Digital Dimdima
Spinning Seed

Adult supervision required
Things needed: The seeds from two ripe mangoes; a knife; a thin wooden stick and thick string.
1. Wash the seeds and scrape away the fibre completely. Let the seeds dry out in the sun for at least two or three days. 2. Once the seed is dry, it is easy to cut. Cut the end off one seed as shown. Take an adultís help here. 3. With a nail or pointed end of a screwdriver, make a hole in the middle of each seed, but not fully through it. Hollow out the inside of the cut mango seed. 4. Wind one end of the string around the middle of the stick and thread the other end through the opening and then the hole in the middle of the hollow seed. 5. Now position the stick with the string wound round it completely inside the seed, so that one end is jutting out. 6. Place the other mango seed over the top of the stick (the stick should go through the hole in the second seed so that it is attached firmly). When you pull the string the mango seed on top will spin around!

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