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Heli Shah - St kabir school It helps us to develop our vocabulary and reading skills, makes our mind sharp by solving quiz , gives knowledge, fun and opportunity to send our articles and develop our thinking skills. Children get encouragement as they are awarded for their articles.At free time it comes to rescue us from loneliness. We get an inspiration from the moral-based articles and stories. We learn something new every time. It develops our imagination power and helps to add our new colour (thought) in the world. I like to read it. 
Tamanna Kaur Its really very refreshing, full of knowledge and enjoying sight.. Not only for kids but also for each and everybody. 
shaheed best for quiz. please, add more quiz question. 
Kshitij Aggarwal Dimdima, you bring us jokes, fun, comics, contests, etc. I say that you are the best. 
Thilakkumar It is very informative about stories, poems and jokes.  
aman agrawal Dimdima tussi great ho. It means you are a very nice book which helps most of the time spending it. I like the puzzles, stories, info and of all the most jokes and comics. Thanks for this all. 
Chirag joshi Your site is wonderful and interesting. 
vijaya This is a very good, nice and informative website. Very useful and you can add some general things. 
angel pandhi Dimdima is a superb magazine. I want to be a columnist in your magazine. It is just awesome. 
Raj Patel This website is very interesting and informative. I think it is a Great Entertainment Source For Kids. 
sumanth It is a very good and also interesting site. I liked this site. Mainly science lab. It is not only interesting but useful facts are in it. 
Jamshed Billimoria Hi, This is a good site and a very good educational and fun magazine for kids. I have a couple of suggestions : a) Please request the government to give you a tax exemption so that you can reduce the prices of the subscription and reach many more families. b) Introduce a Search engine for your site so that online visitors have a better mode of searching options like story titles; author names; issues etc. Thank you. Jammi Billimoria 
ANIRBAN SARKAR HELLO Everyone !! I would highly recommend you to make this website more interesting by putting on some flash scripts and java based applets . This will not only boost up the visual but will lead to the interaction process more interesting. I was the student of BHAVAN'S TRIPURA VIDYAMANDIR,2007 passout also the Ex-Head Boy . I really miss those school days .  
K.HARSHAAN In the october issue of DIMDIMA printed magazine, I liked the ghost stories very much.I like to say you that please put some nice activity to do.  
Sanchit Bansal This site is fantastic! However, I was wondering why you don't include a section specifically for Indian kids and teens who live abroad. I think that would be a great addition that would further allow foreign Indian youngsters to reconnect with their homes. Personally, as an Indian-American teenager, I would enjoy reading articles written especially for Americans of Indian descent. I know that my other Indian friends also share this opinion. 
Sanchit I was going through your website www.dimdima.com and was very impressed by it. I was looking for such books or magazines which enhance the skills of children and aid in brain development. In case you have any print magazine, I would like to subscribe it for my 9 yr. old daughter. Please inform me at the earliest. Thank You 
sivasankari It is a nice website  
k.sai harsha It is so good to give much experiments in science and games. 
Tanubhav Srivastava I have been subscribing to DimDima for the last two years and I am a great fan of the magazine. I specially like teasers, quizzes , puzzles and jokes. I would like to contribute articles to Dimdima. Please tell me how I can do so. 
Shrutika The site is the best site. The magazine is also good! 
indira Its very nice. I wish you had the email ids of all the children written. 
Disha Dua Please make something so that the children can ask the questions from you related to studies and you can help them! 
khushboo My feedback is this that the children can enjoy this beautiful side. 
Playfastandloose Good Site! Thanks!  
TomasKell Hello webmaster, very nice site here, great work! TomasKell  
chandrasekhar Nunna Dear sir, Dimdima is an excellent site. I appreciate your efforts in educating, entertaining, the children in a lovely way. I am really impressed with your work. It is really a children's paradise. with best wishes, Chandrasekhar Nunna www.manjeeramusic.com  
Nikolet Nice site! 
