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The Haunted House

Ashok reached the village late in the night. He was going to stay in the village for a month. He started looking desperately for some accommodation and was told that a certain bungalow was available, but that it was haunted.
Since no other place was available he decided to check out the bungalow. He went there and rang the bell and after a long time an old man opened the door.
"I would like to rent this place," said Ashok. "But tell me, is it really haunted?"
"I really wouldn't know," said the old man.


Ashok asked the old man, "Would it be possible for me to see this bungalow for myself?" The old man replied, "Of course." Then he disappeared. Ashok was shocked, then fled towards a near-by village, where he explained the situation to a farmer. "That was no ghost you saw," he replied, "That was Mr Mystery who is the star of the 'Ghouls, Ghosts and Goblins' freakshow. He is the master of Disappearance and has the ability to fade away in front of another's eyes..."
"But you should know. Don't you live here?" " Well, I used to. But not anymore. It's been 650 years since I died!" Saying this the old man vanished.
" I died 10 years ago. I do not listen to news anymore and hence I cannot answer your question!" Ashok thought the old man was joking and asked "Can you tell me what the rent is?". The old man was surprised, as no one dared to go in. "It is 10 rupees", said the old man worried. Then Ashok answered back,"so cheap! Here you go, 10 rupees". "So where is my beautiful bed room?" he asked. " Straight then left." said the man worriedly. When Ashok went inside, it was full of spiders and lots of cobwebs. Seeing this he turned and ran away. The old man chased him shouting "Take back your ten rupees!!" Ashok dared not turn back.
Ashok then went in and checked it out himself. He thought that it was pretty good and decided to take that house. He started living there but within a week he started getting scared because he had heard a lot of spoooooky sounds. He then once saw some ghosts in the laundry room. When he went to sleep he got terrible nightmares. Ashok decided to change the house as he could not bear it anymore. So he went out the next day and found some houses which were as good as new. He bought one of those houses and lived happily ever after.
Ashok went inside. The old man offered him some food and showed him a room to sleep. At midnight, Ashok started to hear some scary noises. He started investigating and found out that it was the old man trying to scare him. He interrogated him to know why he was doing all this. The old man told him that he did not have a place to live and he wanted to stay at the bungalow. So he spread stories about the ghosts to scare people, and if anyone dared to come, he scared them making weird noises.
Ashok went inside. The old man offered him some food and showed him a room to sleep. At midnight, Ashok started to hear some scary noises. He started investigating and found out that it was the old man trying to scare him. He interrogated him to know why he was doing all this. The old man told him that he did not have a place to live and he wanted to stay at the bungalow. So he spread stories about the ghosts to scare people, and if anyone dared to come, he scared them making weird noises.
Because I am the ghost.
Ashok wanted to rent a bungalow because his mother wanted to rent a bungalow in the village.
It was haunted but he didn't care about it
The old man said, "you surely can come in". So he did. Soon it became night and Ashok found a place to sleep. Once he fell asleep he began hearing strange noises. He felt like he had been trapped in the room. The next morning he woke up and he realized the old man was trapped too. Ashoka found a little key and freed himself and the old man. They both ran away from the house. Ashok said, "I guess this house really was haunted". Later they both found a new home and the other one was destroyed.
"What? But you live in this house, still you don't know? How come?" asked Ashok with terror. "That's easy you fool! I am a ghost, then how should I know that this house is haunted or not?" replied old man with a wild smile.
