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Sherkhan Woos a Bride

In Tapovan forest lived a mighty lion named Sherkhan. One day a traveller was passing through the forest accompanied by his pretty daughter. Sherkhan saw her and fell in love with her. He demanded the traveller's daughter in marriage. The traveller was afraid to refuse, so he invited Sherkhan to his house for a discussion.Sherkhan went there eagerly.
"I am willing to accept you as my son-in-law," said the traveller. "But on one condition...


"I must know if you are as wise as a human, and thus worthy of my daughter. My greatest treasure sits within this house. I would like you to find it and bring it to me before sunset." Sherkhan searched every corner of the house. He looked in every room, found tons and tons of gold and jewels, none of which were too uncommon to be the greatest treasure. Dusk was dawning upon the day. Sherkhan was losing his hope. He could see that the traveller and his daughter were fast approaching. Then, he smiled. He had found the traveller's greatest treasure! "So, have you found it?" asked the traveller. "Yes. Your greatest treasure is your daughter!" The traveller nodded. "You are very wise, indeed." And so Sherkhan and his bride were wed. And they lived happily ever after.
You must never, under any circumstances, go to the Syrandoka Village! If you do, great danger will spring up on you!" Sherkhan really didn't know what this "old dude's" problem was, so he hurriedly accepted and took away his love. Of course, after their wedding they were to have a grand honeymoon, but they still needed a place to wed! They travelled until they arrived at the nearest village. It was a small village, very quaint at that. Only couple of rows of small huts lined around a marketplace, each with a small fire and women, shooing children away from the food. Sherkhan knew this would be a good place to wed. 'Wonder what this little place is called' he thought to himself... Little did he know that this was the Syrandoka Village and he had little idea of what was to come.
The traveller tells the lion to cut his claws and teeth and the lion does what he was told. And then the traveller says, "You fool never listen to what other people say" and then the traveller kills the lion and runs away
The traveller posed Sherkhan that his daughter was allergic to Sherkhan's claws and sharp teeth so to take out those. When he did that, Sherkhan was beaten by the traveller and did not get his lady love.
The traveller took a promise from Sherkhan that he must never trouble the people & also should not hurt them. Sherkhan being a lion could not live without eating anything that he got & so he washed away the thoughts of the lady.
The traveller told Sherkhan that he should not eat his daughter and should teach her how to behave like a lioness and must transform her into a lioness. Sherkhan knew this was a baby's job. He killed a lioness and brought the skin of it and gave it to his wife. .
The condition was Sherkhan must bring a leaf off the Golden tree. Then he'd be allowed to marry the girl.So Sherkhan walked though the forest, looking for the Golden Tree.All the while, the girl and the man were laughing at home, for there was no such thing as a golden tree, and surely he wouldn't be able to climb a tree.
The traveller said, "I will allow you to marry my daughter if you can catch your tail with your mouth."
The traveller said " I am willing to make you my son-in-law only on a condition that you shall become vegeterian."
The condition was by not biting her and not acting like a lion. Yes he did get his lady love.
The condition was that Sherkhan could marry the traveller's daughter only if she was willing to. When the traveller asked his daughter she did not like him because he was an animal , he was stinky and he is a wild animal. So they did not marry each other and Sherkhan did not win the hand of the traveller's daughter.
You should become a man bridegroom and live with us in our house. Sherkhan could not become a man. So he lost the girl.
The condition was - you should cut your nails and remove your teeth.
The condition was that Sherkhan should tell the man if he had his true love and to prove it Sherkhan had to kiss the man's daughter in jungle.
The conditions were that Sherkhan had to cut his nails till the last and take out all his teeth and throw it in the well nearby. So, Sherkhan agreed and did so. The next morning when Sherkhan came,the traveller took a stick and kicked sherkhan out of his house. He told 'this is the punishment you get for falling in love with my daughter'.
The traveller told Sherkhan that his daughter will marry the person who is well read and educated. Sherkhan took this as an insult, so he asked the traveller's daughter if she ever loved him. His daughter was very tired of her father as he always used to beat her. So the daughter wanted a life partner who would be very strong. Who else can it be but Sherkhan? So the daughter said "yes". Hearing this Sherkhan killed the traveller and the two lived happily ever after.
"You must do nothing." And so the Lion took the Girl and killed Her, for the traveller was so careless as to have him do nothing for his bride.
The condition was that: At any cost, you (Sher Khan) should not make my daughter cry. If you are ready to act according to this condition, you can expect me to accept you as my son-in-law. Sher Khan accepted this condition. Finally, they both married and led a happy life forever.
Penn a. Dane.....2005
The traveller told Sherkhan that her daughter had to decide on her own if she loved her. But when Sherkhan asked the daughter, she said that she doesn't believe in love at first sight. Until Sherkhan could prove his love for her, he could not marry her. So the traveller and the daughter passed the night there and early the next day, Sherkhan packed his things and followed the traveller and the daughter to where they were going. When they finally reached their destination, the daughter finally accepted to marry him him after getting to know what kind of caring person Sherkhan could be..