Rama krishna It is very useful to every body. 
tanvi It's very nice and interesting 
rachana raveendran I love dimdima..its very very interesting..its a wonderful magazine. 
venkat It's nice, thrilling,informative,comedy and an entertaining site and magazine.I love your science pages, jokes, puzzles, stories, golden classic, fun zone,comics, funny world and poetry nook. I do not prefer chitrashala as I am not good at drawing.I also like book look as I am fond of reading. The laugh parade and let's experiment are some of my (rare) sites.Specially I like 'TOM BAHADUR'(not being published now), 'BAWRI', 'MONDO', 'HADDIRAJ'AND 'GHATAKARNA. All and all dimdima is the best magazine for young generation,to be precise 'for us'.  
john yo..! it is a cool site.i feel very happy when I get dimdima in my school. I and my best friend tim make time to read dimdima! 
divya The best book to read is Dimdima. It increases our knowledge. I subscribed for this book and it really affected me. Very good things to know from this magazine. All the best Dimdima. 
arjun Hi! I love Dimdima. I always read it. 
sanidhya Excellent site ! please add some 6th standard quizzes or it is perfectly right 
priya I love this magazine so much! but I dont know how to answer the contest questions on-line. I have my answers ready for the recent issue - 'the butterfly lovers'. 
sruti My daughter reads dimdima every month online. It's fun and informative. Thank you. The links to July, August and September editions are erroring out. 
savannah I'm looking for endangred animals in canada.  
raghuram This site is fabulous, extra ordinary and educative. Especially for kids its very useful to be in touch about the stories and morals as children are more attracted by these stories easily. 
Ishan Online editions have page wise .pdf file instead of single .pdf file for the whole magazine which will make access easier. 
parminder bedi I am father of 3 wonderful & intelligent kids.I would like to buy your very informative & entertaining magazine,but I do not have a credit-card.How can I get hold of your magazine? By cash-on-delivery,or available at some leading book-stores in West Delhi? Please respond. 
kiloutimuk Hi all! I am really excited. Keep up the great work. Good resources here.  
reeta I am an art teacher. I am very much impressed by your site "DIMDIMA". It is very helpful for me & my students. Thank you for such a wonderful magazine. 
haritha We need more and more activities. 
Rachel Just wanted to point out a flaw in the greek mythology quiz. you say the Goddess of earth was gaia. This is not the case. Gaia was a titan, and demeter was the greek goddess of earth. 
Raman Dimdima is the best magazine for the younger students. There are many contests in dimdima.  
samruddhi Hi. I just love dimdima. It's a kooooooool magazine. Very informative. 
Sachin & Nitty Thomas We enoyed going through your summer special Dimdima. It is a very nice book . We have asked our parents to purchase the same. Thank you, 
Karson Nice site man! This will be my first time visiting. Keep up the great work. Thanks much! 
m.thushara This website is very enjoyful.These type of websites are very useful to growing children. This is very fantastic. This type of a website will improve our knowledge. 
Siddharth A nice website and its wonderful for children. This site makes children become future leaders of India!  
uropian I want to say that your site is better throughout the World Wide Web :) Thank you. Keep it up. 
atish Seeking writer's slot in your magazine from Patna. Your website is indeed excellent and encouraging. 
sarthak mishra Your website is great.  
morganusvitus The site looks great ! Thanks for all your help (past, present and future !) 
alison This is a nice web site. It gave me a lot of information. 
eashwari I must appreciate this magazine! 
Eashwari This magazine is really stupendous. I have tried sending poems and articles . I wish one of my poems to be selected for the magazine. Please guide me all through. 
jyothi It is really amazing to have a website like this. I love it 
aishwarya This site is nice but it looks congested. The appearence can be changed somewhat and can be updated often.  
klii000000000000000 WOW!WOW! NICE SITE  
poorva rawat This site is very useful for us. It has many information that helps us to know about everything that we have never heared or thought of that thing also. 
sarthak mishra Your website is great. I want to write something for space science. Please guide me. 
LAVANYA KARTHIKEYAN This is the best web site in the world . We can do anything and everything here .MY WISH IS TO YOU TO IMPROVE MORE AND GET PRIZES FROM FAMOUS PEOPLE. - LAVANYA 
Nasrin This is the most useful web site. It helps me. Also it will help my kids. Thanks for the site. 
apurv p. lele good site 
kaitlyn This web site is great.  
