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From Monarchy to Democracy

Sher Khan, the mighty lion, was on his death-bed. The citizens of Jungledom were very sad. It was time for a new king to take over the reins of the kingdom. Apart from being sad at the prospect of losing their beloved leader, the people were not too enthusiastic about having to welcome Sher Khan’s arrogant and good-for-nothing son as their king. They were mulling over this issue, when Mantri, the fox, had an idea.
“It is time for a change,” Mantri said. “We all agree that we are tired of monarchy. Maybe it is time for us to give democracy a chance.” “I agree,” replied Ms. Myna. “It will be fun to be able to elect our leader from amongst ourselves,” cried Raunak, the firefly. So it was decided that Jungledom would host its first ever general election. By popular consent, it was decided that there would be two parties, Wings and Legs. All the creatures who could fly would join the Wing party and everyone who walked on feet would join the Leg party. Now all that was left was for the parties to put up one worthy candidate each.
This is how the problem began. From amongst the Wings, the dove, the firefly, the grasshopper, the peacock and many others wanted to be chosen as the candidate. Each creature had some unique capability. It was not very easy to pick out a final candidate who would exemplify all the virtues of winged creatures. The Legs were faced with the same problem. The deliberations went on for days. “This is a bad dilemma,” rued Mantri. “We must move fast, or we will not be able to hold the elections before Sher Khan draws his last breath. If he passes away before a new ruler has been elected, Sher Kahn’s son will automatically ascend the throne.”


K.G. Bharathi Devi
Fox, mantri notices that both the wings and legs group could not elect any one as a leader for their team. So, he realises that instead of creating misunderstandings among themselves and to miss happiness, it is better to have Sher khan's son as their king. Because with their unity they can lead a happy life even with their good-for-nothing king.
Sayali Saoji
Since Sher Khan had not died till now , the animals asked for his advice as to who will be the king .
Raunak, the small firefly, suddenly lit up. "An idea has risen to my head!" he exclaimed to the winged party. And so they all gathered around to listen to the excited firefly. Meanwhile, in the leg party, much arguing was going around. Suddenly, Mantri exclaimed that an idea had sprung to his head also. Huddled in two groups, all of the animals of the jungledom met up shortly after. "We have created a solution," said some of the members of the winged party. "Yes, and we too have had an idea," said some members of the legged party. So Mantri and Raunak were sent to talk far away in the forest where no one but themselves would be able to hear their discussion. Soon the parties were overjoyed to see two friends coming out from the tall trees that hid the rest of the beloved forest. "We have made an agreement," said Mantri. Raunak nodded slowly and agreeingly. "But we must hurry," said Raunak. So each animal told their story to their party, and soon devised the system of voting we have today. P.S. In case you're wondering who took over, it wasn't just one animal. The winged party voted Raunak for a representative, and the legged party voted Mantri, for they were the ones who thought of it. Mantri and Raunak were very fair leaders and worked everything out together. The winged party chose the Peacock for the treasurer, and the new official ruler/prresident was the scared Lion hidden in the bushes, who everyone believed deserved it.
Mantri should himself ascend the throne instead of any animal or bird so that there would not be any disputes among the animals and the birds in the jungledom.
disha shah
When the animals of the forests could not decide the mantri told them to decide fast because sher khan's son would become the next king they did'nt want that so they killed Sher khan's son after his death.
The animals made Mantri their king!
Isabelle Frehner
All the animals couldn't decide on who was going to rule, but in the end they agreed that there would be four main leaders for each party. In the Winged Party, Peacock, Firefly, Heron and Dove were chosen. In the Leg Party, Cheetah, Antelope, Buffalo and Hyena were the ones chosen. The Dove and the Cheetah were the Messengers, Buffalo and Heron were the decision makers, Antelope and Firefly were there for ideas, and Hyena and Peacock were the Leaders of their Party. All the animals agreed to the new arrangements and went to tell Sher Khan. He was greatly impressed at the idea, and when he finally passed, all the animals enjoyed the new Democracy.
Urvashi Nenawati
The Mantri then decided to choose a candidate on basis of competiton for both the parties. He said to the wings party, "Among you one who flies high to touch the sun and brings it in your pocket can stand for election". Very soon the firefly went to the nearby lake and brought some water in her pocket. When she took out the water then, the shadow of sun fell on it and it seemed as she was holding sun in her hand. Thus, firefly was elected as a candidate of wings party.In the same way Mantri told the legs party to hold a contest to bring a beautiful lotus from the lake but with the condition that there should be no harm to grasses, and surroundings. He said, "one who reaches first with the lotus will win". The rat won this contest. At last during elections it was easy for the mantri to win from firefly and the rat. After the death of Sher khan the new king was mantri ji. He ruled as a great leader and a great king.


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