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Shobha was a pretty girl. She was very good at studies right from the beginning. She used to always get good marks in all the subjects.
This year she had given her 12th Std exams. She spent her vacation at her uncle's farm. After a year of rigorous study she truly needed the break. She had fun exploring the countryside and wading in the stream. She spent hours sitting under the mango tree and reading novels.
Now as the day of her results drew near she started getting nervous. Her parents kept telling her not to get tensed and to relax but Shobha was very tensed. She knew she had done her papers well but you never know.
Finally the day of the result came and Shobha went to the temple to pray as her mother had told her to. Then she went to her college and went straight to the notice board where the results had been put up. She first scanned the Distinction list as she was confident that she would get atleast more than 75% marks. But she was dejected to find her name missing in that list. So she started looking in the First Class list but there too she could not find her name.
She went through all the lists but her name was not on it.


The fact is that she might have forgotten to write her name in the answer sheet and therefore her name did not appear in any of the lists.
She got panicked!!. She could'nt believe that her name is not there in any of the lists. She started crying. Mean time her principal was waiting for her to congratulate !!. Guess why??? She had got 3rd rank for the college. When her principal called her she got still more panicky. But when he started congratulating and praising her, she could't think what is happening. She even could'nt believe her ears when she heard the news. The reason is she had seen only the list from distinction onwards. The name was there in the first list. That is the Rank list. She started crying aloud again, but now with full of joy and happiness.
Shobha could not accept the fact that she had got second division or failed. She was confident of her marks. Even though she was nervous and tensed, she had always believed that would never get anything lower than 80%. But she did not find her name on any list. Immediately, she reported to the principal's office which was her only left hope. She knocked on the door and entered. A few teachers were there. “Yes Shobha, what’s wrong, why are you so tensed?” her principal Mrs. Kumar questioned her. “Madam” Shobha replied anxiously, “My name is not there on any of the lists…I searched all of them from top to bottom, but in vain…” “What??” her principal said perplexed. “Sujata and Rina, you wait here, and Aditi, you come with me” she said to the teachers. They all walked out of the office, down the third floor, and took the route towards the gymnasium, where the results were displayed. Shobha pushed the door open. There were no lights. Before she could react, the lights were switched open, and streamers came falling on to the grounds. On the far end she saw a big billboard which read ‘CONGRATS SHOBHA’. Surprised, she turned towards her principal and stammered “M-Madam, I...I...My god!” “Shobha, this party is especially for you. Your hard work and determination secured you not 80, not 90, but 96.3%” her principal said, a smile spread over her face. Tears came flowing from Shobha’s eyes. There in front of her was her whole school and teachers, waiting for her with gifts and congratulations. She had done it, she had achieved her goal. 96.3%, now that’s not a JOKE!
Rajeev Sharma
She was seeing a wrong list due to her tension. May be some other classes.
Tanisha Garg
Shobha could not find her name because one of her classmate was jealous of her results and had cut off her name .
Shobha went to the office and she realised that she had failed the test. Then, she ran home and started crying. She locked herself up in the room and never came out for the rest of her life.
Tanmay V S
After a while she realized that she did not write her name on the paper. She quickly ran to the teacher and asked "Ma'am, did you see any paper without a name on it? The teacher asked "Is this yours?" Shobha said yes. Shobha apologized for not writing her name. The teacher excused her and said that she is a bright girl and she should not get tensed otherwise she may have lost her paper. Shobha agreed to change her ways to be succesfull in the future.
The thud of a mango on her head woke her up from her slumber!
ammar tanhan
She fainted on the big cold tiles of the floor and felt some soft mixture on her hand. It was just a dream.
ammar tanhan
She was actually dead and only a spirit
She was almost on the verge of tears when her physics teacher came and congratulated her. Shobha was surprised and confused. The the teacher realised what has happened. She told Shobha that the list on this notice board are all for 10th Standard and the results for 12th standard have been posted next to their classroom. Shobha had actually topped the school with distinction in all the subjects. Moral: Have confidence in yourself and do not panic.
Shobha went to the office and checked if her name was missed out or something, but the office told her that the reason was because she had failed in the exam. Shobha couldn't understand, she had studied so hard. The truth sank into her and then she ran home. She locked herself in her room and never came out ever again in her whole life.
Her name was not there any where in the list, she was sad and depressed. Then the Principal of the college calls her to his room to congragulate her for getting a rank.
She went and told the principal about this. The principal came and checked all the list. She was surprised to see that one chart was missing. She told Shobha that one chart was missing. Then they met another teacher and discussed the problem with her. She checked everywhere and at last found in it another teacher's room. They put the chart up on the bulletin board. Shobha was excited as she had topped the list with 80% marks. She was overjoyed. All the teachers congratulated her. She ran and told her parents. They too were overjoyed.
Ipsita Sarkar
But how could this happen? Shobha always got good grades. She was really disappointed. She would not eat, sleep or even talk to her family and friends. They were really surprised with this behavior for they had never seen her like this before. They did whatever they could to cheer her up, but unfortunately, nothing worked. Meanwhile, her father would refuse to believe this. How could his daughter, Shobha, a girl who worked hard day and night get results like this? Her father went back to the notice board. He inspected it carefully this time. Her name was there after all! It was misspelt as Soba! He laughed a lot. He rushed home and told Shobha about this. She laughed as well and was relieved. She was glad that she had passed the test with 75% marks and above. They informed the school about it the next morning. She was one of the top students!
