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The New Minister

Sheru the Lion, the king of animals, expressed his desire to have a new minister.
Immediately three animals came forward:
Tingi the boar,
Tanga the rabbit and
Tongo the monkey.
"Come forward," said Sheru.
The three candidates came forward and sat in front of the lion.
"I need a new minister," said Sheru.
"The one I select for this post must have the gift to be able to say the right thing at the right time." Sheru continued, "My last minister lacked this ability."
"I have it," said Tingi the boar.
"No, I have it," said Tanga the rabbit.
"No, No, only I have that ability," said Tongo the monkey.
"OK, OK, I will test it now itself," said Sheru, "He who speaks most wisely will be my new minister."
"Tingi, come forward," said Sheru.
Tingi the boar came forward.
Sheru opened his mouth and asked, "Is my breath sweet or not?"
Tingi smelled the breath.
It was foul but to please the king he said, "O great king, never have I smelled such a sweet breath! It smells like jasmine."
"Just as I thought," Sheru said, "You're a flatterer and would be a danger to me and my kingdom."
Saying so the lion pounced on Tingi and killed the boar.
The lion next asked Tanga to come forward.
"Is my breath sweet or not?," asked the lion.
Tanga was more cautious and said, "Sir, I am not a flatterer, I always say the truth. Your breath indeed smells very bad."
"Just as I suspected," said Sheru "You speak directly, without considering other's feelings. Such a minister is a menace to the community.
Sheru pounced on Tanga and killed it.
"Now it is your turn," said Sheru to Tongo, "Is my breath foul as Tanga said or sweet as Tingi said?


Tongo said, "I do not have the ability to become the minister because I was not able to save the two animals" Tongo left the place immediately after saying this.
K.Sai Sreekar
Basma M Sheerasi
"Sorry O King, I have caught a severe cold,so I am unable to tell if your breath is foul or sweet ," replied Tongo. The King was happy with Tongo's reply and appointed him as the Minister.
Sheru appointed tongo as the minister because tongo said "Sir I cannot say that because I have a cold."
Tongo thinks for a while. He predicted the danger what ever the answer was given. So he advised the king to set up a enquiry commission to get the truth. The king was satisfied and appointed Tongo as his minister.
ayushi gupta
Tongo said that he has a very bad cold and cannot smell anything. So he was excused and made him the minister!
Tongo smelt Sheru's breath.It bowed the king and remarked,"Oh Great King!Your breath must have smelt like jasmine,but now you ate two horrible animals,so it stinks". Sheru roared in laughter and appointed him as his minister for his thoughtfulness.
" Sir ", said Tongo " I do not have a good sense of smell, for I have a cold. Put your paws on your mouth blow, then smell. You will be able to smell your breath." the king said Tongo had passed the test and the jungle had a new minister.
Tongo shivered with this question and tried to escape. "Oh king! Sweet is good but is not good for health," he replied. The king smiled with the answer and time sense. Then he made Tongo as his minister.
Alolika Chatterjee
When Sheru, the lion opened his mouth in front of Tongo, Tongo must have said that he could not smell his breath as his nose was closed with clod so he could not smell anything. After this answer Sheru, the lion must have selected Tongo as his Minster as Tongo had instant wit, he didn't tell lie and he didn't hurt Sheru's feelings. Sheru knew himself that his breath was not sweet. After Tongo's reply Sheru would easily understand that if he makes Tongo his minister then Sheru will be benefited only as Tongo was intelligient.
Tongo was a wise monkey (unlike the other ones). He told the king "Your Highness! Your breath is indeed foul but wait I'll give you the special Teeth cleaner which I invented. It is used by the humans. They call it Tooth paste. When you dip this brush I give you, your breath will become sweet as Tingi said." Now Sheru knew whom to appoint his minister. "Marvellous! You told the truth as well as the treatment for it. You are the ideal minister." said Sheru. And Tongo served the king wisely.
shubhashree sadasivan
Tongo said "sir your breath smells like the breath of a lion sir. It is fear in the minds of the subjects. It is nessesary to have your subjects under control." The king became very happy and not realising that he was being flattered fell to a weak moment and made tongo his minister.
Tongo replied "Your Highness I have a cold. I could not smell any scent." Sheru was pleased. He said "You are very intelligent and you are fit to be my minister."
Tongo said," Sir,I have a bad cold. Hence it is difficult for me to judge."
Tongo was wiser. It said to the king " Oh my majesty ! I think I am having a cold. I could'nt probably identify whether it smells good or not. Therefore please excuse me. This witty reply of tongo the monkey pleased the king and thus the king renounced tongo as his new minister. Tongo understood the situation and told an answer that would possibly make the king happy.
Randy Lucas
Tongo asked Sheru to smell his breath, and asked Sheru if his breath smelled the same. Sheru said, "I'll not smell your breath because I am your King!" With this Tongo said, "I would not dishonour you by smelling your breath, just as you refused to smell mine in order to keep from dishonouring me."
Tongo said,"King, the foul breath is always bad for our health, so please brush your teeth so that you live long."
"Your highness, your breath is neither sweet nor bad. It is same as all the animals have." Hearing this intelligient answer Sheru was happy and appointed Tongo as his minister.
Abir Chatterjee(AAALEOVM)
Tongo must have told, " Your Majesty, your breath smells like a lion's odour."
Tongo said, "Your majesty because you eat flesh, your mouth smell is very bad." The lion was impressed by Tongo's reply. So he made him his minister.
wong chin ken
Tongo said, "Your breath smells like a lion's! If I say your smell is very bad, you will kill me. So I said this."
yiap X X
Tongo said, "My minister, if i say your breath sweet, you will kill me. If i say your breath is foul, you also will kill me. But if i doesn't say anything, you also will kill me. So, i think i better to run away!" Then, Tongo run away and Sheru did not get a new minister.
Tongo said that sheru had neither good nor bad breath. So sheru killed him too.
He said it smelt like a rose.
Tongo said that he had a cold and could not smell anything. So,Sheru appointed Tongo as the new minister.
Your highness, because you ate Tingi the boar, Tanga the rabbit, there is a foul smell from your mouth and to get rid off this, I suggest you to eat mint leaves. The King was happy with Tongo's wise reply and appointed him as the Minister.
Tongo said,"I don't have the ability to smell so I can't smell your breath." The King was glad with Tongo's answer and appointed him as the Minister.


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