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Dimdima for Kids, Indian online Children's Magazine for Education, Fun and Knowledge. Includes Indian Folktales, Humorous Stories, Animal Tales, Moral Stories, Aesop Fables, Panchatantra Tales. We make Learning interesting - be it Science, Sports, History, Travel or Ecology. We have Games, magic, Jokes, Cartoons, Puzzles, Quiz, Drawing, Colouring and other Activities.

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Terms of Use
The browsers will make use of Dimdima site on the following terms and keep checking the Terms of Use from time to time.

All rights are reserved. No part of the content of Dimdima can be reproduced for any commercial purpose. Printout of a feature can be taken out strictly for individual use.
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Content Authenticity
All care is taken to ensure that there is no factual error in the content. Errors, if any, will be corrected, whenever it is brought to our notice, after verification. We are not liable to pay any damages on account of errors of any kind, if any, in the content.

Privacy Policy
Minimum information is sought from users to gauge their needs and tastes and make suitable amendments in the site. All information received are protected and will not be shared with any third party and the information so gathered will not be used for commercial gains. Children, while sending in contributions or while participating in Discussion are advised not to give their address, phone number and e-mail ID. In case such information is sought in our log in forms to get password to participate in various activities, information so obtained remain confidential, strictly for our reference for content development and will not be shared with the third parties.

Competitions in Dimdima are meant to encourage greater participation and to accord recognition to talents. Prizes will be in the form of certificates or gifts to be dispatched within India. In case of winners from outside India, they will receive by e-mail certificates only. In case of all correct entries, winners will be picked up by drawing lots and the decision of our judges will be final and binding and no correspondence in this regard.

Payment Policy
No payment is made for contributions from children in My Page, Discussion Room or any other Dimdima sites.
Teachers, parents and professional writers are welcome to participate in Dimdima with full knowledge that no payments will be made for their contributions unless they are commissioned to write for us.
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