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Manuscripts of a Bygone Age

The Dead Sea Scrolls are the oldest known manuscripts of any books of the Bible. Some of the scrolls may be more than 2000 years old. They were discovered in the mid 1900s in caves near the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea in Palestine and Israel. The first group of scrolls was discovered in 1847 by a group of schoolboys in a cave. Subsequently, archaeologists and Bedouins found 10 more caves containing ancient writings.
Most of the manuscripts are made of leather or papyrus. The scrolls also include the fragments of the "Septuagint" the earliest Greek translation of the Old Testament and parts of the Book of Job written in Aramaic. They include writings of the Qumran community, one of the oldest groups of Palestinian Jews, almost 2000 years old.
Other scrolls found on the western shore of the Dead Sea are from a later historical period and have been dated to the first two centuries AD.

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