Then Ashok went in. He really was scared because there were so many horrid things in the house. Then the old man took him to a room and told that he is the first man to come in this house and the old man goes out. After some time Ashok lit a candle because it was too dark then. Suddenly he noticed a cabin going down. He went there and he saw a big huge golden book. When he opens the book, a bright light came out of the book which fills the room. The book starts speaking to him and tells him the story that " I am the diary of a man named Vicky. He once lived here in the house but this cruel old man killed him and Vicky wrote this in me before dieing. He tells that this old man had killed many travellers who came here because a witch who lives here once had trapped the old man's daughter and had told the old man that he would have to kill 100 people and only then will he get his daughter back." Ashok then asks the dairy that where is that witch then the diary says that "on the top of the house is a big place of beautiful flowers and very pleasant there in a small cute little cottage is the witch." And the book closes by saying that" ASHOK HELP THE POOR OLD MAN YOU CAN KILL THE WITCH BY THE MAGIC SWORD IN THE CHEST UNDER THE BED IN YOUR ROOM." Then Ashok runs to see that sword and decides to kill the witch. That night he opens the chest and takes out the sword and starts walking to the top of the house and sees the cottage and goes in it then very cleverly tries to catch the witch but she sees Ashok with the sword and there they have a very super competition and Ashok wins. He kills the witch and then he sees the girl and takes her out of the jail. As soon as the old man sees the daughter coming with Ashok and when the girl hugs his father the room glows up with light and beautiful flower smell comes and the rooms changes as if they were in heaven. And then the old man thanks the boy and says that your present is that you should marry my daughter and Ashok agrees because the daughter was also lovely. And then they get married and no witch ever hurts them again and they lived happy ever after.
And they lived happily ever after
Ashok asked the man if he could see the house. The man agreed and let Ashok in. After looking at the house he found nothing spooky. So he decided to rent it. After a few minutes the door bell rang. It was the agent. He told Ashok that the house was his responsibility because once sold the responsibilty is of the owner. He just said yes. In December he moved in that house and soon the house turned into a home. Nothing happened in the house and soon Ashok forgot all about the house. One day, while reading his newspaper he read that a man was murdered in the house where Ashok lived. Ashok was out of his mind. He got up and contacted his agent. The agent was shocked to say anything. Ashok said " Please tell me why did you not tell me about the house." It was Ashok who was shot dead.
He lived happily ever after
Then they all died.
Born wish
He asked the old man if he could see the house. He went inside and saw that it was too dark and the room was full of dust and spider webs. He heard some noise coming from upstairs, he got scared and decided not to live in this house. He ran away from the village and after that he never visited the village in his life.
Ashok went around the house and he liked it.He started living in it. Once he heard some spooky sounds he went to investigate, then when he was investigating, a ghost caught him and killed him. Therefore, now 'two' ghosts were haunting the house.
"Maybe you can show me around it a little bit" Ashok said. "I'm sorry, I cannot do that. They say I am not welcome there. You are brave for going in there" the old man said. "How is it haunted anyways?" Ashok asked getting interested in the story. "Well, one night a man was disturbed by a bad feeling while he was sleeping in the bed. He got up and looked into the mirror. But what he saw wasn't himself. The next morning somebody spotted him lying in his bed face down. Nobody knows what happened. Thats just a rumour everybody follows. But you are welcome to stay there" the old man answered. "Ok, I guess I'll try" suggested Ashok sounding a little more scared. As Ashok walked off the old man said,"Nice knowing you."
He entered inside the house and he was never seen again.......
A strange man arrived and said the house is haunted. It eats people alive and you have to get out!!! The walls will start bleeding and you will be in real big danger.
"Why wouldn't you know?" Ashok asked curiously, "after all, it is your house!" "but I'm boo!" shouted the old man
"How come you dont know?'', asked Ashok, "Dont you live here?" "I am blind ", said the old "Even if there is a ghost I have never seen it ". Ashok then thinks to himself, if this old man can stay in this house and not be bothered by any ghost, then why cant I. The old man agrees to let him stay in the bungalow. At night Ashok heard strange noise. He got up from his bed and opened the door. There in the hallway he sees the figure of a lady draped in white clothes. That was the ghost.
thamanna jahan
I am a ghost, I died before 11years. If you want to stay here, you can stay, told the old man. Ashok replied "I am not going to stay here for ever". and he ran away...
