Digital Dimdima
Weaver Bird's Nest

You need: A sheet of brown cardpaper for the tree branches and nest; a square piece of cardboard for the base; a sheet of green marble paper for the leaves and brown paper for the birds; coconut husk; paints; scissors; strong glue. Method: Step 1: Cut out one strip of brown card paper measuring 20 cm x 4 cm and two strips, each measuring 20 cm x 2 cm. Roll the three strips tightly. Stick the ends securely. Then fix the smaller rolls on the top and bottom of the big roll. This is the main body of the nest. Step 2: Apply glue on the nest and then stick bits of coconut husk all over it. Step 3: Fold the marble papers. Cut out the leaves and birds. Step 4: Cut three strips from the remaining brown card paper, roll them tightly and paste the ends. These are branches to be fixed to the cardboard Step 5: Fix the branches on the cardboard base. Wind a long strip of coconut husk from the nest to the branch and then attach the nest firmly to the branch. Stick on the leaves and birds.

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