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The Boastful Crow

A flock of geese flew down to a beach where a solitary crow was hopping around. The crow watched them with disdain.
“How gracelessly you fly!” he said to the swans. “All you know is how to flap your wings. Can you glide? Can you somersault in the air? No, that’s beyond you. Let’s have a flying competition. I’ll show you what flying really is!”
One of the swans, a young, sturdy male, took up the challenge, whereupon the crow flew up and began to display his flying prowess. He flew in circles, swooped down like an arrow, and performed a variety of acrobatics in the air. Then he flew down, cawing triumphantly.
Now it was the swan’s turn. He launched himself into the air and began flying over the sea. The crow flew after him, making all sorts of derisive comments about his manner of flying. On and on they flew till finally the land was lost to sight. Water stretched endlessly on all sides. The crow’s comments became less and less frequent and finally, stopped altogether. He had begun to tire. Eventually he became so tired that he found it hard to stay in the air. He had to struggle to keep from falling into the water.


anuraag balaji
The crow fell into the sea.
The crow started screaming for help. The swan came and told the crow to sit on his back. The crow sat on the swan's back and the swan took him to the shore. After they reached the shore the swan asked 'So my friend .Who is a better flyer?' The crow felt ashamed of himself and learned not to boast too much.
Reshmaa Divakar
When the crow tried to fall into the water, the swan helped him and the crow finally understood that we must not under-estimate others and thus the swan and the crow became friends and lived happily.
The crow then thought of something that was amazing. He asked the swan to join him for another competition where one has carry the other. The crow asked the swan to do it first. So the crow sat on the swan and asked him to take him to the ground where he accepted his defeat. Thus he was brought back to the land safely.
He struggled too hard but was not able to help himself. He finally fell into the water and and as he was in the middle of the sea a shark came and was after him. When Swan heard the cries of the Crow he looked back and found that the Crow was in danger. Crow prayed to the swan "Please save me." Then the swan said you said" You knew swimming and boasted a lot about your strength ,now where is your strength?" " I am sorry. Please help me" said the Crow. The Swan stretched his wings held the Crow and carried him till an island came. When they reached the land the Crow apolozised to the Swan. MORAL- Never boast about yourself. God has made many creatures and everyone has a good quality and every one is good in something.
The crow got exhausted & fell into the water. Moral of the story: Never criticize anybody without knowing what they are & never boast too much about yourself.
He was falling down and just then the swan went under the crow and took him to land.
The swan saved the crow from falling into the water. The crow realized that "Actions speak louder than words"
shreyas chawathey
The crow finally fell into the water and died. However, the Swan survived and went away back outwitting the crow.
swati nair
The crow fell into the water.
He was about to fall into the water and he asked the swan "what was his trick". The swan said that my trick is to fly far away without needing to come down to land. The crow then asked for help. The swan said NEVER BOAST AGAIN IN YOUR LIFE! After that he helped the crow back to the land on his wings.
The crow fell into the water.
The Crow died.
There was a plane flying in the air and the crow crashed into it !
The crow thought that he flew very gracefully but finally he could not stay in the air.
Candy Yiu
As the crow was very boastful he had a bad result.
A eagle came over and saw the crow who had become tired. So it killed the crow and ate it.
Ashritta Ramesh
The crow' s eyesight failed him because he was so tired and he flew headlong into a hot - air balloon! The children in the hot-air balloon caught the crow and stuffed him into a cage they had brought with them. Thus , the life of the crow ended. MORAL - NEVER BE BOASTFUL IN YOUR LIFE OR YOU WILL MEET BAD ENDS !
Catherine thomas
The swan saved the crow's life by bringing him back on the shore on his back and so it was proved that the swan was a better flier. The crow was ashamed of himself and learnt to never boast again.
Minakshi Swaminathan
I think the crow fell into the sea and drowned.
Finaly the crow won.
The crow' s eyesight failed him because he was so tired and he flew headlong into a hot - air balloon! The swan said NEVER BOAST AGAIN IN YOUR LIFE! After that he helped the crow back to the land on his wings.
The crow fell into the sea and almost drowned because he cannot swim. The crow cried for help and the swan saved him by carrying him on his back.


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