the hospital. Soon he was cured and lived happily ever after.
Tanisha was very much afraid. But she ran quickly to neighbour's house and told the neighbours the whole story. The neighbours already knew about Rustom aunty and the neighbour was a CID officer and he quickly contacted the police on mobile. Within 20 minutes the police came and rescued Rustom's aunty & Uncle. Tanisha was very happy and also afraid at the same time. The culprits were caught & punished for their misdeeds.
Tanisha was very afraid and she climbed down as fast as she could and ran to Divya's house and told her what had happened. They called the police and told them what happened. The police came as fast as they could. They somehow managed to capture the man and took Rustom uncle to the hospital and untied Rustom aunty. This is how Tanisha saved the life of Rustom uncle and aunty. Moral- We should never giveup.
M L Upasana
She saw the flower pot and got an idea. She climbed on to the terrace and picked up a flower pot on the terrace and kept it on the parapet wall and then she threw a small stone down. The man peeped out of the window to what was the noise, and Tanisha threw the flower pot on the evil looking man. With this the man fell unconscious on the ground. Tanisha soon untied Rustom aunty and called the ambulance and police. The police took the evil looking man to the police station and the ambulance took Rustom uncle to the hospital. Soon he was cured and lived happily ever after.
k.deepti reddy
By the time the man came Tanisha ran as quick as she could to her house. She told her parents in a rush. They could not understand what she was telling. By the time she was telling them in a pleasent manner the man planned to kidnap her. While Tanisha's parents were calling up the police, Tanisha in tension went out to the front of her house. The man then took Tanisha with him. He tied her also in the Rustoms' house. When the man went out of the house to phone his boss, Tanisha remembered that she had kept a blade in her pocket. She took the blade and cut her rope. She then slowly went to Mr and Mrs Rustom and cut their rope also. They then slowly escaped from the back door of the house. When the man finished talking to his boss, he came inside and saw that no one was there. When he again turned he saw the police. He tried to escape but the constables caught hold of him. The police kept him behind the bars. From that day onwards Tanisha was called a hero in her colony.
rohan desai
She decided to give the man a chase. She dashed out of the house's garden. The man didn't follow her. Tanisha, surprised, happy and gasping for air, decided to go straight to the police station. She told inspector Vijay what she saw at the parsi couple's house. Inspector quickly jumped into his jeep and asked the hawaldar to call an ambulance. When he reached there he saw an ambulance already standing there, he was surprised. He saw the evil looking man consoling Mrs Rustom!!!! He went near to investigate and to his utter disbeilief he came to know that the evil looking man was actually their new neigbour who was there to help them. Mr Rustom had tied her to stop her from committing suicide and had hurt himself in doing so. Tanisha who was present there just stood with her mouth wide open. She never liked vacations from that day onwards.
juhi agarwal
She can save the couple, by running fast to police-station and telling inspector about what she has seen. If the pilice don't help she should go to her parents and tell them.
She wanted to help uncle and aunty but she had to plan very quickly. While peeping in the window, Tanisha spotted a phone. She decided to call the police. Mr Rustom was unconscious and she wanted to help him also. After a few minutes, the police arrived and started to investigate. They found out that the evil man was the security guard. Mrs. Rustom was untied and the security guard was arrested. Mrs. Rustom praised Tanisha for her bravery.
Tanisha quickly ran to the police and the police arrested the evil man. Mrs.Rustom then gave her a medal for being so brave.
Tanisha 's house was very close to the house where Mr. and Mrs.Rustom were kidnapped. It was an old house and was a bit broken, so nobody ever thought of going there. It was a short cut to Divya's house and she always used that. As the robber heard the noise, she hid behind the bushes. Seeing no one there the robber went inside. Then Tanisha rushed back to her house and phoned the police and told them what happened. The police station was very near to their house, just a minute way. She told them to come from the back of the house slowly and not send many police. They came fast and the police surrounded the old house hiding down. Tanisha went quietly inside making a small noise, the thief followed her out of the door. Two policemen were waiting outside and got the thief. They rushed inside and freed the couple. Tanisha was clever and caught the thief with the help of the policemen, so she got a small gift from the Police officers.
I think Tanisha should relax it is not her concern
disha shah
Yes Tanisha was able to save the parsi couple because she had a special magic coat with her by which she would wear it and disappear. So that was the end of the story.
the boss
Tanisha dyed her hair a different colour and took Sam's scarf off him to wrap round her head. Ross ran over and pulled the scarf tight - Karen tried to stop him, but he was too strong. Jordan was, as usual, too late to be of any use. Rachel and Stephanie ran over to help Ross. What Karen didn't know was that Tanisha was really a spy working for a foreign enemy government.
Tanisha ran fast and took a thick log and hit it on the evil. The evil was dead. And so Tanisha saved the day. So that was a great adventure for her.
She quickly ran out of the building and called the police. The police came and arrested the evil man. From then on she was regarded as the bravest girl in her village
Tanisha hid behind the bush. The man thought he was dreaming. He went back. Tanisha rushed to the police station. The police captured the man. Thus, their life was saved. Tanisha was also given the bravery award 2007.
tanisha went back running to her house and told to her parents about it . They informed the police and reached at the spot and saved aunty. Thus they helped the police to arrest the evil man. They felt happy by saving someone's life.
Priyanjali Bhattacharyya
Tanisha hid behind the house and the bandit in the house thought that he must have imagined it. After that, Tanisha went to the nearest STD and called the police. She also informed the locals, and they went there and beat up the evil man.
Tanisha hid behind the house and secretly slipped away to her friend's house. She called the police from her friend's house. The police came and caught the evil man.


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