............that you must come with us and stay with us. Sherkhan agreed to this and then went to the traveller's home. That night when all were sleeping Sherkhan transformed into a handsome young man. When the daughter woke up next morning she saw that her husband had transformed. The young man then tells his wife that there was a curse on him by a witch that unless he married a beautiful girl he would remain a lion. The traveller and his daughter were very happy. The young man and his wife led a happy life ever after.
Once the king of Vamsadhara during his visit to the kingdom saw my daughter and was attracted to her beauty. He told me that he wanted to marry her. But I said "According to my daughter's horoscope she should be married to the bravest person on the earth. So, if no one is brave than you on this earth I can give my daughter to you". He agreed to that and gave 30 days time to find the bravest. He will fight with that fellow and marry my daughter or else he will give the kingdom to the winner and then leave the country. But after 30 days if I dont find anyone I should agree my defeat and give my daughter." So, "Sherkhan, if you are bravest than the king then go and fight with him and take my daughter and tommorow is the last day". Then Sherkhan decided to fight with the king. Next day morning he met the king in his sabha and challenged him to fight. The king got really angry and cut the throat of Sherkhan with his sword. Later he enquired about the matter and got to know about the story of the beautiful lady. Then he was really impressed by her beauty and married her and the old man apologized about the incident and thay lived ever happily.
The condition was that SherKhan had to sing like Michael Jackson and become white. He then had to try on the latest european lingerie and show it off on pride rock in the pride rock fashion show.
You must turn into a human to wed my daughter, otherwise it is unnatural for a lion and a human to live together. Because he was a fool, sherkhan left the thought of marrying the traveler's daughter. But he was too hungry to leave them alone, so he killed and ate the traveler and his daughter. After that, he lived happily ever after.
abolee vaidya
"You must be kind to my daughter. Never harm her. Don't eat her",said the traveller. "I shall do as you say my Father-in -law",said the king. The traveller was pleased with Sherkhan's words.Sherkhan and the traveller's daughter got married and they lived happily ever after.
"You must know that my daughter becomes highly dangerous when mistreated", saying this the man disappeared. "Well come on girl," he said and when he looked behind himself there was a slash and his head dropped blood dripped to the brown sea of sand.
The farmer told the lion to cut the nails of his claws so that he doesn't harm his daughter.
He asked the lion to become a vegetarian.
"that you must marry her on any day except the 7 days of the week. And I have a surprise for you!" Suddenly many people came in and beat Sherkhan until he was dead.
The traveller told that you should take care of my daughter.
"My daughter is afraid of your big claws and your sharp teeth. She says she will marry you if you cut them off." In order to get his love he cut off his teeth and claws. The next day when he went to the traveler he was completely powerless. So the traveler beat him with a stick and said ,"You are a very foolish lion. I would never dream of marrying you to my daughter." MORAL: Think before you do .
you will first have to cut your nails ,and remove your teeth.
Miss S
"There is a small yellow thing behind you. If you can hunt it and eat it, you can marry my daughter." The lion looked back, and saw it. He grabbed it, then realised it was his own tail.
Nikita Vasisht
Never bite my daughter, or scratch her. Then you can marry her. That was the condition.
cyprian Monis Sj
....and the condition is, that you must defeat another lion who has also demanded my daughter in marriage. Lion, without any futher thought said, "where is that lion? let me put an end to his life." The farmer, though frightened, led the lion to a well and asked the lion to see in it. The lion saw another lion in the water and quickly pounced on it with full force. The farmer's daughter was so happy that she thanked her father for saving her life.
The lion was a fool.So the man told the lion to cut all his dangerous parts.And the lion did it. Then the man told the lion to go to the sea which was nearby and bring a precious diamond from it. The lion did it.After doing it the lion was so tired that he could not talk.It was a good chance.The man pushed the lion into the sea.The lion could not swim anymore so he drowned and lost his life.The man happily went with the diamond and his daughter.
The condition was that after the marriage they must live in the travellers house.
The traveler said "you should not kill any one and you should be friendly to all. then only I am ready to give my daughter to you." The lion agreed and he followed his father-in-laws word forever and they lived happily.
sesera v reddy
"You must get me the treasure that lies on the other side of the jungle and once give a hard strike on your stomach with it." When the lion approached near the box that he was so happy that the did not wait to see what was there in the box. As soon as he opened it he saw a s sword but he was totally lost thinking what he would do after getting married to the beautiful lady He striked hard his stomach with the sword and died. Thus the clever old man saved his daughter from getting married to the lion.
But you should make my daughter as the queen of animals and you should not eat my daughter.


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