Maybe shobha's result must be there in the merit at the national level and that must be declared later on as from the beginning she was scoring well. She had also prayed to God for good marks.
shivani kalluri
Her name was not in the list since she topped in her school and her name was on the top in the meritorious student list which she couldnt see since her eyes first took a glimpse of distinction list. Since she was above distinction she could not find her name in the list. The principal personally announced Shobha as a meritorious student
I think she is a spirit
Thinking in a positive way, May be she got state rank, which is why her name was not in the list. Theme of the story is always to think in a positive way.
Juhi Agarwal
I think her name's must have been written wrong. She must ask the principal about that.
She was greatly disappointed to find her name missing. After a long search, she went home. With a heavy heart and told this to her mother. Shobha wept and wept and wept for days together. She wept so much that she fell ill and was taken to the doctor. The doctor gave her a big injection. She cried out so loudly that she fell down. Then she opened her eyes and to her astonishment she was sleeping in her bedroom. HEY ! It was only a DREAM. Hey ! Hey! And it never came true in her life.
She was one among 10 top ranks in the state.
Shobha actually got first in the whole school.
So she was dead.
I am Shobha
It was a true story. I felt hurt but I knew that I have to repeat the course. So true success comes from failure and we all have to learn from our mistakes. However I will not give up!!!!!! As my best friend TRONA always says, worrying is like a rocking chair, it keeps you busy but gets you nowhere. Life is not based on academics, grades or percentage but the character of that person. I will try my best.
She failed in her exams ....she was numbed, she thought of ending her life, she was mistreated by everyone... she was in a great depression....then one day she decided to show the world ....who she was ...she again gave the exam and topped..... from then onwards she never looked back.
Tensed, last option with her was that she might have flunked. This made her more worried as to what will she tell her parents and how was she going to face all her friends........ She looked up to pray to god........ and Stunned........ what she sees.......... on the main notice board. Congratulations!!!! to Ms. Shobha who has topped the University with maximum percentage. First time ever in the college has this happened. She coudn't believe her eyes. ....... She saw friends coming and congratulating her. She went and called her parents and her parents were overjoyed like never before.
Shobha was very sad. So she went to her home to tell to her parents, but when she entered her home she saw people of Sun T.V , Raj T.V etc who had come to interview her. She was excited to see them. All congratulated her and took photo. She was also surprised to be the state first rank.
The only wrong thing she might have done is, filling her name or Roll number wrongly in her answer paper....... so there must be some confusion in the board because of which her results may be with held
And then she woke up.
Shobha was very sad and terribly depressed. Her family was so embarrassed by her under-achievement. She was immediately pulled out of school and told to find work. Having spent all her time studying for the exam, she had no other skills. Luckily one day she was spotted for her good looks by a Bollywood scout. By the end of the year, she was a Bollywood movie star.. never once looking back at her failed academic career. Shobha was a pretty girl, and that is all that ever mattered.
There was some defect in her eyes, so she couldn't find her name in the result chart.
Shobha was actually looking at the result of 11th class. Her principal came and told her that she had secured 98.5% and had topped the exam.
kambalapally chandra shekar
Shoba tried her level best. She couldn't find her name in the list. After some time some of her classmates also found their names missing from the list. At last they found it was April 1st. Some naughty boys had fooled them.
Her friends changed the name in the sheet and gave a waste sheet with her name.
She convinced herself that she must have missed her name. But while she scanned the list again, she heard her friends giggling behind her. She turned around and asked" What's so funny?" One of her friends, Kareena said " Come follow us!" So Shoba followed them down the unusually empty hall. Just then Shoba noticed that Kareena was missing. She asked "Where's Kareena?" Her other friend Aishwariya replied " I don't know!" in a sarcastic voice. Then Pia said" Here, follow me.. I know where she is." Also in a sarcastic voice. They led her to the gym. When she entered, all the lights got turned off Before Shoba could see anything. Just then the lights turned on. "SURPRISE!!" yelled the whole school and her family! It turned out hat they hadn't put Shoba's name on the list becaue she got 100% throughout the WHOLE school! She was the top student! To mak it even better. After Shoba graduated, a Bollywood saw herand brought herback to Mumbai where she became a Bollywood star! Thus Shoba lived happily ever after!
ruhin shaikh
Afterwards a voice "Get up shoba you are getting late for your results" She fell down from her bed. This was her dream.
This is what exactly happenend in my cousin's case when she was looking for her results in andhra univerity, for her BA (Eng) Lit.Her name was printed on the top of the list as " University rank holder " M L Gayatri, instead of the usual list.The year could be 80-81. So, If you are confident look up and not down.
She did not find her name on the notice board because she got first rank in the district.
She became upset she couldn't understand what has happened. She rushed to the principal for help. The principal was shocked too, after listening to Shobha's talk. The principal asked everyone that ' why Shobha's name is not present in any list? They quickly got up to look up for Shobha's answer sheet. When they found her sheet, they got to know that Shobha has scored the 3rd highest rank for the college!!! Her tension was all swept away. She smiled with a sigh of relief. she went home and told everyone about what happened in the school. She celebrated her happiness.... As also said- "ALL'S WELL,THAT END'S WELL!!!'


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