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Pretty Butterfly

If you like to decorate your windows with pretty pieces of art, this one will surely interest you! Have fun!

Materials needed:
1. Wax papers (2 sheets)
2. Wax crayons
3. Pencil sharpener
4. Pencil to draw
5. Sharp scissors (Adult supervision required here!)
6. Punching machine
7. A piece of string
8. Some transparent piece of tape
9. Iron box (Requires adult supervision here!)

Fold your wax papers into half and draw the outline of one half of the butterfly shape you have selected.Remember that the size of the paper will determine the final size of your butterfly. For larger butterflies, use larger papers.
Cut carefully along your outline, and spread it out.
Now your butterflies have wings, and you can choose to draw designs and fill them with specific colors if you are following a butterfly pattern.
It is easier and more fun to just make shapes of colors using wax crayon shavings.
Once you are satisfied with your decorating, place the empty sheet of butterflies over the filled one and tape the butterfly carefully to a wooden table (remove all plastic coverings from it!) or a wooden board.
Please call for adult help or supervision as you press the hot iron on the wax paper.
Use a couple of plain white sheets or a handkerchief when you iron the butterfly and set the colors. Wait for at least 15 minutes, before you can remove the tape from the board or table. Trim if you need to.
Use transparent tape to seal gaps.
Gently punch a hole and hang the butterfly on your window!
You can be certain that this creation will be noticed!

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