Jai Vipra Hi . Your Site is Great!!! I wish to send a story written by me for your magzine. Please guide. Love from Jai 
Paridhi Maheshwari I loved seeing your site. It was a fun because my brother was also sitting with me and we had fun. We got much information abut dimdima quizzes, games, gifts, new awards coming etc 
Emma Jenny Taylor This site is great. 
Malati I check on the Quiz site. It is really good and informative.  
shankar pls reopen discussion on school punishment. Want to see whether there is any change in attitude of teachers of this century. 
Amit Dugar I have spent again a very good time visiting your website. Your work is wonderful. I love it! From, Amit Dugar Kathmandu, Nepal 
sarath I liked this site very much. 
Vidyalakshmi This is a very superb site with lots of information. I enjoyed the science part very much. Dimdima is also a superb magazine. Also very informative. But I wish to have more about Harry Potter and his school. I also like to have some real pictures of Harry, Ron & Hermione. BYE!!! 
Kevval Mehta Very superb site. I love this. magazine. I want information about extinct and endangerd plants. Kindly furnish me with this information with pictures as I have to do project in school on this topic. 
Aastha Maheahwari I am greatly influenced by these quiz, but it would be much better if you will introduce some contests. This would give a better response from student group. 
SIDDHARTHA SAXENA Very good & Important website for kids. 
Parul I went through your site and let me tell it is amazing. It is absolutely fun oriented as well as a jackpot of knowledge. Your site is very well suited for kids of all the age groups as well as for the parents. Thanx for putting so much effort for making such a wonderful site for the kids. 
anna It is a good and informative site.  
anjani Dimdima is nice website. And all informations are there in dimdima . '''ALL NEW INFORMATIONS SHOULD BE THERE IN DIMDIMA. 
richa I am glad to tell you that this site is fantastic. It's very informative and extremely interesting . Not only me, my entire family likes this site very much. It's actually superb.GOOD LUCK!!!-Richa ,Mayank ,Vinita and Dinesh. 
richa A superb site. 
richa A very nice and informative site. I got everything which I needed for my project. Its amazing and a very knowledgeable site. I do not have words to express myself. I am very much impressed about this site. I am very much interested in your website. Its a user friendly and a fantastic site. I would like to thank the makers of this site. Well good luck and Happy new year to all you guys and a very great year ahead that's all I can say. I need project for environmental studies and the topic of the project is ragpickers please could you be kind enough to give me the information about the project in my e-mail id. I shall be highly obliged to you. 
mayank I am glad to let you know that your site is really very amazing. Its actually wonderful. It gave me a lot of help about what I wanted. 
nizamudin I am very interested in this website. My friends like this website very much. It is very usefull to me and I tell my friends about this website. 
Lakshmi Dimdima is a very good web site, yet lot more needs to be done, one of my suggestion is to have stories including Tenali Raman stories and Panchatantra stories which has more moral values for the kids. I feel very impressed to write to you. I like to read this site very much and I like all the articles in it. It is good for both kids and teens. It is an informative site. GOOD LUCK. 
ninju This is the best magazine. Just now I write a poem "sister dear". I hope it is good enough to get it published. Thanks. Keep up the good work! 
kishore It is really amazing to go through your site. My daughter was always pestering with lot of questions, which I and my wife could not answer. Now going through your site there is no need for books and informations from friends. Hats off to you, and long live the site. Kishore & Bharati 
surbhi This Site is super. It helps me in all ways. I would like it more if it would add more information and activities in art and craft. 
Leena.R.parikh Congratulation to you for opening this site. It is good knowledge for the children & also the parents. I enjoyed the website its given me good general knowledge. For Education base it is very appreciated. Thanks Leena 
Farida Gulamaliwala Thanks for your help in conducting my craft classes. I took all the ideas from your site. 
sanjaymehta The Magazine is fantastic, It is quite interesting to note that the information contained therein is well balanced covering variety of subjects including sports and stories. etc., If you could provide archives, it might be useful. ie., we can go back date and view the old magazine copies. You may consider. 
razaana raheem I'm a regular subscriber of dimdima. It really makes me proud of being able to study at a bhavan's institution. Thanku dimdima 
ajay Please ensure that all the links are working properly.  
tavishi Nice site. As I' m new to it, so please send me all the info about the site on my add. Cheers 
K S Satish Kumar It is better to you give an provision for credit card payment to subscribe to the magazine. 
