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Kaka's Predicament

Kaka, the crow was very happy. His wife had laid four eggs and soon he would have four babies he could be proud of.
First Kaka had chosen the tree where he would build their nest and then painstakingly had gathered twigs to build it with. He had taken great care while building it so as to make it very comfortable for his wife and looked after her well.
One day, Kaka and his wife were chatting with each other while she sat on the eggs, when Kaka noticed some movement along the bottom of the tree where their nest was. To his horror, he saw that a snake was slithering up the tree. His wife got panicky and kaka too was terrified.
In any other situation they both could have just flown away but now what would happen to their eggs?
Soon the snake would reach the branch where his nest was. How could Kaka save the eggs?


supriya saxena
Yes he was able to save his eggs he had a friend fox. He was very clever. He told them go to the pond near the mango tree there the princess bathes you take her jewels and run and drop the jewels near the snake's hole and the soldiers will kill the snake and your eggs will be saved and their plan was succesful
Kaka realised that the snake was making its home below the tree. This scared Kaka all the more. That would mean that the snake could crawl up any time and eat the eggs. Every morning the women of the village would come to bathe in the nearby river. The next day when the women were bathing as usual, Kaka went to the river bank where they had left their clothes and ornaments. He pickled up a colourful bangle and flew towards the tree. A few ladies started to chase the crow. Kaka dropped the bangle near the snake's home below his tree. When the women saw the snake, they screamed. The men folk heard this and came running. They beat the snake to death. Kaka, his wife and eggs were saved.
Kaka went and called all his friends to fight the snake.
Kaka gathered some twigs from the nearby tree and started to hit the snake.The snake could not lift his head.Immediately the snake slithered quickly and ran away. Kaka was now very happy. This happiness was greater than the pain he took to build the nest. Kaka has saved his wife and the four babies from this danger.
R.Manoj Kumar
The snake reached the nest. But Kaka with his presence of mind killed the snake with his beak.
Thinking fast, Kaka did what came to his mind first. He climbed up to the end of the branch, and started pecking at the end of it. Before the snake could reach the nest, Kaka had pecked so much that the branch fell off. As luck had it, their nest fell into a pond and floated quite nicley, and reached the shore. Thus, Kaka and his wife had their beautiful babies, who had hatched from their egg, in less than an hour after the chaotic event. The babies grew up, and they were nicknamed the miracle babies.
Kaka flew a bit away from the nest where his wife is sitting covering her four eggs. The snake thinking that the kaka has flown as he was scared he has full eye on kakas wife...... Kaka took full advantage of this, he came flying facing the snake who was busy looking at kaka's wife, hurt the snake in his eyes with his beak. Hurt with the pain, the snake fell down from the tree. Now the snake is blind and will never be able to climb up the tree. So kaka and his wife lived happily ever after.
No the snake didn't reach the nest
After sometime an idea struck kaka's mind. He flew off without telling her wife anything. He returned in few seconds. He was carrying a stick in his claws and stuck that with a high speed on the snake! The snake slithered but Kaka didn't stop and he tried again! He was successfull to fell the snake from the tree and during this the moongoose kaka's best friend came and fought with the snake and killed it! By doing this he saved his friend's babies! After that Kaka and his wife lived happily with their 4 babies- Kuku, Kimi,Kiki and the little one Koku!!
shruti ambavat
Right from the beginning Kaka was considered very intelligent in the jungle. His brain worked like a computer. He very well knew that Piya the peacock had a hatred for snakes. Wherever she used to find them she would tear them apart. So Kaka quickly went and told the whole story to Piya. She got angry and said, "No need to worry my friends, until I am there no snake in this jungle can harm your eggs." She came to that tree and saw that the snake was coming near the eggs. Seeing the peacock the snake turned white with fear. Due to shock his heart stopped beating and he eventually collapsed. Kaka and his wife were thankful to Piya and now they lived happily ever after.
anirudh kaushik
Kaka quickly thought of a plan. He thought 'what would my father do if he were in my position'. He had to think and think fast. With every second going by the snake was coming nearer. A boy carrying some goods and small bags was coming that way. Suddenly, a brainstorming idea struck his head. He glided down and snatched a bag. He dropped the bag on a branch and went back to his nest. The curious snake moved on to the branch and went near the bag. He tried to open it, when....THUD. The snake fell from the branch as the boy had hit it with a stone. The boy took his bag and went away. The snake died of its injuries. Kaka and his family lived happily ever again ...........
Kaka and his wife will try to carry the nest and they will fly from that tree to the next.
At that moment he saw a king coming that way and kaka had an idea, quickly he flew to the king and took one of his ornaments, then he flew back to his nest and kept it there. By the time the snake was climbing up the tree. The king's servants killed the snake and climbed up the tree and took the ornament. This way the crow saved his eggs and his nest.
Kaka quickly took a twig and poked it into the snake's eye. The snake was blinded for a few minutes. In the meantime,Kaka and his wife escaped with their eggs. Kaka found a new tree, and they happily lived on the tree ever after.
Yes he can. I believe it.
When they saw the snake comming near them they panicked. They had to save themselves as well as they have to save the 4 eggs. When they looked around they saw a stone, and got a beautiful idea. They took that stone and dropped it on the snake's face and killed it. In this way they saved their life.
juhi agarwal
Kaka saved his childern. He took the help of the ants who lived in the same tree. They helped him because he had once helped them.
Kaka pleaded to the snake to take pity on the eggs. Snake did not take pity. Then Kaka went to the fox. Kaka told the story and asked the fox's help. The fox gave him an idea - to take the princess' necklace who was bathing in the river nearby. The crow took the necklace and put it near the snake- The princess' guards came and when they saw the snake they beat him and thus the crow saved his eggs.
Kaka found out that the snake was trying to come up the tree. A flash came to his mind - a new idea ..he got hold of 4 pebbles that resembled the eggs as close as possible. Kaka and his wife shifted the eggs to another crow's nest nearby and planted the pebbles in their own nest. As soon as the snake decided to come up, the couple put up a fight to convince the snake that they were actually fighting for their eggs. The snake fell into the trap and was totally fooled by the crows' "fight". The snake was more interested in getting to the eggs rather than fight the couple. He did not know what he was swallowing when he gobbled up all the pebbles masqueraded as eggs. The crows flew away as soon as this happened. The snake could not move as fast as earlier as he was heavy and also he was suffering from acute pain in his stomach. Within a few days the snake died and the eggs had also hatched by then..and now Kaka's family was a happy one.
Kaka decided to fight off the snake. The snake was no match for Kaka and slid down before he reached their eggs.
Anjali Nayak
Both Kaka and his wife took their nest and they flew away.
The snake was too clever for Kaka... when he saw Kaka executing plan after plan to kill the snake, he slithered to the other side of the tree where he wasn't visible to Kaka. Ingeniuosly, he slithered up the tree in silence, surprising Kaka and family. With a fierce hiss, the snake gobbled up Kaka and his wife and left the eggs in the nest.
Kaka and his wife both went to their friend Mongoose and told him the detailed story and then he came along with them and killed that snake.
Rekha chander
As the snake crawled up the tree,Kaka pecked the snakes eyes. The snake could not see.It lost its balance and fell down with a thud and died.
Kaka and his wife took their eggs and flew to some safe place.
Priyanjali Bhattacharyya
Yes, Kaka was able to save his eggs. Kaka went above the snake and pierced its eyes with his claws. Now the snake could not see anything and ran helter - skelter.
Kaka fought the snake.


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