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First day at work

Sulekha had just been appointed in the multinational bank. After one month of rigorous training today was her first day to display the result of the training.
She got up as usual, but decided to skip her gym workout as she did not want to risk getting late to office on her first day itself. She went through her morning routine and spent a lot of time in deciding what to wear. None of her dresses seemed to appeal to her- either they were a little too bold for a first day or they were a little too dull and she definitely wanted to make an impression right from the start. Finally she settled on the white embroidered churidhar set combined with a tie and dye duppatta.
She waved bye to her mom and set off cheerfully towards the bus stop. But she saw a bus leaving the stop just as she turned round the corner. Now she would have to wait for a good 15 minutes. She stood there patiently. 15 minutes passed and then 30 minutes and there was no sign of the bus. There was not a single rickshaw too in sight. Now what would she do? She had to reach office on time. She saw a rick approaching but as she tried to stop it, the driver speeded on without even a glance. And still no trace of a bus.
It was then that a car stopped near her and a man waved out to her. He said, "Aren't you working at the bank at Nariman Point? My office too is in the same building. Can I give you a lift?"
Sulekha was hesitant at first but then forced herself to get in as she was going to get late. They exchanged preliminary formalities and then he switched on the radio and absorbed in the song, Sulekha realised too late that they were not on the familiar route to her office. She asked the man to stop the car but he did not heed her and asked her to shut up.


The man was a thief and he was taking her to his boss.
Sulekha was scared. She didn't know what to do. She thought about it and decided that when the car next stopped at the traffic lights she would jump out. She put her hand on the seat belt, and when the car stopped, she opened the door and ran out, she didn't know where she was, but she saw a taxi, and she got in. She got to work a couple of minutes late, but the staff didn't mind. Moral: Never trust strangers.
Sulekha felt she had no other option, but to keep her mouth shut. The man appeared to be decent to her but never stopped to chant Hanuman Chalisa. The carstopped near a building and to her great surprise she found the name of her office. Yes, it was her main office. She had to report to this office and the man was a member of her interview panel, who identified her and extended all his help. She felt sorry for having doubted him and decided to plan her day well.
The man laughed out loud. Sulekha who was very nervous thought of something that could stop the man. Sulekha tried to drive the car but she was pushed by the man. Sulekha figured out that this man is very famous for his crimes. Poor Sulekha! There was no way out. She couldn't anymore display the result of her training.
That man was driving his car speedily and took a new shortcut route to her office. Sulekha reached her bank on time and her manager praised her for her work as well as punctuality. Sulekha thanked the man whole heartedly.
This man was Sulekha's boss. Sulekha was appointed for the job.
That man was a kidnapper. As Sulekha was a wealthy woman, he tried to kidnap her and take money. No, Sulekha did not reach her office.
The man was a kiddnapper. This is what happens when you talk to a stranger or accept to do what they say even if it is for our own benefit.
He told her that he was her boss. Actually there was less petrol in the car, so he was going to the petrol pump. She reached the office safely. She thanked her boss for the lift.
She became nervous and started to pull at the shirt of that man but, he did not mind. It was getting late to the office. There was only 10 minutes more, suddenly there was a crash. The car hit against a tree and as Sulekha was sitting at the back seat, she wasn't hurt. She left the site immediately and reached the office on time.
Ishan Pathak
He was her boss who wanted to test the mental ability . He wanted to see what she will do in crisis because she was to be posted in a bank and if there was a robbery how she will behave.
Sulekha thought this was a theif but it was actully her boss. He told Sulekha who he was. So Sulekha got to her office on time.
Today was Sulekha's birthday and she cursed herself to enter that wierd car. She became nervous and didn't know what to do. That man took her to an lonely place which was really dark. He told Sulekha to get down, but she did not listen. Then he told her that he would'nt do anything to her. But still Sulekha refused. Then that man pulled her out and took her inside a dirty looking house. He switched on the lights and everybody (her parents,mother and friends) shouted happy birthday. She felt happy but of course she was late for her office. What shall she do? Everybody started laughing. Sulekha felt irritated. Then they told her that today was a sunday and there was no office today. She put her head down in shame. Then when she turned towards that man, he said suprise and gave her a gift. Before Sulekha could ask him where he was from and who he was he sat in his car and drove away. When she asked her parents who he was they said that he was her uncle who had come from U.S. and that she had never seen him before. They said that he was in a hurry because he got a sudden call from his boss and he told him to come to office as fast as possible. Sulekha was happy but she really decided not to get onto anybody's car without she knowing that person. She thought that that's the end of going in cars
Sulekha felt she had no other option, but to keep her mouth shut. The man appeared to be decent to her but never stopped to chant Hanuman Chalisa. The car stopped near a building and to her great surprise she found the name of her office. Yes, it was her main office. She had to report to this office and the man was a member of her interview panel, who identified her and extended all his help. She felt sorry for having doubted him and decided to plan her day well.
The man arrived at a house and dragged her to the door.To sulekha's surprise,when the man open the door,there was a party going on and there was a cake engraved april fool's day. It was then, sulekha realised that today was april's fool day. The man was her best friend's friend who argreed to play a trick on her. However,sulekha remembered that she was going to be late for the interview. She asked the man if he could reach her to the office once again and the man agreed readily.
Afzia Khan
Rather than all this, if Sulekha was so intelligent to be selected and recruited for a Multinational Bank, she should'nt have taken such a risk and believe in a stranger offering lift. Now that she had taken the lift she should rather explain the stranger to please drop her as she was getting late for her office. She should plead with him to let her go.
The person wanted to give her a new good job.
The person wanted to give her a new job.
The man was a kidnapper and probably had a plan to kidnap Sulekha to have a ransom money.
Priyam sharma
The man was a fraud and his intention was to take away her jewellery ,watch and money. But when sulekha got to know his intention she boldly beat that man as she was a black belt in judo karate. Although she could'nt reach on time but she safely reached her office. When her boss came to know about the incident he praised her in front of office staff and decided to give her bravery award. Sulekha felt proud of herself but she also decided to be in time from that day onwards.
nidhi ninan
The man was a thief. He took her to his boss to make money from her.
She had played a trick as she herseif belonged to a gang of theives.
saniya subir
He was a robber and he wanted her to give some money and rob her dear house.
The man was a thief. He was known for kidnapping.


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