Carl Johnson Nice site!Its very interesting and i like the layout! Visit mine too. 
V.Radhika Your website is super and I love your site. 
Rajitha K This website is very interesting and informative. Whether it is available in Hindi? Kindly reply. 
sureshsurpur Magazine is Excellent students are getting maximum benefit and also enjoying thank you 
Gill Caton I was surfing the net looking for Indian folk tales and myths and legends. I came across your site and have been on it now for nearly 2 hours. I've looked at nearly every aspect of the site and found so much useful material for talking to children, not only about different subjects but about personal problems. Super. 
Radhika Dimdima is a good site. Please guide me to how to change details that we have given. I have to change my email id because the email id I have given is now expired. 
sushma Hi dimdima, I have the habit of reading stories. When I opened ur site, for the first time I felt very happy. It is very perfect thought of your team to have a site of dimdima for kids. Puzzles, jokes, games, stories etc everything made me interested. I feel every child is going to enjoy this site. Not only enjoyment but their IQ will also be very high. But I felt very bad that your site is very slow moving and I am getting some error messages whenever I open ur site. 
Muralidhar Nayak We stay in Dubai, but we are so happy that here we can read Indian folk stories. Thank you very much  
Anjali Arun Nayak Your this site is very good and very much educational for children, good moral stories and other things also. Please continue the same its very good. I wish u a good luck 
O.P.ARORA It is a good site to develop the memory power of children as well as their parents. Kindly develop some general knowledge quiz papers for children for their exam studies. 
kavitha anand Your site is very informative. Also it creates a sense of curiosity amongst children. I am sure they will have a lot of questions to ask in their inquisitive minds. I am very keen in working as a freelancer for your e-magazine. 
GEETHA MUALIDHARAN I am an English laboratory teacher and your web site is extremely interesting. I would like you to include some word puzzles and a few game activities which could be done in the classroom. 
Prajwal Please reopen the "My school punishment" forum 
anuj singh It is nice and good site 
Suma I have seen this site for the first time today & I really liked it. I am a student of 10th class. And I hope there will be something more specially for our 10th on this site like handling stress etc...But overall I can rate your site the best! Thanks, bye 
dinesh Dimdima is a very good site for learners. 
PJ Pawaskar This looks like one of the best sites to checkout for great stories. if possible, can you include some more comic style stories too !! It would be more fun to read. Also inviting contributions from readers could help flame the creativity in the readers. 
Devayu I simply loved your site but please try to make a page for the best of the stories ,drawings, etc. which are published in the book.  
Mehul Shukla I was very keen to open your site and when the site got opened I was at my top of the level. The site is of great interest and is very educating. You get a variety of options to select from. I took part in contests and got information on my projects and it really helped me. 
Tanushree Bera Please reconsider the decision of closing discussion forum " My Shcool Punishment". It is only one informative and important forum of such subject. 
maran Your site is very superb. 
krishna.a.r well.......... its fine but I guess there should be something about the academic stuff also. 
Manjul Hiiiii Dimdima I love all the books & keep on reading it. It would be great if you had a column for penfriends!!!!!!!!!!! Really it would be cool. 
Radhika I love your site. I am an adult and working in software industry. But I have pleasure in letting you know that though being an adult I enjoy your site. Its very well made and I am sure kids love it. Please keep up the good work. In future I look forward to making contribution to the stories with those that my granny told me. :) There was one thing that I noticed though .. that may not be related to the site but some technical problem. When ever I lock my pc when your site is open the explorer throws an error and the explorer gets closed down.  
Webber Very good content and web design, but I think the web layout can be improved ! My concrete suggestion is to reduce the height of the site banner and eliminate need for the visitor to scroll down. The main page content should be viewed without scrolling down, to the extent possible Again, kudos to Dimdima online team ! 
Webber Actually your web site looks better with Internet Explorer. The banner area looks much bigger with Netscape / Mozilla browser, make it appear somewhat bad on Mozilla! Please fix this, since Mozilla is a good browser suitable for children, with pop-up blocking feature, and is free software (www.mozilla.org). I also appreciate your providing PICS keywords that the web site is safe for children. This is excellent! 
