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You Can Do It

Akshay had always excelled in sports. Be it football or athletics, he was always the winner. The 100 mtrs dash was incomplete without Akshay. It was as if the other athletes were competing for the second and third place as the first place was always Akshay's.
Akshay took great pains in keeping himself fit. But of late his ankle was bothering him a lot. It used to hurt very often. But he had to be fit soon, as the qualifying round for the National meet was round the corner. He had to qualify as the gold medal had always been his dream. He worked out and paid extra attention to his ankle-pain too.
Then the D-day dawned. The athletes lined up for the 100 mtrs race. Akshay did his warm-up and stood in position with his right leg bent and left leg stretched back. As the count was about to begin he experienced the pain in his left ankle. It was so bad that he winced. The pain was shooting up and just then he heard the announcement that the race was about to commence.
He told himself, 'yes, you can do it. This is your only chance to qualify for the finals.'


The race begins with a shot of a gun. Akshay did not mind his pain and ran with all his determination. Though he was not able to run fast because of the pain, he ran as fast as much as he could. He ran, ran, ran ........... All the audience in the ground were very surprised to find him running slowly. All the audience were very eager to know the new winner because all the time Akshay would be winning but this time he was not to. But all the audience cheered him up and that was the only thing which made him faster. The finish line came. All were very keen. Akshay forgot his pain and ran faster than all the other athletes. And who do you think was the winner? It was none other than Akshay. The audience did not know how he was able to run fast with his pain. Akshay too did not know that. Akshay was selected for the finals which was to be held after 15 days. He came home and told his mother all that happened. And, Akshay was very busy in making himself fit for the finals. In the finals too Akshay did win the 1st prize.
Akshay knew that he could do it. He would keep his mind off the pain. He looked ahead at the goal and ran. He came first.
Akshay ignored the pain and won the race.
The race begins with the final whistle. Akshay begins running but mid-way he twists his ankle and tips over. Everyone is aghast! The race finishes with other Navneet coming first. He says I will not play the finals if Akshay cannot qualify as without Akshay a race is without any competition.
Mohammed Junaid Anwer
Yes, Akshay should make it by getting qualified as, if your desire is strong then nothing can stop you. Race started and Akshay stoodup like others and strated running. Initially he felt pain and when he started seeing his goal he completely forgot all his pain and the only thing in his mind was the end line and he slowly started pacing and one after one leaving behind the others and reached his target and after running for some 10 steps after crossing the finishing line, the pain started and he fell down and was admitted in hospital after 20 days of rest he regained health and learned a lesson that one should not neglect anything.
He started running but he could't run as he used to do before. He limped and the pain shot up again. He winced loudly, so loudly that the person running beside him heard him. But Akshay kept on running. He didn't know one thing. The judge had seen him wince and had seen him run even when his ankle hurt. When the race finished he was second! But when the results were announced, he was first! The judge told him that he had come first for he had raced bravely and without thinking what pain he would face he had still done the race. He was very happy. You would be too if you were in his place, wouldn't you?
Akshay fell down for a moment and got up. Everyone ran fast. Akshay told his mind you can do it. He ran faster and in the end he qualified for the final.
Akshay managed to win the race though his ankle was paining a lot. With his full confidence he managed to win the first prize. He got the golden cup and was selected for the finals. He tried his best to win the race. Akshay was the real winner because he won the first prize though his ankle was paining very much.
Isha Puthran.
Akshay`s ankle pain was totally absorbed by his adamant determination to win the race which will qualify him for finals. He did it by winning in the first place and after that collapsed immediately because of unbearable wincing pain and recovered completely after spending couple of days in the hospital.
Well, The end of teh story will reflect your attitude to see towards the life. But as per me, one should be practical about real scenario. When Akshay started the race, he wanted to accomplish his goal by winning the race. But his mind was baffled as he was expecting to win only. His mind was very optimistic and strong. But for physical health, mind could not cure it within short period. So he realized pain in his ankle. At one side he had dream of winning the match and on other side he was suffering from pain. He was not able to win the match. He was disappointed and was returning back home cursing himself when he saw one handicapped person who was going through using his wheel chair and he was blind. Akshay thought that how good I am as I have got everything with me. I am not handicapped. Then why I should become miserable. Its my choice how I live as compared to what circumstances force me to do. As far as this match was concerned, I have tried my best but due to pain I did not get 1st position. It doesn't matter as I can again rebuild myself and wait for next time when I can prove myself. As Success is never ending and failure is never final.
Akshay was running greatly but in the middle of the race, he fell down, but at the end, he showed his true character and stood up on his will power and concentrated on the goal, he forgot all the pains and ran very fast and touched his chest to the winning strip. Moral: The moral of the story is that don't lose hope whatever problem it is, because where there is a will, there is a way.
Rekha Chander
Akshay ran as fast as he can.As he ran fast the ankle pain also increased. At that moment he prayed to god and the ankle pain disappeared. So the moral of the story is that if you have faith in god , god will surely help you.
He Won.
Akshay tried to forget his pain and run ,and he won the race.
Akshay may run fast as he could. But I am thinking that he would get selected for the round as he think that he could do.


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