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A diamond merchant's son had been kidnapped. The father was told to take a valuable diamond to a certain booth that stood in the middle of a park.
Police in plain clothes surrounded the park and kept watch over the booth. The diamond merchant went into it and found instructions there. He followed the instructions and returned home, without the diamond. But nobody came to collect the stone but yet the stone had disappeared.


A man had come to the booth to look for something and there he saw that diamond which that merchant had left. The man took the diamond and went home very happy. He gave it to his wife and she thread that diamond onto her necklace.
The merchant was told to deliver the precious jewel, but he went without it. When he followed the instructions, they led to his own home. There he found his son and the kidnapper. The merchant gave the kidnapper a fake diamond, which the taker ran off with. Thus the kidnapper was tricked, then found and arrested, while the merchant was rewarded...
One of the police men had been the kidnapper, so no one would have suspected him.
The merchant's child was killed.
The merchant's child was killed.
A man came and took the diamond and gave it to his master Peter. The next day Peter and his gang went out, so some police saw them. One of the police took out the camera and took a photograph of Peter and his gang and the police department kept an eye on them. After two days when they broke into a jewellery store, the police were inside and caught them. They are in jail now for the rest of their life and the dad got the diamond back. The father was so proud of his son.
The man checked in his pockets and it was nowhere to be found. If he did not take it to his manager he would loose his lob. God will take care of it he thought and went back along the path to the jewellery store where the police had caught the man. Yes, I have found the diamond" he screamed. He took it back to his manager and that was the end of the story.
I think that the son must have taken it.
On the back of the instructions was a note that said: If you follow these instructions the stone will disappear in the next hour. Also something lost will be found. The man went home and his son was on the couch playing with his PS2.
In the instructions it was written that send the diamond to the address given below by parcel. And if you send the diamond I will return back your son.
The instructions were given that he had to hide the diamond in the telephone booth itself. So nobody knew where the diamond was.
The stone had disappeared because one of the police was a thief. So the stone was lost.
After a few years, the kidnappers called and said that they had sold the diamond and killed the police before they could catch them. The man died at hearing this. He had more love for the diamond!!
The police has taken it.
What will happen next is that the merchant has forgotten the diamond and of course the robber will steal it..
The mystery baffled everyone. His son returned home but still what had happened to the diamond? Years passed by. Scientists continued their research but the explanation was not scientific. The stone had vanished- it carried magical properties like the leprechaun gold of the wizard world. This was a new discovery making the story of the mysterious stone more intriguing!
The kidnapper was one of the police men.So the other police men wouldn't have suspected him.
The man was greedy so he had his son kidnapped
sunny mankar
The child must have have taken it
ammar tanhan
The dad was really worried as he didnt know what happened to the diamond. He put his hands in his pockets slowly and carefully lifted a bright shining diamond and wondered how did it come in his pocket.
getur gameon
The father killed his son and took the diamond home with him.
The merchant had been worried so began a search party for his son and the diamond. They kept on searching and searching but they did not find the diamond or his son. But on the next day the merchant found his son in his son's friends house because his son had a sleepover and the merchant had forgotten. Then after four months they found the diamond in the merchant's friends house. He had bought it for the merchant because his birthday was next day. The merchant was very embarassed by hearing this. So he promised to ask all his friends next time before organising a search party.
Rekha chander
As they began to search they reached a forest.In the middle of the forest they found the diamond merchant's son.
His child had been killed.
The merchant got worried as he had not taken the real diamond, but just a stone. Hence he was afraid that the kidnapper will kill his son. But the next day an impossible thing happened. The merchant's son was found behind a tree at the side of the park.
The father kidnapped his own son and also took his own diamond with unknown intentions,either to test the police or otherwise because its only the father who went to the booth after calling the police officers, and its only him they were not expecting to arrest. Any other person apart from the father of the boy would have been arrested.
There was a pigeon in the booth that had the instructions attached to its leg and it took the diamond as well.
A man came to the booth to call his wife and he saw a diamond near the phone. He took the diamond and went happily to his home and presented the diamond as a gift to his wife.
The diamond merchant must have put the diamond on the top of the booth. When a cat saw it and took it to his master. His master was very happy. The diamond merchant stuck papers everywhre which said " LOST DIAMOND" When the master of the cat saw it, he gave it to the diamond merchant. He gave the kidnappers the diamond and got back his son.
Nandhini Narayanaswamy
Policemen found out that the parent was the kidnapper.He was so greedy that he got jealous of his own son. So he decided to kill him and keep the diamond.
Policemen found out that the parent was the kidnapper.He was so greedy that he got jealous of his own son. So he decided to kill him and keep the diamond.
vanshika chuchra
Probably there would be a secret box or something in which the man was instructed to put the diamond in.
The merchant's son fooled his father to get the diamonds.
Hetavi Zaveri
There was a parrot in a cage and a note too was put in the cage it said that tie the diamond to the parrot's leg and let it be free. The parrot being a trained one as soon as set free flew to the kidnappers and as it flew straight the police could not follow it and lost track of it. The diamond reached the thief but little did he know there was a tracking device placed in the diamond which eventually led the police to the kidnapper. The man got his diamond and his son and the kidnapper was put behind bars.


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