The old man shot down the boy and ran off with all his money.
Priyam Bhushan
I have been living in this house for the last 400 years.
I can sense it... I hear it... please tell me or will you let me die Askok said. NOOOO... someone screamed. Ashok ran and went to do his mum as he has scared.
The man disappeared.Then Ashok went inside.He then heard a bubbling sound upstairs. He opened a door and saw that the old man had tied up a beautiful girl and was holding her. Then the man gave her an injection. The girl fainted. The man then saw Ashok and shot him. Ashok screamed and died.
Rekhja chander
Saying that the old man dissappeared. Ashok looked around the house but he found only mummies. All of them in the village had also suddenly got turned into mummies. Then they said that whoever would come to that village turned into mummies. So you must also turn into a mummy. And thus Ashok also turned into a mummy.
The old man did not know the meaning of haunted. So he invited ashok and sat down with hot cups of coffee and chatted about the haunted house. Ashok explained by saying haunted is no one visiting or leaving in a house because of abnormal things hapening. Ashok transformed himself into a ghost and said "I am the ghost looking for this haunted house for 59 years now." The old man fainted and woke up to see he was in the bed dreaming. That was abnormal.
Ashok asked the man" Are you sure this house is not haunted?" The old man replied,"I am getting old and I cannot see properly. If you help me, I will reward you handsomely." Ashok had never got such an offer before so he agreed and ran off to get some equipment. When he came back he greeted the old man and he saw that the old man was holding a sword. He said " With this sword you can slay the ghost for the sword has magical powers." Ashok took the sword and wandered into the house. One hour later Ashok went into the attic and walked in. There he saw piles of boxes covered with dust. Then he saw the ghost. It was a horrifying sight truly. The ghost was a woman with a long white dress. She had no teeth and her hair was all messy. Ashok drew his sword and carefully aimed and slashed the woman. She screamed not very loudly but a bit louder than Ashok had ever heard from a human. He rushed outside not to see the old man but a beautiful woman fairy. She spoke softly" Ashok, you have proved yourself worthy. I was the old man disguised. Many have come to complete this quest but have failed. You are truly worthy of this reward. For slaying the ghost I reward you and your whole family with a grand house, thousand pieces of gold and a healthy and good life for you and your whole family." Ashok bowed to pay his respect and the fairy touched his head and blessed him. Before Ashok could thank her she had already vanished. Ashok said to himself" I really am worthy! I am very proud of myself." Thus he and his family lived happily ever after!!!!!!
Pawan Patole
Ashok requested the old man to show the entire house to him as he wanted to decide it by himself. The poor old man started showing him the house. There were no lights. The old man with the help of a lighted candle entered the house with Ashok. Suddenly all the Bats, Pigeons and Spiders those who had been in that bungalow for a long time flew away from there. Suddenly, the candles went off. The old man who was afraid said “Oh God! What’s happening?” Ashok screamed and asked the old man, “tell me again is this place haunted?” “No!” said the old man. Ashok said “You are wrong old man." Saying this he disappeared. The old man finally left that place and from that day no one even dared to look at that bungalow.
leong weng joe
Then Tomy shouted "DIGEST" and it was the most loudest of the three times that he shouted. He jumped up high and this time he had hardly dropped on the trunk than he found that Tamir had gone. He did not find Tamir on the trunk or on the ground. Finally he knew that Tamir had escaped from him when he jumped down hardly on the trunk. He knew that this time again he was fooled by Tamir.
"I really wouldn't know," said the old man. I was dead 100 years ago."
Yap Kim Cong
The old man said : "I really don't know because I was dead 250 years ago." After the old man said that he suddenly disappeared.
Neoh Chia Choon
The old man said I have lived here for 10000 years. I have been dead since 9900 years.
After that Ashok lived in the house. The old man gave a room to Ashok. The room was very big and also very beautiful. Next day, Ashok left the house and went to ask about the old man. The villager said that the old man was already dead. After that, Ashok went back to the house but there was no house there.