Arun Kumar N.S. In one issue of Dimdima there was an article about animals having long noses. I think it missed one animal,ie.,the "Proboscis Monkey". It has the longest nose that gives it the name. It is an inhabitant of Borneo Island.  
pkbhan First of all ,let me congratulate all of you for giving informations about Kashmir. While I was going through I read "Kasmiri people wear Kangri-----" but firstly Kangri is never made of any metal, it is made of baked earthen pot and if same pot is enclosed within weaved willow tree branches it is then named as Kangri and the pot inside it is then called "Kondal" and if only baked earthen pot is used to warm the body it is then called as "Manan". Secondly Kangri is kept under the Phiren to warm body & is held by hands and not hanged to the neck which you have mentioned. Please correct the informations given. 
SOHAM NAYAK I am very impressed with this site. I like this site more than any other. I read stories, cartoons and jokes everyday. I would like to see this site even when I get old 
Sandhya Sridhar Congratulations to everyone behind this wonderful site. I, as a mother, is regularly in search of stories, craft activities, riddles, best out of waste etc for my son. That's how I came across to this site and as the name suggests it really gives a "dimdima" to us . Thank you very much for giving us (parents, kids) such a wonderful experience and "dimdima" is a great friend to our family. 
Vidya Congratulations to everyone who make this a wonderful ,informative and exciting site.I was looking for some stories for my kids and I fumbled upon this site. Our family likes this site very much and this site really gives our kids a look into the past and the modern India. Thank you very much for having such an exceptional site. - Praful,Vidya ,Samyukta and Shashank from Toronto,Canada 
dianne braden I am looking for information about Isabelle Frehner. I found her poem on your site and am using it for a project at school. Thanks. 
Shiju Joseph  First of all let me congratulate the team at dimdima for keeping such a quality service through this wonderful site. All the sections have high quality content and presentation. Thanks to all at dimdima. 
jeneya As a teenager I feel very impressed to write to you. I like to read this site very much and I like all the articles in it. It's really enjoying to read it. It's good for both kids and teens. It is an informative site. 
RAJAT MATHUR The most interesting and knowledgeable site I have ever seen. 
S.Kumar It is just fantastic! Now I can answer my kids fatherly quiped with moral stories and the other wonderful wonderful collection of information from this site. A remarkable job! Pls. accept my congratulations!!! Pls. forward a list of books if you publish....... 
tenzing Your information about Sikkim is not exactly correct. official language of Sikkim is lepcha and the major ethnic group in Sikkim are the gorkhas also called as Nepalis. Some portion of your information should be corrected.  
Ashwini This is a very wonderful and informative site. I particulary enjoy the Activities Section. 
varinder mohan I want to read books of Harry Potter series. Where can I have Hindi version of 2nd, 3rd ,4th book? Kindly reply. 
Kalpesh Dimdima is a very good web site, yet lot more needs to be done, one of my suggestion is to have a crossword puzzle covering topics like general knowledge, science, geography, history, sports, etc.. I am sure children will love that.  
michiko Small wishes I am a regular reader of your magazine.I had send this message and greetings to wish thank you for making such a nice magazine. In future, I hope your magazine would be famous like cricket(game). So,at last I would like to say all the best and continue this magazine. BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!! 
rajeev I was going through your website www.dimdima.com and was very impressed by it. I was looking for such books or magazines which enhance the skills of children and aid in brain development. In case you have any print magazine, I would like to subscribe it for my 9 yr. old daughter. Please inform me at the earliest. 
Venkateswari I visited your site, which was very helpful to learn many things for my son. You can add some general things which are important for attitude and behaviour as those are both of great importance to students. I enjoyed your site very much. 
Meghana This site is fantastic! However, I was wondering why you don't include a section specifically for Indian kids and teens who live abroad. I think that would be a great addition that would further allow foreign Indian youngsters to reconnect with their homes. Personally, as an Indian-American teenager, I would enjoy reading articles written especially for Americans of Indian descent. I know that my other Indian friends also share this opinion. 
Viswanathan It is a nice and informative website. But the viewers of this page would be happy if you publish real pictures instead of drawings. 
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