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A man saw a ship sinking and he watched helplessly as it went down with all its crew.
"How unjust the gods are!" he thought to himself. "They let the good and the bad go to their deaths together."

An ant bit him on his leg just then, making him cry out with pain.
Seeing an anthill near his feet, he kicked furiously at it and stamped on the ants that ran out.
Suddenly he saw God standing before him.
God says..


God says to this man " Oh man! Don't Hurt Small creatures and animals they are also living beings like you."
God said, "My dear fellow, I just heard you tell me that I am quite unjust to the good and bad of this world. Then what do you think you did just now? Why, just because one, single, tiny ant bit you, you smashed the home of millions of innocent ants. And what's more, you didn't leave them all alone. Instead, you further destroyed their race by stamping them. Don't you think this is injustice?" The man stammered sheepishly to God, "O almighty one, didn't the ant do a sin by biting me? Isn't it bad?" "No, my son, it isn't bad. After all, the ant was just doing its duty. You were standing too close to the anthill and so to defend it, the ant bit you. Don't you defend your country from outer invasion? Don't you even kill people, not realising how many families are torn apart? But I don't deny it, for it is for your country's sake. The same way, the ant defended its anthill. And by the way, you actually had to be grateful for me to sink that ship. It contained pirates, who were planning a full scale attack on your town."-said God with a smile and vanished, much to the shame of the man.
"Cease what you are doing. The ants mean you no harm. They are just doing what I made them to do." Then the man stopped and kneeled down before God and said "I'm sorry", and the Lord forgave him.
God said,"How unjust you are!You let the good and the bad ants go together!"
God said,"How cruel you are!You killed both good and bad ants together !!"
Isn't that exactly what you are doing. Just because one ant bit you, you punished all of the other innocent ants. Hearing this the man realized what he just did and understood what God was saying. Moral: Think about what you do before you blame others.
'You said how unjust we are' said the gods. 'First see to yourself.You are stamping the ants.'
Pradesh kuarni
God came down and told the man "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
How unjust the humans can be that they kill things for such a small reason.
Rekha chander
I am unjust because you are unjust to all the small things like ants. Then on the man never kicked or killed small things or animals.
Sree Devineni
Why then have you taken your own intiative to stop ants from biting you? You could have kept watching!
When I first created man they were good but then they started to fight and make war. That ship contained a small population of evil humans and it seemed right to kill them. But this ant has done NOTHING to this world which makes a big difference and because of your selfishness a whole colony of ants have died. You should be ashamed of your self. Telling me that I was wrong when you and the rest of mankind have done much more wrong than me. with that God disappeared. The man decided he would be a hermit and escape the wrath of god.
Cyprian MonisSJ
“When you, yourself take life of so many ants without their fault how can you hold me responsible for the deaths of good and the bad alike? I am as good as I was before and I am as just as I was. You can block the sun rays by pulling the curtain but does the sun goes away because you blocked it? In the same way, I am always good and just. But it is you who block me and make mess of things and die!


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