Ng Chun Keat
Ashok lied: "I died 20 years ago." The old man said:"Ha,ha,ha,ha. I died 1000000 before you." Ashok shouted and ran away from the bungalow. Then a light appeared in front of him and then a handsome god helped Ashok. The god used a lightning bolt to fire the evil ghost, but the ghost used some evil power to defend the bolt. Then they fought for a long time, but the ghost won. Then Ashok ran away and no one ever went there again.
Pun Chun Hoe
"I really wouldn't know," said the old man because I didn't study when I am small. But I know that I was very old. Then Ashok told the old man what it is. "Oh, you are the first customer,please come in" said the old man. After that when he came in the old man called him to look and see a photograph. When Ashok saw the photo it was the old man's photo. When he turned he saw that the old man had disappeared. He got scared and ran away from there.
"But you should know,"said Ashok. The old man said, "Now what to tell you. I have died 50 years ago."
This house is really haunted but if your are brave enough to stay I can give you a room. I hope I will not regret," said Ashok.
ghost rider
The old man said nothing. He let Ashok go into the house. When Ashok went inside, he was surprised because inside the house it was like a heaven.
"How come you dont know?'', asked Ashok, "Dont you live here?" "I am blind ", said the old man." Even if there is a ghost I have never seen it". Ashok then thinks to himself, if this old man can stay in this house and not be bothered by any ghost, then why can't I. The old man agrees to let him stay in the bungalow. At night Ashok heard strange noise. So he opened the door and went out to see. He saw the old man was outside there. Suddenly, Ashok saw the old man flew above tree. When Ashok saw that, he got scared. After that, Ashok quickly ran back to the house to take back his things and ran away to another place from the house.
Kok Pui San
He said that he lived in the house after he died. However,he has not left the house.
'' cut!'',said the director.
Alolika Chatterjee
"Yes this is a haunted house!", saying this the old man disappeared! Ashok started running, little later he realised that it was a dream!
Ashok entered the bungalow and he saw that there were no ghosts, there was only some naughty boys who were wearing the ghosts masks. Ashok started fighting wih them and made them leave that house and began to live there.
ashok believed that there were no ghosts.
Cyprian Monis SJ
“But the people say it is,” said Ashok. The old man took him in and showed him the rooms of the bungalow. There were many rooms and the old man was alone to live in it. The old man narrated the truth about his family and how they all perished one by one. Ashok felt very sorry for the old man and decided to stay with Him and help him! He learnt a lesson from this event that we should never believe or indulge in rumors.
The person who came outof the spaceship was a ghost. Manu got killed by the ghost.
They were very close. More closer. closest. Now they are so frightened. Prakash asked "who are you? What do you want?" Then suddenly a woman came. She was hiding in the bushes. She said "I'm a huntress. I was hiding because I thought that you all are strangers and you are going to shoot me". Prakash said "Oh I'm new in this island. Can you please guide me. Actually we all are lost in this island". She accepted and came with him. After a few days Prakash and she became good friends and then they want to marry each other. Then she told a secret to Prakash. She said that due to a curse she became a snake. Now she has powers so that she can do anything and can change into anything but that will last only for one month. She said that everyday she changes into a woman or man and she fools those who came to this island and make them her prey. But after seeing Prakash she started liking him and wanted to marry him. She said that she will protect Prakash from everything and will help him to reach his home. He was so shocked and said that whatever you have done is wrong but you protected me. I will marry you. I know you are a snake but you are so helpful and good to me. Then they married each other.One month's time is about to end. she may become a shake on completion of one month. Then there came someone. He was the one who gave the curse. He said "I am taking back your curse because you took care of Prakash and he is my elder brother". He thanked her and said "from now you will be a woman for the rest of your life". Prakash heard this. He was very happy. Then they lived a very happy married life. "Thank you for reading"


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