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Sarpu's Nightly Jaunt

Sarpu, the serpant used to live with his parents near the outskirts of the village. Every night, under the strict supervision of his mother, Sarpu would crawl into the paddy field and catch the mice or rodent and have a hearty meal.
Sarpu's mother used to always caution him against going past the field into the village. She said, "Just like we dont wan't humans to invade our privacy, they too don't like us going into their territory. So my son, never go past the field. We have enough food here."
One day Sarpu's mother was not feeling well and so she couldn't accompany him on their nightly jaunt. Sarpu kept wandering about the field in search of a fat rat but that day all the rats seemed to have disappeared. So he kept searching and then without realising, he had crawled out of the field and into the village.
As soon as Sarpu realised his whereabouts he turned to go back. But as luck would have it, a man came out of his house and saw him and started shouting. All of a sudden there was a big hue and cry and Sarpu saw many men running behind him with sticks in their hands. Sarpu quickened his pace but the men were catching up fast.
Sarpu panicked but it was then that he saw a temple and he had a brainwave...


clancy dias
Sarpu quickly went into the temple where the idol of Lord Shankar stood bright and tall. Sarpu crawled on his belly and went up the statue. Intellegent Sarpu coiled himself on Lord Shankar's neck and remained still, the villagers who came with strong sticks to kill Sarpu dropped them down instantly and bowed their heads in front of them saying "This serpant is sent by god". Thus Sarpu's presence of mind saved his precious life.
Sarpu panicked but it was then that he saw a temple and had a brainwave. This is the time where he has to think fast and quick. Only god can save Sarpu. Sarpu rushed into the temple,the temple of Lord Shiva. His heart beats increased and by the time the villagers rushed into the temple, Sarpu was crawling on the neck of Lod Shiva's statue and posed as the honourable snake. The villagers who were foolish enough to believe Sarpu, began to worship him and women came from all over the village to give him milk and eggs. After an enjoyable day, Sarpu went back home with his filled stomach. His mother was happy to find that her little boy has found a livelihood finally, but never knew what Sarpu actually did. Sarpu returned to the village everyday and ate to his fullest. Always have a sharp brain, you dont know what fate has kept for you.
Namrata Dave
It was a Shiv temple and he coiled himself around Lord Shiva's head. Following him the villagers came inside the temple and saw Sarpu. "Do not harm the snake," ordered the Sarpanch of that village,"Worship the snake as it is the holy one." All the villagers looked at Sarpu with respect. He was brought some milk to drink. Sarpu was thoroughly enjoying himself. Finally when he went home with a dead rat dangling in his mouth,he told his mother about the strange encounter he had with the villagers. Sarpu's mother looked at him affectionately and spoke words of praise for her son's presence of mind.
kamal fulsinh jaroli
It was the temple of Lord Shiva. Sarpu suddenly entered into the temple and tried to find some space for hiding. The men were still running behind him with sticks in their hand. At once Sarpu had again a brainwave. He saw the shivling of Lord Shiva without a snake on it.He immediately twisted his body around the shivling and sat on it as it were the snake of Lord Shiva. The men with sticks in their hands who came to hurt Sarpu saw Sarpu seated on the Shivling of Lord Shiva. They were surprised and together bowed their heads before the Shivling. They threw their sticks and sent others to bring milk from their house. The bowls full of milk were brought from all the houses of the villages and kept before Sarpu. Hungry Sarpu sucked the milk from the bowls and the faith of peoples increased in him. They daily visited the temple with bowls of milk. Sarpu stayed in the temple finding a hole exactly behing the Shivling of Lord Shiva. He also called his mother to stay with him. Both lived together peacefully. Now they did not have to worry for the meal as the peoples worshipped them and daily brought tasty milk for them.
He went to the front of the temple and waited for the men to come in. Then right before they entered, he quickly went out the back and ran home.
Karekana Marhiji
Sarpu went into the temple and sat on the statue of Lord Shiva.The people with sticks and weapons came in and when they saw Sarpu sitting there,they quickly dropped everything and bowed to the statue saying "This snake is a holy snake of God.God please forgive us for trying to kill your snake!Let us offer it food!"They gave Sarpu food and he went home and gave it to his mother.


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