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Giant Challenge

Antao was a giant. He claimed that he was the biggest man in the world and was always bragging about his great strength. One day another giant who lived in another part of the country heard of Antao’s boasts and was enraged.
“How dare he call himself the strongest man when I am here!” he roared and set out for Antao’s abode.
When Antao saw him coming he was terrified because the man was very much bigger than he was.
“What a fool I was to boast about my strength,” thought Antao. “Now I’m done for!”
Suddenly his eyes fell on an old pram, the kind that is used to wheel babies around in and he got an idea.……..
When the giant who had come in search of Antao pushed open the door of the house and entered, the first thing he saw was the pram and its occupant.
All his courage drained from him.


In the pram was a huge baby which was only a little smaller than him. He became afraid. If the baby was this big, how big will Antao be? The baby was actually Antao. He had disguised himself. The other giant thought better of fighting Antao. He tickled the baby. Antao put his finger in his mouth and sucked it. He acted like a real baby. The other giant had now started to like this baby. He called out 'ANTAO', I am taking this, sweet in the pram outside and went out for a walk. By this time Antano's brother, Grantano had gone to visit him. When the giant took Antao back, he saw a huge giant, bigger than him, standing there. He decided that it was Antao. Lying in the pram, Antao showed gestures to his brother to make him understand why he was in the pram. Grantano laughed and challenged the giant for a fight. But he was frightened and ran from the spot at once. He didn't even know that it was Antao in the pram.
Antao rested himself on the pram and wore a pityful expression on his face which made the other giant have pity on him.
Amisha Kanoria
When Antao saw the pram, he got the idea that he was boasting about his size in front of some one so small as to sit in a pram. He lost his courage because it was below his dignity to compare himself with someone so small. He probably went into his shell on seeing the pram and decided not to judge people before actually seeing them.
Amarnath Duleep
The giant quickly turned around and took to his heels. If only he had turned and looked once, he would have seen Antao emerging slowly from the pram a wide grin splitting his face. Antao had been hit by a brain-wave and had gotten the idea of pretending to be his own baby.It was this which had scared the other giant as he wondered, that if Antao's baby was this big, how big would Antao be? As for Antao, well he never boasted again.
he pretended to be antao's child.
Vishal b.m
Antao slept on the pram pretending to be a baby, fixed a feeding bottle in his mouth and quitely sipped milk. The other giant thought " the baby giants of this town are just a little smaller than me. So the elder giants must be much taller than me...I must get out of this place at once"
Clara Chong Rui En
When the giant came in, all he could see was a huge "baby" giant in the pram. He sighed and said,"Oh,there is nobody else here. I'll go home then." Then when he left,Antao got up and went to visit his aunt.
When the Giant saw the occupant, he thought that it was the baby of Antao and murmured to himself, "The baby itself is very huge then how big would that Antao be?"and he ran out of the the house trembling with fear. After that he was not to be found anywhere in the city.


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