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The Lion and The Jackal

One day the lion killed a goat and in the fight it got its leg injured. It was so painful that the lion found it very difficult to walk. A clever jackal saw the dead goat and the lion in pain. It came near the lion and asked, "Oh! king, what's the matter with you? "The lion said, "I've got such an injury on the leg that I can't even stand". "I know a cure for that", said the jackal, "I'll make a bandage with the goat's skin which will fix your leg in no time". Saying so the jackal removed a long piece of skin from the goat, tied one end to the leg of the lion and the other end to a tree firmly. With a smile, the jackal started pulling the goat to its lair. Fired with fury the lion jumped to stop the jackal from taking the goat away. Half way, he was abruptly stopped and he fell on the ground. The lion looked back and saw the other end of the bandage tied to a tree! He realised the trick played by the jackal. Once again the lion tried to catch the jackal and this time it got hold of its tail. The jackal jumped to one side and the lion got only a portion of its tail. The jackal walked away with the goat and after struggling for a long time, the lion got himself freed from the knot. He looked around and saw the part of the jackal's tail lying there. "The tail will enable to pick out the jackal who fooled me", thought the lion. In the evening, the lion ordered all the jackals to be summoned. When the jackal heard this, he thought of a plan to escape.


The jackal decided to have a one on one match with the lion. With superior strength, the lion flung the jackal around and finally left the jackal lying on the ground a bloody heap. The punishment on the Jackal was not enough to satisfy the lion's rage. He threw the jackal down into the river where it was torn to pieces by the crocodiles.
Sweta Das
The jackal started telling all the other jackals that the lion king was sick and the jungle doctor has advised him to eat the jackal with the longest tail to get cured. The messgae spread like quick fire among all the jackals. The jackals used every means available to get their tails cut short. When all the jackals assembled in the evening in front of the lion king, the lion could not make out the notorious jackal.
sharina rebello
The Jackal fixed the goat's tail to himself & went to meet the lion,so much so that the lion did not notice the artifical tail & the jackal was saved.
The jackal went to town and killed goats, chicken and other farm animals. He made a costume which had the skin of a goat, cow and bulls and had the feathers of ducks and chickens. He put on the costume to look like a strange animal and went to the jungle. When the Lion saw the jackal, he was afraid and ran away.
uma kumar
The jackal put a portion of the dead goat he had acquired earlier as bait in front of a fellow jackal's lair. The smell of the dead meat brought the hungry jackal out and he begged for some meat of the goat. The jackal without the tail agreed to part with the meat on the condition that the jackal would part with a portion of his tail . The unsuspecting jackal happily gave him a part of his tail in exchange for the meat. The crafty jackal attached the portion of the tail to his own. Later in the day when all the jackals of the jungle assembled in front of the lion, the jackal without his comlete tail caught the attention of the lion, who punished him by killing him. The jackal who had indeed stolen the dead goat in the first place thus escaped the wrath of the king of the jungle.
The clever jackal coined a plan. It called all the jackal in the forest for a meeting. As the jackals gathered, the jackal started to address “my fellow jackals, there has been a terrible thing going on. Our lion king has fallen sick & is in his death bed, so he is choosing his heir for his throne. He thought picking up a jackal was the wise thing.” He paused and looked at their faces. “ so you mean to say one of us will be the king?” asked a jackal from the crowd. “No actually the wise jackal will be throned”. “Oh really & how does king plan to find out that?” Well you see there was a yogi who recently visited the forest & predicted that a jackal without a tail will take away the throne from the lion. That evening the lion had summoned all the jackals for the meeting in the hope to find the jackal who had fooled it only to find there half dozen jackals without a tail. Again the lion was fooled.
Dylan Chew Li Ren
The lion knew the jackal was trying to escape because the jackal didn't come when all the jackals were summoned. So he hid behind a tree and when the jackal walked near him, he jumped out and killed the jackal.
The jackal who took the goat away called few of his friend jackals and told them to cut their tails before meeting the Lion because Lion did not like Jackal's tail. This way many jackals went to the meeting with Lion with small tails. After seeing that, the Lion could not identify the jackal who had fooled him to steal the goat.
The jackal thought of a plan but before he could fool the lion again, the lion found the jackal by his smell and then he asked his other lion friends to catch him.
Lim Su Yin
At night, when all the other jackals are asleep, he cut off a bit of each of their tail without them knowing. The next day, the lion gathered all the jackals at the middle of the jungle and called his men to search for the jackals who had the shortest tail. To the lion's surprise, the length of all their tails was the same. He thought that all the jackals wanted to help the jackal who stole away his goat, this made him very angry. He then ordered his men to execute all the jackals and hang their legs on the tree where he was fooled that day.
The jackal ran to a different place to escape. Then when the lion heard this,he ordered all the jackals to get the jackal. All the jackals went all over the world to get the jackal. Then the lion killed the jackal. Moral:Don't trick other people or animals when they struggle
Chong Woon Hxx
Yes, the lion caught the jackal.
Then after a lot of hardwork the lion caught the jackal and killed him .
The jackal disguised himself and went where other jackals were going. But the lion recognised him and killed the jackal.
Too much of greed is harmful.
The jackal and his friends were thrown out from the jungle and were ordered not to come back by the jungle king LION.
Dev Gehlot
When other Jackals saw him with his tail cut short. They asked him what went wrong with his tail. The cunning jackal fooled them telling that he was blessed with enlightenment by cutting his tail. All the others followed the suits due to which the lion was unable to recognize the true culprit.


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