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Jena's Magical Touch

Jena, a 12 year old girl loved going to school
One day, as she took out a pen from the pencil box to do her homework, it started doing the homework by itself! At first she was scared but later she started enjoying it. It so happened that whatever she touched started doing its work by itself! Slowly she realized that she had developed a magical touch.
The next day when she went to school, it was her turn to write the time-table on the board. The moment she picked up the chalk, it started scribbling by itself on the board! Her teacher scolded her for having scribbled on the board. She tried explaining to the teacher about what had actually happened but the teacher would not listen. She was upset.
She realized that nobody would ever believe her story. She now wanted to get rid of this magic! But how?

Story Idea by Nivedha Ganesh


Sia Patil
Jena goes to a magician's home to get rid of the magic. The magician takes all her magic and thus Jena gets rid of it.
she should tell to her best friend who will definitely believe her and her best friend will tell this to her teacher or she will have to pray to god who will help her.
she woke up from deep sleep to realize that the whole story was a beautiful dream.
Vinayak Iyer
She could get rid of magic by saying the magical word [Abray].
Anushka/Sonia from Canada
She went to a priest and asked him to help her. He said "Go home and lie down. Then after 5 minutes, drink a glass of cold water and do 5 jumping jacks. Then..... WAKE UP JENA!!!!!!!!!!!" And with that, Jena jumped up in her bed and her mother was beside her!! She yelled" Jena!!! You're going to miss the bus!!! Get dressed and go!!!!" " Haha!" thought Jena. "What a weird dream!!" Little did she know that a special pen was waiting for her at school.
She should consult the doctor and get it published in the newspapers. Then everyone will believe it.
Monica Guiriguis
She tried to control her magical power and shortly she was able to do it.
Paridhi Rustogi
Jena was so infuriatingly agitated, she broke her pen hoping the magic spell would break but much to her dismay, she ended up losing her pen and not the magic. But then suddenly, she realized what one wise persona had said to her one day, he said, "Jena, my daughter, always do remember, magic pens and magic rings will do you no good, it's the magic within you that will outshine." She said, "Eureka!" and willed for the magic to stop and PHOOF!. Next day her teacher told her to solve a question on the board. Jena was scared, she was thinking what if the magic did not end. Yet she mustered up all her will-power and when she rose her hand to write she realized that now she had control over her hand. She returned triumphantly to her seat. Taking her seat, she did magic and made her pen do all the work for her while she slept peacefully on her chair.
After all the students had gone home, she prayed to god and asked him to get rid of the magical touch. He granted her the wish and the next day Jena's teacher asked her to write 2 tables on the board. When she touched the board with the chalk piece, it did not start scribbling instead Jena wrote it herself and she was very happy and thankful to God.
Angelina Martin
Jena, at last made her teacher believe that she was saying the truth. The teacher took jena to a very educated person. The person gave jena a magical apple and asked her to eat it. Jena did so and after a day she realized that her magical touch was gone.
lakshmi keshav
Jena went home and prayed to god with full heart for two hours continuously. Then god appears before her and asked her the reason. Jena said that she wants to get rid of the magic touch. God was surprised. Jena said ''at first the magical touch did as I told it but one day my teacher told me to write the timetable on the blackboard and she went. I asked the magical touch to write the timetable but it started scribbling on the blackboard and when my teacher returned she scolded me''. God agreed and Jena got rid of her magic.
Aangi Sheth
Jena was confused thinking what to do. She had heard from her elders that praying to God would help. She tried, but ended up unsuccessful. Suddenly she heard a magical voice, saying, Jena I give you 1 universal wish. Change anything you want and it will happen. Jena said, "Whishka Woshka Don't ever make a magician ever in life". And to her suprise the magic diappeared.
shereen saleem
Jena thoughta lot. Then a little parrot sat on her shoulder and said jena go to your bed room and say magic magic go away and never come back again 3 times. Jena did as the parrot told and the magic went away.
shoaib hossain , kuwait,gulf indian school
Jeena told her mother about this and her mother prayed and also jeena prayed. Next day the magic disappeared.
she needs to ask god.
She prayed to God to remove her magic and then she became a nice girl. The teacher always liked her, because her magic went away, and she wrote very nicely.
Jena then realized that an invisible ghost was trying to get her into trouble. The ghost tried to kill her. Jena screamed loudly." aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa". Her mom came running towards her and said "Wake up you silly girl. you will be late for school." It was all a dream.
Nandini Gadesha
She went to a magician and told him all about what had happened .The magician told her to dance in a song. Then jump 5 times and drink three glasses of water. Suddenly the alarm bell rang and she started dancing. Her mother came and when she saw Jena dancing she first laughed but then said Jena get up you will miss your school bus. She got up and thought what a beautiful dream!
Then she went home and took that same pen and rubbed that pen. Then a fairy arrived and asked what happened? She told everything that happened in the school and that fairy told that everything will happen normal when you wake up next morning. Next morning when she woke up and went to school everything happened normal and she was very happy.
Alolika Chatterjee
She was dreaming.
Poulami Sau
Jena went to the genie and told him that she wanted to get rid of the magical touch from her hand as she wanted to write by herself. The genie took her magical touch away. She could write by herself and thus she got rid of the magical touch.
ann sabu
It was her dream and suddenly she waked up from her sweet dream.
manu bhat
She noticed that she was wearing a cap on her finger that was magical. She took it off and put it in the trash.
Then Jena went and told it to her best friend Ritu then Ritu told her that there was a magician who could take all her magical powers and use the magic powers for good thinsg.So Jena quickly went to the magician and the magician took away the power from her.


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